Three Conversations with a Six Year Old

On nourishment:

Me: What’s your favorite part of snack dinner?

Hank: … The snacks.

On Umizoomi:

“They almost never blink. I’m serious.”

On relationships:

Hank: She’s my girlfriend, but just my friend.
Me: What’s the difference between a girlfriend and a friend?
Hank: There are girlfriends who are just when they say they’re your girlfriend.
Me: And that’s just a friend who just says, “I’m your girlfriend now?”
Hank: Yeah.
Me: What other kinds of friends are there?
Hank: There are friends, and then girlfriends, and then good friends, and then best friends.
Me: What about a girl you like as more than a friend?
Hank: That’s your love.
Me: Do you have a love?
Hank: Yes.
Me: And what does that mean?
Hank: Nothing really. You just are nice to each other. We don’t really do any of that stuff yet.
Me: Gotcha.

10 thoughts on “Three Conversations with a Six Year Old

  1. What happened? I blinked and your son is six and talking about his love. I’ve been reading this blog for a loooong time.


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