1st November 2011

-Chance! You should name your dog Chance.
-See… I feel like that’s the perfect name for a three-legged dog.
-Oh. Good point. Save it for them.
-I think that’s for the best.
-Or you could amputate.

(Update! I didn’t get a dog, my friend is getting one. The above photo is one of the dogs I met in Jamaica. He is meant to be a doggie stock photo. Sorry for the confusion.)

16 thoughts on “Options

  1. kate

    Ack! S/he’s has such a sweet face! Pitbull rescue? My eleven yr. old daughter looooves pitbulls and has completely cured me of my previous bias. They really are so smart and loyal and loving.

  2. Beth

    WHAT an adorable dog! We adopted a pit mix last winter, and he’s brought us such joy. (He’s snoring right behind me as I type.)

  3. Nie

    I thought all 3 legged dogs were named Lucky!

    a pit severed my index finger so I am not a fan, but that guy (girl?) has a kind face.

  4. Jennifer

    Is this a Mighty New Addition to the family??? He is ADORABLE!!! Hims need da belleh rubbed and NOW!

  5. Sara

    He looks like my (sadly, deceased) pitty rescue! His name was Ziggy…. An absolute angel of a dog. Seeing this picture brings back great memories of my good old boy.

  6. Meetzorp

    One of my good friends has a three-legged dog named Sage. She’s a rowdy, red, rambunctious creature, part Border Collie, and all enthusiasm. She plays chase with my four legged collie, and keeps up with everything except for the tightest of corners. Dogs are awesome – they just wanna have fun.

  7. Em

    I am looking forward to the day when I can get another dog. (My living situation has to stabilize and possibly a move has to happen … we’ll see.) I love and adore dogs. They’re the best.

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