Life List Workshop with Me. (Also, Want, $1,000?)

The Go Mighty team has been building a community of people who make things happen. Come be part of it.

I’m teaching a one-week Life List Workshop through Skillshare, starting April 8. It’s online, it’s only $20, and you should do it.

As part of the class, the Go Mighty team is choosing one participant (or group of participants, if you feel like doing a team project) to receive a $1,000 grant toward turning a dream into an action.

If you’ve been wanting to make a Life List, or meaning to choose a few goals to tackle, or thinking about supporting others who are working on their lists, you could do that later. But later is dumb. Instead, let’s do it right now:

Register for the Go Mighty Life List class with a $1000 grant opportunity for a goal to come to life.

See you there, doers. I will bring pizza.

2 thoughts on “Life List Workshop with Me. (Also, Want, $1,000?)

  1. Yay, Cam! I hope you find it useful. It’s a lot of positive, smart people if the last class was any indication. -M


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