Palm Springs or Bust

8th November 2011

Road trips give you a feeling of accomplishment without actually having to do anything.

(Is it crazy dangerous to put your feet up on the dash now because of airbags? I’m living on the edge.)

We saw some peacocks by the Casa de Fruit, and a raccoon family crossing under the glow of the gas station lights. I bought five pairs of sunglasses at Target.

Every time I drive down south, I fall in love with California all over again.

See you at Camp Mighty? I hope so.

15 thoughts on “Palm Springs or Bust

  1. Kelly

    I can’t believe NY fell on the same weekend. Please pretty please have a boozy sno-cone for me and give my love to everyone, xoxo

  2. Karen

    NOW I’m wondering what happens when an airbag deploys when your feet are up. Does it make you kick yourself in the head? Or is it much more dramatic and awful, like are your legs torn gruesomely right off? See, to me, it makes more sense to have your feet up because it stops the bag from whacking you in the face.

    Hey, that sounded kind of dirty. Sorry.

  3. Canadian in Glasgow

    I generally picture my knees going into my throat and my hip and thighs becoming disconnected when I put mine up.
    Then I do it anyway.
    I’m under the illusion I can move fast enough when the accident happens to avoid becoming a sandwich.
    Denial rocks.
    Also, road trips rock.

  4. elayne

    I hate to be That Person, but: Even without the added kick of air bags, it’s not wise. A friend’s 21 year old daughter spent four months in lower body casts, ~five months in a rehab facility relearning how to stand and walk, and two or three years weaning off the strongest pain meds when her hips, knees, and ankles were magnificently fucked up (bones, ligaments, tendons, menisci, the works) in an accident in a pre-airbag car.

    Last I heard (a decade or so after the accident) she was still using an orthotic on one leg and a cane (and daily pain medicine), and her doctor was advising against ever getting pregnant because of the specific type of reconstruction surgery they’d had to do on her hips. (But considering that for the first three months or so after the accident, the consensus was “She’ll never walk again, come to terms with that now,” she actually made quite a remarkable recovery.)

    I’m sure there are just as many anecdotes about people who had NO injuries after a feet-on-dash accident, but I’m not willing to risk it.

    Ah maaaaaan. Okay, no more feet on the dash. I’ll put them out the window. -M

  5. Kristy

    Hey. I think you a word in the first sentence.

    Pretty pretty pictures.

    That was the most pleasant copy edit I’ve ever received. -M

  6. Kali

    Great pictures. Looks like a great trip! I have family there and it really is a great place to travel to. A nice getaway in this crazy world. I can tell you had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

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