Impolite White with A.B. Chao!

11th September 2012

Whoa! We’re at 80 entries right now in the Tide VIVID White + Bright Rule Breakers of the Week Contest. Just 20 more we can give Charity Water $500 from the Mighty Coffers. Bwahahaha.

And look! Miss Anna Beth Chao is also on board with the plan to subvert Grandma Law and wear white after Labor Day — particularly whilst cycling through the countryside.

If you have a photo of yourself wearing white, please upload it to the Tide contest page on Facebook. Entering gives you a shot at winning a $3,000 shopping spree. (A ludicrously good shot, actually.)

Clean clothes for you, clean water for kids!

Anna Beth is so excited. Me too, Chao.

6 thoughts on “Impolite White with A.B. Chao!

  1. Linz

    Done! It’s a pretty crappy photo (and it’s a gray/white dress) but it’s for Charity Water, and if Betty White tells me to do something, who am I to argue? ;)

  2. Leona

    It wouldn’t let me enter. It kept sending me back to enter my email address. I entered it 3 times before giving up. I wonder if I’m the only one.

  3. Caroline Urdaneta

    Hi Maggie, it wouldn’t let me enter either. I took a picture of myself wearing white flip flops. My mother would DIE but it’s for SUCH a great cause. :)) I tried the upload 3 times to no avail. :( Any suggestions? Maybe this means you have enough entries ? which would be AWESOME! :)


    1. Maggeh Post author

      Caroline and Leona, so sorry are you having trouble! We are looking into this, and wanted to know: are you trying to access the site from outside of the U.S.?

      Stay posted — and thank you for helping out!

  4. Maggeh Post author

    For anyone who is having trouble entering, here are a few helpful guidelines:

    • The Submission must be in .jpg, .gif, .bmp or.png format.

    • The Submission must not exceed 5 MB in size.

    • The Submission must contain a title and description.

    • The Submission’s title and description must be in English.

    The Submission cannot have been submitted previously.

    Hope this helps! Thank you again for participating.

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