Team Project: 20 Minutes

20 Minute Project

Hi, guys. The Go Mighty community has a project going. In February, we’re focusing on intention. Specifically, taking 20 minutes every day to do something that moves your life toward where you want to be at the end of this year, or the next five years.

If you play along, tell us about it in a story on Go Mighty with the tag ’20 Minutes,’ or on Twitter or Instagram using #20Minutes. Every day, Team Mighty will choose one person to receive a gift from the folks at RedEnvelope and we will be announcing the gifts each week on Friday. (You can see the selection of gifts here.)

Now go do something good.

Photo credit: Maile Wilson

2 thoughts on “Team Project: 20 Minutes

  1. I really love this idea- taking 20 minutes to work towards the things on our life list. 20 minutes is such an innocuous amount of time- hopefully lots of Go Mightiers (can we call ourselves that?) will be able to participate.


  2. This is a great idea. My list of things I want/need to do is so long right now after a series of big life changes that I sometimes don’t know where to begin. And even when I do get started I never completely finish anything. But 20 minutes a day I can do, and at least feel like I’m putting one foor in front of the other, slowly but surely!


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