Go Mighty Life List Inspiration

I wish I was swimming.
Fiona and I finished our swimming classes! They were more difficult than I expected. When Fiona started, she was afraid of the water, so she could swim with a sort-of modified doggie paddle, but it scared her. The difference in her confidence was startling over such a short period. Overcoming a genuine fear with the support of friends is one of the best uses of Go Mighty — it changes so much about your outlook and your opinion of yourself. I’ll write up my post next week, but for now go read Fiona’s. (Also! Fiona debuted her new business — Signal Camp — last night, and was engaged a few days ago. Confetti!)

It isn’t all soft-focus moments of bliss.
OK, hear me out on this one. At first I was like, “Oof. I cannot lift my eyes to engage with yet another mom book.” But then I clicked on the video for Ali Smith’s photo project, which she’s been working on for twelve years. It’s been endorsed by Gloria Steinem, and is intended as a more feminist take on motherhood, questioning the social norms around the role. She can’t find a publisher, so she’s running a Kickstarter project, and I think her book has merit. Have a look at the video and see what you think. And Ali! Tell us more about goals, sis. I can tell you’re not a one-trick pony.

Do something good.
One of my favorite uses of Go Mighty goal grants is as an incentive to complete a project within a given timeline, rather than as a means of funding it. Olay offered $500 to the charity of Megan Peters’s choice, if she could complete her goal within a few weeks. This week, she did it, and gave her grant to the Willow Domestic Violence Center, where she used to work as a women and children’s advocate. Go read her affecting story about how she chose the center, and consider celebrating her success by making a donation yourself here. This one makes me really proud. Good on you, Megan.

2 thoughts on “Go Mighty Life List Inspiration

  1. Maggie, thank you so much for your support and to the ENTIRE team at Go Mighty who were beyond awesome during the whole process of completing my goal. It makes me giddy to be a part of such a rad group of people who are lifting each other up.


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