Go Mighty Life List Inspiration

I sometimes get frustrated at having to ask for help when I’m not physically strong enough to do something on my own. Pictured above is Jen Bruntlett’s husband portaging a canoe. She wants to do it herself, and I’m all for it. Let us know when the weight training commences, and then send us a duplicate of the above photo, except with your girly legs poking out, Miss Jen. And in the meantime, consider a coracle.

Stacey Ferguson is still at work learning American Sign Language thanks to a goal grant from Olay. Recently, she was able to understand the gyst of  a signed two-hour conversation. Stacey’s sister is deaf, so this goal and all the effort and love going into it puts a lump in my throat.

Bonnie Chan checked off a goal to benefit Cycles of Change, and it’s been on my Life List for years, Go on a multi-day bike trip.

Molly is taking our Skillshare class, and aiming to collect ten tickets to shows this year. She settled on the goal after we did a class exercise about working backward from feelings you want to experience. Molly wants to be amazed. Good one.

On Monday, we’re launching the #mightyup challenge, which is about doing a little something fun every day. Meet me back here and I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime, take some time this weekend to revisit your Life List on Go Mighty. The site is still in beta, but we’re processing invitations within about 24 hours now, so please go request one if you haven’t. We’d love to have you.

5 thoughts on “Go Mighty Life List Inspiration

  1. (To quote Nadia from “New Girl,” “There’smeeeee!”) I’ve already got one ticket lined up for August: “Book of Mormon.” Very exciting. Nine to go, y’all. Good luck, Jen, and congratulations to Stacy and Bonnie!


  2. hey there..!! I am going to travel to India in my next holiday. I have even chosen the tour operator. Can’t stop myself from disclosing its name…well..its xclusivevacations.com, and I am going to buy their Colorful Rajasthan Tour. Damn excited.


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