Camp Mighty: Lisa Congdon on Becoming An Artist

18th July 2012

Nordic Fisherman by Lisa Congdon (available for purchase)

Lisa Congdon is a self-trained San Francisco artist whose determination has always inspired me. Last year, she spoke at Camp Mighty about how her hard work and focus led to an unusually fast rise to commercial and artistic success. You can see the first twenty minutes of her talk below.

Camp Mighty – Lisa Congdon from Rcom Creative on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in Lisa or her work, you can find out more about her here:
Purchasing her work.

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Sami Woman, Lisa Congdon

Video courtesy Cameron Barrett of R/Com Creative.

1 thought on “Camp Mighty: Lisa Congdon on Becoming An Artist

  1. kathy

    it was just this morning that i was reviewing my pinterest boards and realized that many of my favorite illustrated that were pinned were illustrated by lisa congdon. really interesting. thanks for sharing.

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