Thanksgiving from Your Laptop

10th November 2011

I have a new post up at Lifescoop, Thanksgiving from Your Laptop.

There are few more overt markers of adulthood than pulling a golden 30-pound turkey out of your oven, except perhaps knowing how to carve the thing. And then there’s setting the table, and all the trimmings, and don’t even get me started on pie.

In this, as in all things, turn to the Internet in your time of need. Invite friends online, let Pandora handle your party mix, and have 90 percent of your supplies delivered to your doorstep. Here’s your Thanksgiving on autopilot. Read more…

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving from Your Laptop

  1. Jeannie

    Hey Maggie,
    Still trying to reach you with my address for the fantastic tote bag prize. Did you receive my reply?

    By the way…my boys are considering sharing a room if they get bunk beds…that means a studio for mom!! We’ll see.


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