Mighty Thirst: The Vacation

The Vacation | Mighty Girl

This cocktail is so easy, but the type of rum matters. You want Kraken because it has a strong vanilla profile that softens the drink, and also because the cephalopod label makes your bar look so 2005-Brooklyn-Tattoo.

All you need is:

• A shot of Kraken Rum
• Coconut water to taste

Pour over ice, swizzle, and add an optional cherry garnish. Simple? Perfect. You’re on vacation, you shouldn’t have to work too hard for your drink.

Here’s to staying up all night talking on the porch, tubing on the river, sand in the car. What are you toasting this week?

18 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: The Vacation

  1. Lucinda Williams at the Lincoln Theater in Ft. Collins, Colo. and behind the chutes season tickets to Cheyenne Frontier Days this weekend!


  2. Oooh, I have Kraken! I am building a pirate themed bar… to go with your Kraken, you need Death’s Door gin. It has a lovely old-fashioned map on the label, and also a delicate, nuanced flavor. http://deathsdoorspirits.com/pages/spirits/spirits.php I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to buy a bottle of that overpriced vodka in the skull bottle to round out the set, though.

    I am toasting my sweetheart being done with 9 straight 12 hour work days, so I actually get to see him again!


  3. ElJay, ElJay! Skull bottle vodka = Totally Not Worth The $$$.

    This however, looks lovely. Might have to try it out this weekend. It looks like the perfect amount of effort after a long week.

    We are toasting sweet Argentinian guitarists and cool jazz this weekend at a local club where they will feed you chili and cornbread with your music.


  4. I think this is more of a mixed drink, like a Rum-and-Coke, G&T or a Greyhound. A cocktail has a sweet, a bitter/sour and a booze. But, I suppose if it tastes as complex as a cocktail, it’s a cocktail…


  5. While on vacation with my sisters I fell in love with the mango mojito! Crisp and refreshing without being too sweet. Now we’ll see if my brown thumb can keep this mint plant alive.


  6. I used the empty Kraken rum bottle for mouthwash in the boy’s pirate themed bathroom. Now I should get another!


  7. I love Kraken! I gotta admit I was suckered in by the awesome label and finger holes on the bottle neck. Imagine my pleasant surprise when it was extra tasty. We have been serving up some Dark and Stormys at my house this summer.


  8. I love the combination of dehydrating (booze) and re-hydrating (coconut water) simultaneously. A perfect drink? I’m more of a Manhattan gal myself, but this sounds worth a try. Oh, and this weekend we are toasting to possible new beginnings. Fingers crossed!


  9. Anne, that’s the problem, right? I KNOW the vodka isn’t worth it. But I have the Kraken and the Death’s Door, and the skull would look so nice grouped with them on top of my liquor cabinet! If I ever do buy one, it’s just going to be a decor piece. I only have vodka around for guests anyway, I’m a gin girl through and through.


  10. Looks yummy.

    This weekend toasting my Mom’s 74th Birthday with ALL my siblings, their spouses, their kids, my kids and my Dad 🙂 Rare these days with some of us so far flung! Looking forward to it.


  11. I’m getting to take one of my home cookin’ heroes to meet one of her home cookin’ heroes on Saturday. I think that’s worth a toast of some sort. I may invent a cocktail for just the occasion.


  12. I am toasting something super special this week. Last week I was diagnosed with Sudden Hearing Lost on my right ear. I am celebrating the results of my recent MRI: No tumor in my head! w00t! SHL was probably caused by some bad ass virus, not a tumor. 🙂


  13. @Eljay-I saw a tequila in a ceramic painted skull bottle today (however i failed to note the brand name).

    The coconut water and rum drink was my (self-designated) cocktail of the summer last year. I’ll have to try it with the Kraken.

    If you want to get extra fancy – buy a young coconut (i get mine in the refrigerated section of the asian market) and cut a hole in the top. Pour the coconut water out, mix with rum and pour back in to the coconut. Serve with a straw, then scrape out the jummy coconut to eat after you finish the drink.


  14. Ryan, you are my hero. Kah tequila. Also not cheap, but the reviews look interesting, and I like tequila much more than vodka!


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