Eat 1,000,000 Hot Dogs

23rd May 2012

Two weeks ago, I was at ease onstage in front of 600 people. This morning I woke up with a sore jaw from teeth-grinding stress dreams — about my talk for preschool career day. This is most of what you need to know about my subconscious.

On the ride to school, Hank looked similarly worried.

“You okay, little guy?”
“You seem anxious.”
“Why are you worried?”
“What if they don’t like you?”

Preach it, kid.

I explained to Hank that people are mostly just worried about whether you like them. So if you smile, and seem comfortable, everything will be OK.

Also, I brought balloons.

8 thoughts on “Eat 1,000,000 Hot Dogs

  1. Sarah Berry

    I hope this was one of those moments where you were awe-struck with pride at the life you’ve created for yourself… you got to teach the next generation that you can make a LIVING out of helping people to realize their dreams.

    What a beautiful world. Well done ;)

  2. kate

    Way to go! Loving the balloons and Sarah is right – pretty amazing job description you’ve got going on. Plus, you’ve got a rockin superhero persona, too.

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