5 thoughts on “Put This in Your Ears: “Cooling of the Embers,” Missy Higgins

  1. I recently discovered the band “Mariachi El Bronx.” (From what I understand, they’re usually a punk group called “Bronx,” but sometimes they release mariachi music under this side name. “48 Roses” is one of my new favorite songs.


  2. Christine Fellows – listen to the song Migrations. It’s really lovely. (I saw her perform this live at the Dawson City Music Festival a few years ago and it was wonderful – you should go. Land of the midnight sun!)


  3. All winter long, my morning commute music was River City Extension. Welcome to Pittsburg is a great intro.

    Now that spring is making an appearance, I’m experiencing 80s nostalgia: The Bangles, Eternal Flame.


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