Kentucky Derby Party Hats from Mom 2.0 Summit

I look for any excuse to wear a hat, they’re so satisfyingly British. Hats are the main reason I want to go to the Kentucky Derby someday, so I was pleased when I heard there would be a Kentucky Derby Party at Mom 2.0 Summit, where I was speaking last week.

Here’s me doing a bang-on impression of my grandmother in my travel hat:

I’m so silent-screen furious.

The hat is technically the remains of one of those giant feather/afro wigs that I got for $10 at the flea market. Here’s what it looked like originally. I flipped it inside out, put a plate down on the middle of it, and cut around to see if I could get out the cute little poof in the center without the whole thing falling apart. It worked.

It’s super lightweight, obviously, and it travels in a tiny cardboard box because the feathers just fluff out when I open the lid. I secure it with little bobby-pin Xs, so I can wear it underneath a chignon, right on top of my head like a fascinator, or over one eye for a more vintage look.

I took photos of my favorite hats from the party, and I wish I’d asked for everyone’s info. If you recognize someone I don’t link to, let me know their name in comments please.


This is Rachel, who runs a toy company (Rachel, I can’t find your card!). She pulled these hydrangeas out of a hotel floral arrangement and just stuck them in her curly hair. What? Hello, genius.



Laura Mayes is my business partner and also one of the founders of Mom 2.0. This is her great-grandmother’s hat, and Laura now lives in her great-grandmother’s house. It’s ok to be jealous of her family hand-me-downs.



I met Kate Nicholson a the first Camp Mighty, and she’s since become a close friend. Kate runs Modern Baby and I’m perpetually asking her where she gets every item of clothing she owns. (This particular evening, she’d borrowed everything she was wearing from Susan Bross, who helps run Camp Mighty and has a nearly identical style to Kate’s.)



This is Stacey Ferguson, founder of the Blogalicious conference for multicultural women in social media, lawyer, and singer for the Black Eyed Peas. (Stacey is the same lady who has been learning American Sign Language on Go Mighty.)



This woman cleverly tucked her business logo in her hatband, newsy style.



Classic. And also? You have a beautiful nose.



I took this of Rebecca  before we left our hotel room. She brought it with a bunch of other perfect hats to choose among. This was her grandmother’s, and it’s so well made. I wish I had a shot of the back, it looks like a completely different hat from every angle.



Nailed it.



Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil saved up for a hat from the queen’s milliner on a recent trip to England. Fancy.



This is Carrie Pacini, the other Mom 2.0 founder. I think this is my favorite shot. I love that her eyes match her hat.


And here we have our winner. Look at this hat, people. I saw it and said, “You’re local.” She concurred. Le sigh. No one travels with hat boxes anymore.

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9 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Party Hats from Mom 2.0 Summit

  1. Gah! Love all the hats. Particularly yours, not least of all because I could actually wear it; my grandmother had loads of lovely hats she left to her granddaughters, and not a one would fit my giant noggin. Le sigh.


  2. so my husband’s family ran a women’s clothing store in SF for 100+ years and i stalk their vintage clothing online. until now, i’ve had no desire for their hats, been buying coats, scarves, etc. i think i need to change that tune.


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