Mix: Sexy Time

17th February 2012

Are you naked? Awesome. I made this for you.

I meant to have this up by Valentine’s Day, but I have a feeling you guys are indecent enough to have sex year round. Speaking of which, what’s on your mood-music playlist? Let us know in comments.

Sexy Time Mix on Spotify
Sexy Time Mix on Rdio

Links to individual songs:

Play that Dirty Girl from Atomic Tom
Easy to Love from The Jezebels
Heartbeats from Jose Gonzalez
Here I Am from The Spring Standards
Simple Math from Manchester Orchestra
I Want Some More from Dan Auerbach
Will Do from TV on the Radio
I Will from MoZella
Animal from Neon Trees
Try a Little Tenderness from Otis Redding
Transatlanticism from Death Cab for Cutie

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5 thoughts on “Mix: Sexy Time

  1. sara

    As you’re now comfortable admitting your love for Jason Mraz, his “Butterfly” is delightfully oh-la-la. Hesta Prynn, “Turn It Gold.” Also, Matt Nathanson is incredibly good at singing about the naked time (see: Still, Run, and, of course, Come on Get Higher).

    (p.s. Spring Standards! Atomic Tom! Yay!)

  2. misstraceynolan

    “Are you naked? Awesome.” – just made me laugh till I coughed. Which while not sexy, is a delightful way to start the day.

    Sara – I had Jason Mraz’s “Butterfly” on my ipod and only really listened to the lyrics for the first time on the subway. I felt soooo dirty, lol.

  3. Nellie

    I am a big fan of “When the Sun Comes Up” by John Legend (which recommendation I cannot take credit for – Chookooloonks pointed me in that direction) and “Paris (Ooh la la)” by Grace Potter and lately “Baby Says” by the Kills. Perhaps slightly more seduction focused, but hey. Have to start somewhere.

    Maggie, I cannot say this enough: love your music posts and especially your mixes!

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