Go Travel: Meredith Sinclair’s Favorite Things to Do in Chicago

10 Things to Do in Chicago | Mighty Girl

Ten Things You Should Do in Chicago

Chicago is one of my favorite cities, there’s something very pragmatic about it that’s missing from San Francisco and New York. Also, cheesy popcorn. My friend Meredith Sinclair calls Chicago home, and this week on our Go Travel inspiration list, Meredith is sharing a few Chicago favorites. Go look.

Are you heading to Chicago soon? If you have any musts, let us know in comments.

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5 thoughts on “Go Travel: Meredith Sinclair’s Favorite Things to Do in Chicago

  1. There’s so much here to recommend, but I have pared it down.

    During the summer, attend a concert of the Grant Park Music Festival. I make a case here: http://gomighty.com/Megan/grant-park-music-festival-chicagos-rite-of-summer/

    See the city from Lake Michigan: the cheapest way ($8/adult) is via water taxi from the Shedd Aquarium to Navy Pier. For 20-ish minutes, a perfect view of a perfect skyline from one of the world’s largest bodies of fresh water. There are water taxis in the river, too, that provide a cheap view of river-facing architecture if you didn’t want to opt for a longer architecture tour.

    Take a walk along the lake: there is an 18.5-mile public path along the lakefront in Chicago that’s lined with the skyline, parks, beaches, etc. If you’re not up for walking all of it (ha), from Oak Street beach to North Ave. beach is a little less than a mile.

    See the city from up high: It’s so touristy, but dammit if having a drink on the 95th floor of the Hancock doesn’t come with a spectacular view.

    Eat: too many places to recommend, but for more than a decade, I have loved Lula Cafe in Logan Square.


  2. Seconding having a drink at the top of the ‘Cock. It’s what I would do whenever someone from out of town wanted to visit. Don’t forget to (if you’re a female) go to the bathroom – one of the best views, from there.

    Either way, I moved, but I’m going back next weekend and I can’t wait to get brunch at Tweet and Mixteco; $9 pitchers of sangria from Moody’s; and maybe hit up either the patio at the Hopleaf or the roof at Eugene’s Sausage Shop.
    Caaaaaaaaaaaan’t wait.


  3. Chicago is a nice place to visit. When I visit chicago I would like to visit the navy pier.They have childer museum,a feris wheel, shops and resturants


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