Your Tiny Ones

20th December 2011

This Captured Series post is brought to you by Best Buy. Get unbeatable prices on all digital cameras to capture your family memories this holiday season.

We’re still in the judging phase, but these are a few of my favorite kid photos from the family memory photo contest so far. Oh my friends, look at these superior children. Bring them to me for snorzels and belly biting! Bring them here!

From Emily Harrison

From Beth Stecher

From Emily Harrison

From Justine

From Justine

From Jenny Slade

From Priscilla

From Rochelle Borne

Hooray for the tiny ones. They make me all smiley.

If you haven’t entered yet, I’m partnering with Federated Media to host a merit-based contest on Flickr where you could win a $500 gift certificate to Best Buy. Just upload a photo to Flickr that captures a family memory (up to five photos, actually). Double check that your photos are tagged public so everyone can see them, and then add the tag: #CapturedPhotoContest_MightyGirl. The official contest rules are over here, and the contest ends December 24th. When judging is complete, ePrize will contact the winner through Flicker Mail. (Look for the “Family Memory Photo Contest Notice” screen name on or around 01/16/12.) Photos will be judged on originality, photo quality, and best display of a family memory. Fingers crossed.

5 thoughts on “Your Tiny Ones

  1. K. Bell

    Holy moly! Those two giggling princesses are my nieces. What a wonderful surprise to see them here in addition to welcoming their new baby brother to the world just yesterday. Holiday magic all around. Thanks for choosing my sister’s photo, Maggie! Yay!

  2. Malia

    Not trying to be “that girl” but when you use the words “superior children” and then feature only white babies it sort of smells a little Hitlerish. Just saying…

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