30 Days of Fun: Day 28

12th August 2011

Erin and I spent an evening going through my closet figuring out what to sell at the Photojojo stoop sale. We were up until 2 a.m., then got up pretty early the next morning for the Saturday sale, only to discover that the sale was actually on Sunday. Wah-waaaaah.

I didn’t take any photos of the actual purge, so this is an excellent opportunity to tell you about a slightly OCD style trick I have. When I’m wearing something I like, I take a photo with my phone. That way I can look up a cute outfit on the quick when I’m feeling indecisive.

I also do it when I’m packing, so I have a record in my phone of how I intended to wear everything. That’s why my room looks like it’s been ransacked by the Secret Service. (Ed note: Most of the guys in the Secret Service are loose and kind of nosy, so it’s possible the U.S. government is indirectly responsible for the disarray in one or more of these photos. Also, if anyone finds me in Pakistan later, I was just hiking. I got lost.)

And before you even ask, yes. Everything interesting came from thrift stores. I’m starting to do that just to piss you off. I mean… to inspire you.

16 thoughts on “30 Days of Fun: Day 28

  1. latenac

    I think I need to add, “make a friend who is good at thrift store shopping in Vermont who likes me and will take me shopping with him/her.” to my life list.

  2. Anne Marie

    I’m guessing that applies to what looks like a super cute pencil skirt in the second picture. . . .sigh. Adorable!

  3. Kristen

    LOL…your last comment made me snort…yeah there is definetly a “trend” going around…everytime I see someone wearing it seems anything cute…it was thrifted (of course!) Regardless, I think your last outfit is just awesome and very different from what you’ve shown yourself wearing in the past (I think, anyway). Looks great! Very J.Crew…oh and the shoes! The shoes! :)

  4. kd i

    Is that Susan boyle on your wall? Just kidding; you look absolutely fantastic, especially in the pencil skirt!

  5. margaux

    love the photo idea… I am often brain dead when it comes to making an outfit. brilliant. what are your fav thrift stores in SF? I feel like there are so many I never know which to try.

  6. Sarah

    I’d also love to know any recommended thrift places in the city. I’ve wandered through some of the obvious(*) places in the Mission but I’m still developing the knack for thrifting, so I don’t know if my lack of success was because I didn’t find the secret awesome places, or because I’m not patient or clever enough, or just because my 5’11” self is not so easy to shop for.

    (*)and by obvious I literally mean “easy to spot”… not “oh I’m such an experienced shopper that cleeaaarly I would know where to go”

  7. Colleen

    Personally, I LOVE that checked — or is it plaid? — skirt. Oh so lean and flattering. In fact, I like the whole outfit. Will need to be sure I have something similar in my wardrobe!

  8. Colleen

    By the way, got an amazing array of key pieces at a thrift store just today, and spent a whole $34. I don’t know if it’s genetic, or if I’ve learned a whole lot from you, but either way, I SO love it! Thanks, Cousin!

  9. Jayme


    Also @latenac, I live near vt, like to hit the thrift stops, and agree this friend to shop with plan is good. Countrymod at loves-to-shop-but-hates-spam gmail.com if you want to plan an outing. Orange plaid pencil skirts do exist

  10. Erin

    God, Maggie, you are so hot. Those shoes in the second pic are delicious. If I had a Life List, “be adorable like Maggie” would be near the top of the list.

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