Taste 1,000 Fruits, No. 97: Mountain Rose Apple

30th January 2012

Can’t you almost smell that color?

When I first saw a Mountain Rose Apple, my breath caught. It reminded me of a professor who said that one of the Impressionist painters — I think it was Matisse — brought an apple as a gift when he visited friends. And that’s exactly what these apples are, tokens of affection. The best way to bring something simple and sweet to someone you love.

Taste 1,000 fruits is part of my ongoing Life List project. If you’d like to make a Life List of your own, start with these 10 tips or this exercise.

15 thoughts on “Taste 1,000 Fruits, No. 97: Mountain Rose Apple

  1. Jason

    So beautiful. When I saw your photo of them, I was over whelmed with recipe ideas on how to use the apples. Can’t wait to find them and play. Thanks for eating awesome fruits.

  2. Chris C.

    Pretty! There’s a similar apple called the Grenadine (I think), that I’ve been able to find at local Bay Area farmer’s markets. Especially Jack London Square on Sundays, when the “apple guy” is there — he has a zillion varieties!

  3. Andrea | Elimination Communication

    This is such a beautiful apple. I’ve just stumbled across your site and this apple makes me want to go back and see the earlier 96. Thank you for reminding me that tastes and flavors are experiences that we should take time to savor. Maybe I’ll even get into making my own Life List!

  4. Sara C.

    I saw you yesterday at Park Chalet, but felt too stalkerish to come say hi. We were one of the many groups of women with babies. I just wanted to say I love the blog and would have told you yesterday, but I was too shy.

  5. kelly

    i saw this flyer today at my local coffee shop and thought of you. sending it to you seemed silly at the time, but since you posted today about your tasting 1,000 fruits, perhaps it’s more fitting. i suspect that you’re not jewish, nor am i, but the event sounds fun. and as i’m sure you know, buena vista park is amazing and gorgeous and damn, what a treasure in our city. anyway, fruits from the holy land? could be delicious:

    many, many thanks for your continued awesomeness. i’ve been enjoying your site for years and years.

  6. april

    Hi Maggie,
    I’ve been reading (and loving!) you since….well, since about the beginning of the blog, I guess. Sometimes it seems like you’re my real-life friend…but you’re not, which is why I wanted to make sure to mention that over on Inkstagram, which I checked out after your post about it, the geotags on your photos are giving away pretty specific location pins on the map. Maybe that’s ok, but maybe not. Felt like it was worth mentioning. Stay safe!

  7. Nicole

    I literally gasped when I saw your photo. Thank you for bringing some beauty, something positive to what has otherwise been a gloomy day.

  8. Tawny

    Have you tried Buddha’s hand? Just read about it and I think it would be a great addition towards your 1000 fruits project!

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