Mighty Thirst: Café Picante

30th August 2012

Mighty Thirst: Café Picante | Mighty Girl

You know how Mexican Hot Chocolate has a little kick? This is like that, but with coffee. And frozen. So nothing like that, except for how the cinnamon schnapps gives it some punch, and how it is delicious.

Throw all this in a blender, and garnish with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top:

• 1 Banana (frozen if you’d like the drink thicker)
• 1/2 Cup Coffee, cold
• 1 Cup Ice
• Shot of Tequila
• 1/2 Shot Cinnamon Schnapps

Good right? I know. And now you finally have a use for all those frozen bananas you’re never going to use to make banana bread. Cheers.

Here’s to breakfast for dinner, friends who go all out for theme parties, and falling asleep when your head hits the pillow. What are you toasting this week?

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6 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: Café Picante

  1. Angeerah

    Are you making up these drinks yourself? If so, big props! They all sound splendid and are making me super thirsty. In law school my friends and I made up a drink and named it after our Property Law professor who was our absolute favorite. Cheers!

  2. melissa

    Have you tried Cafe Patron? It’s a tequila-coffee mix, which actually sounds horrible to me (i don’t generally like cold coffee), and it’s a real delight. smooth, tasty, caffeinated.

  3. sallybeth

    That’s hilarious (and incredibly useful) as I have a couple dozen bananas in my freezer right now. I was going to make banana ice cream, but this sounds much more therapeutic.

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