Mother’s Day Card Roundup

15th April 2013

Why is Mother’s Day stuff so fugly? It’s all purple cursive eye smack, and floral bunny soul crush. Here are a few Mother’s Day card options that won’t embarrass you, or make your mother worry that she didn’t do enough to shape your taste level.

Mom, You Rock letterpress card by A Favorite Design

You’re Awesome card by Sugar Paper

I Love You card from Moontree Press

Mom Tattoo card from Hawk Gerber

Funny card Good moms let you lick the beaters, great moms turn them off first. by The Little Illustrator

To the Moon and Back by Quill and Fox

You’re Pretty by Lindsay Letters

Happy Mother’s Day by Smock

If you didn’t find the perfect thing, check out this funny Mother’s Day Cards roundup from Cool Mom Picks. Those ladies always do Mother’s Day up right.

1 thought on “Mother’s Day Card Roundup

  1. kate

    thank you for collecting and sharing these. i’m saving a couple away for years to come and looking through to find one for this year too.

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