Mighty Closet, Impolite White: Let’s Do Something Good

Hi. This is me wearing white after Labor Day:

I’m doing this for three reasons. 1. Because I’m a renegade maverick rebel breaking all the rules. 2. Because Tide hopes you will enter their Tide VIVID White + Bright Rule Breakers of the Week Contest for a $3K shopping spree.


3. Because if at least 100 of you upload a photo of yourselves wearing white? We can donate $500 to Charity Water out of the Mighty coffers. (We’ve been trying to tie our campaigns to good stuff for the world whenever possible. Which is awesome.)

So. Here’s what we know. People need clean water. And! You need clean clothes. So will 100 of you please take a photo of yourself in white and upload it here, so we can kill two birds with one stone? Thanks, you guys.

Meanwhile, being a pasty Irish girl, I had no idea that I do not look like death warmed over when I’m wearing white. Kind of a revelation. Observe:

This entire outfit is second hand. Except for my underwear, because I am a lady.

See how happy I am that everything I’m wearing, including shoes, cost around $50 all told?

The braided belt was from a thrifting trip in Utah after ALT Summit.

These patchwork shoes are the best, acquired at a vintage shop in LA, which always has better shoes than your home city.

Mighty Closet Dress Smile | Mighty Girl

This dress is also thrifted. See how happy this makes me? See?

It was like $5 from a vintage-by-the-pound shop on Valencia Street. And it has pockets. Mind blowing.

Mighty Closet Scarf Detail 2 | Mighty Girl

The cozy, ample scarf is from Zara.

Mighty Closet Shoe Closeup | Mighty Girl

The shoes are Tieks, which are a heavy favorite of mine.

This dress is from Sunhee Moon. I wore it wine tasting, because I like to tempt fate.

The camera bag is Epiphanie, which is made by my friend Maile Wilson. And, fun fact! Maile took most of these photos because she loves me. Right back atcha, sis.

This is me starring in my own ’80s flashback movie.

The vintage men’s tuxedo shirt is from a vintage shop on 16th Street. I love it. Belt is also vintage.

These perfect black shoes are Calvin Klein, acquired at a consignment shop.

The pants are Gap. They are easy to jump in.

Watch your back, little black dress. This thrifted ’80s dress is a new cocktail standard for me.

Of course, I wore it with my stripper shoes to balance out the staidness.

This tassel necklace is from H&M, and it’s rare that you won’t find me twirling it like a lasso. I was being demure for the photo — needlessly, in retrospect.

And that’s it.

Your turn! Please take a photo of yourself or someone you care about wearing white, and upload it to the Tide Facebook page Again, if at least 100 of us upload photos, we can donate $500 to Charity Water. Plus you get a shot at a $3,000 shopping spree. Fingers crossed, team.

12 thoughts on “Mighty Closet, Impolite White: Let’s Do Something Good

  1. I like this contest! Will try to wear white today for something to post. Your coloring screams for ivory, but you probably know that already! I think the white is lovely when you have it with other pops of color – I especially love the turquoise and aqua pops. And that last thrifted white cocktail dress with the gold shoes was an amazing find! I love that dress!


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