Mighty Thirst: Persimmon Sip

25th October 2012

A drink that sounds dainty, but packs a punch. Pow. Fall just caught you on the chin.

Persimmon Sip:

Blend these to make persimmon puree (which freezes well, by the way):
– 2 Fuyu persimmons
– 1 tsp. vanilla
– 2 shots water

And then mix these to make your cocktail:
– One shot of persimmon puree
– 1/2 shot of unsweetened cranberry juice
– 1 shot Bulleit Bourbon
– 1/2 shot Grand Marnier
– the juice of a honey tangerine

Pour everything into an ice filled shaker and shake or stir, then strain into a glass (in case you got some stray tangerine seeds in there).

Here’s to fall campfires, fingerless gloves, and dancing in elevators. What are you toasting this week?

I’m making 100 cocktails as part of my Life List. This is number sixteen. Here are the rest:

1. Shots in ‘Cots 2. Avocado Bourbon Shake 3. The Vacation 4. Sassy Lassi 5. Cherry Bing 6. The ABC 7. Toddy Shots 8. Cafe Picante 9. Gin and Juice (Box) 10. The Neighbor 11. Halloween Spiked Cider 12. Bloodthirsty Mulled Wine 13. Killer Bloody Mary 14. Bourbon Pumpkin Shake 15. Persimmon Bob

4 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: Persimmon Sip

  1. Meegan

    I have no idea what a persimmon tastes like. Embarrassing. Maybe I should copy your fruit trying goal? Anyway, this week I’m toasting college football tailgating, health insurance and my husband for making Partner at his firm. Yay!

  2. Dasha

    Yumm… Sounds delicious!! I am travelling at the moment, and can’t wait till I get home to prepare my preferred soup and maybe try your Persimmon Sip…

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