Mighty Thirst: Shots in ‘Cots

BAM! I made shot glasses out of apricots! Because I am a Lady MacGyver. These contain tequila, so I regret not salting the rims to make Margarita Bites. Be ye not so thoughtless.

They’re easy to make. Three steps:

1. Test your apricots to make sure they’ll stand up on their bums.
2. While your apricot is standing on a flat surface, take a metal cap (I used one from a booze bottle), and press it into the stem end.
3. Use a knife or small spoon to pull out the top and the pit beneath.

Voila, drunkards! Tiny little booze bombs.

Happy Fourth of July tomorrow! Please do not do shots and light things on fire. Love, Maggie

16 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: Shots in ‘Cots

  1. You are adorable. With every post, I love you more. Funny, cute, clever and colourful, I wish we were friends! In my imagination, we are. In real life, I don’t know if I could keep up. I have an almost-three-year-old; I get tired. Best wishes!


  2. De-lurking to point out that a melon baller would also work for the pitting – if you happened to have one.


  3. Maggie! These little cot shots are so cute and reminded me of some new fruit I tried that (maybe) you could add to your fruit list?

    I tried a Red Velvet Apricot and I found it at my local supermarket (Publix, not sure if you have them there, Im in FL) and it was so good! and a beautiful dark red color but was still all fuzzy on the outside. It tasted like a nectarine but had the softness of an apricot.

    Also, I tried something called a Plucot, which is a plum and apricot hybrid, and I found it at my local farmers market. This one was a little weird. The skin was kind of plasticy, the casing almost reminded me of like a hard sausage casing and the inside was REALLY juicy and soft but a dark pinkish/red color.


  4. Is it wrong that while reading this post I starting singing “Lady MacGyver” to the tune of “Lady Godvia”? And then filled in the lyrics with your drinking misadventures with fruit and tequila?


  5. Oh Maggie…So glad to have you back posting super often! I missed you greatly during your time away. You were my daily addiction when you were posting all the time. I started out with MightGoods and found my way to your blog fast. I am excited to see all the words your typing up these days and happy to see your on the mend from your hard times. Thank you for sharing about your divorce some…I am sure it is hard. However, it really is helpful to me. I think love/heartbreak are both quite hard and hearing how a awesome person like you deals with both sides of the coin is really beneficial. Wishing you lots of girl time, good hair days, sleep overs, moments of whimsy, laughter that makes your go silent your laughing so hard, skinny dipping in a very warm lake, new adventures, bravery in the face of bad days, delicious new fruit, and whatever else your heart desires!


  6. If you are ever in San Juan Bautista, Jardines has apricot margaritas. It’s close to Hollister, home to vanishing ‘cot orchards, where relatives used to own acres of Blenheims.


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