Lifescoop: 5 Ways to Discover the Latest Music

24th May 2012

I have a new post up at Lifescoop: Music to Your Ears: 5 Ways to Discover the Latest Music

Remember when emerging music just fell in your lap? Your best friend was a part-time DJ, your show-going roommate made you mixes, you’d occasionally spend an entire Saturday slackjawed in front of the internet? But the time we make for new music sometimes gets nudged out by the trappings of adulthood.

Fortunately, if you have a few minutes a day, it’s easy to bring new music into your life. Here are five simple ways to find music that’s actually new, not just new to you. Read more…

4 thoughts on “Lifescoop: 5 Ways to Discover the Latest Music

  1. Christy

    Great article, Maggie. After the death of the best station in the world,, I felt like I could never find new music. The AllSongs blog and weekly show are fantastic and have really helped me to rediscover my love for new music. Other sources that I use that you didn’t mention are the bandcamp website ( which I discovered when a friend sent me a link to Kathleen Turner’s daughter’s music (she’s GOOD!) and a weekly hip-hop podcast that can be found at (they giggle a lot, but the tunes are good). Music = happiness

  2. Cam

    I remember the days when I actually listen to music regularly. Other than just the car radio or something my three year old wants to hear. Music makes me happy, I need more of it. Thanks for making it simple to find.

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks for the tips!

    I second NPR – All Songs Considered has introduced me to everything from new classical music to new works by old favorites to twangy alt-country humor (hello, Hayes Carll).

    I also love Pandora for finding new music, soundtracks to movies (whatever anyone thinks about the Twilight books/movies, the New Moon Soundtrack was amazing and each movie’s OST has had at least 2 songs I put on repeat; BD1 offered up Lucy Schwartz and Aqualung’s “Cold”, and “Requiem on Water” by Imperial Mammoth, both of which are haunting and fabulous).

    I have found a number of new acts by simply going to more live shows at small venues and paying attention to the opening bands. Back in 2002, I saw Tori Amos live and a then-totally unknown Howie Day played “Ghost” and I just melted. Alela Diane opened for Fleet Foxes last year and I bought her album a few days later.

    I have a few friends on Facebook who are better at finding new music than I am and I have learned to trust their instincts (and click on their links).

    And last (but not at all least!), you’re good about posting good music, and so are other fab bloggers with good taste. So thanks for sharing the good stuff!

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