Life List Project: 10,000 Hats

A while ago, Robyn sent me an email asking if I’d like hats for me and Hank because she’s decided to knit 10,000 of the suckers. Ten. Thousand. For 10,000 people.

Always one to support industrious manifestations of OCD, I asked for red Hadley hats for me and Hank, and here they are!

So cute! GAH!

I’m perpetually rescuing hand-knit caps from thrift stores, shocked at how many people discard things made for them by hand. I will wear my 10,000 Hat until fate wrests it from my grasp, I love it so much. Thank you, Miss Robyn! We adore them, and your grand project.

Do you have a grand project? I can’t think of many things I’d be willing to do 10,000 times, but I’m hereby committing to 10,000 warm baths. With 10,000 people. Drop me a line if you’re short, I don’t want you crowding me while I’m naked.

9 thoughts on “Life List Project: 10,000 Hats

  1. Malcolm Gladwell discusses the 10,000 hour rule in ‘Outliers’ – that it takes 10,000 hours of practise to become an expert. She may very well be the first hand-knitted toque expert! Love it


  2. Some of those thrift store hats were probably donated there by the person that made them – I at least have been guilty of making (knitting or sewing) things for myself, wearing them for a bit, then donating them because I made more things and I need to clear out some space. One only needs so many touques, and that new yarn I bought is way softer than the one I bought last year…


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