Mighty Thirst: Watermelon Chill

You know how watermelon season comes and you sit out on deck in your swimsuit, scoop out watermelon with your hands, and then rinse the juice off with the hose? Gah! This drink is making me excited for summer.

Watermelon Chill

-4 tsp frozen watermelon, seeds removed
-Juice of 1/2 lime
– 1 shot vodka

Put everything in the blender and turn it on until the drink is… blended. Pour it into a glass, garnish with mint and a melon ball, drink it until it’s gone. Wait a few minutes until you feel like a slightly more pleasant person, then make another one.

Here’s to spitting seeds out on the lawn, warm water from a hose that’s been coiled in the sun, and washing your feet off before bed after a day of padding around barefoot. What are you toasting this week?

I’m making 100 cocktails as part of my Life List. This is number sixteen. Here are the rest:

1. Shots in ‘Cots 2. Avocado Bourbon Shake 3. The Vacation 4. Sassy Lassi 5. Cherry Bing 6. The ABC 7. Toddy Shots 8. Cafe Picante 9. Gin and Juice (Box) 10. The Neighbor 11. Halloween Spiked Cider 12. Bloodthirsty Mulled Wine 13. Killer Bloody Mary 14. Bourbon Pumpkin Shake 15. Tangelo Cooler

7 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: Watermelon Chill

  1. Sounds delicious, but does 4 t. of watermelon really offer enough sweetness to hold up to 1/2 a lime and shot of vodka? Perhaps you meant 4 T?


  2. Hi MJ, No, I meant four Tsp. Basically, four standard size melon baller balls. It’s not meant to be particularly sweet.


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