Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Holy, holy, a lot is happening on Go Mighty this week.

Natalie Holbrook‘s #MightyLove project is about small acts of kindness online. Go Mighty’s plan was to donate $500 to a battered women’s shelter in NYC once we got to 500 tweets/instagrams tagged #mightylove. Which happened in a couple of hours. What the what? You guys are the best. The project is still going strong until April 12, so throw a compliment someone’s way. Meanwhile, Natalie is posting her favorite compliments on Go Mighty, so go see if you’re on her list.

My Go Mighty Skillshare class on Life Lists starts Monday, and one participant will receive a $1,000 goal grant from Go Mighty. Last month’s grant went to Emrys Kim, who’s planning a trip to South Korea to take spoken histories of women who were coerced into brothels during the Japanese occupation. Sign up for the class and let us know your plans.

We’re in our third week of the #ThankAWriter project with Nathan Bransford. Nathan’s letter this week was to the author and teacher that encouraged him to write his first novel. You should read it. Moving stuff.

I’ve enjoyed reading about which writers inspire you all and why. Here are a few letters written by Go Mighty members this week: To Kazuo Ishiguro, To Sharon G. Flake, To Lois Lowry, To Kay Ryan, To Martin Waddell,  To Pam Houston, To Mo Willems.

So much good stuff, right? Keep it up, team. We are a snowball rolling downhill.

Photo credit: Sara Lucero

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