Zen Master Maggie

11th August 2011

My smoke alarm keeps beeping.




I change the batteries and it’s good for a few days before it starts chirping again.




How many times should I replace the batteries before I just take it down? And drop kick it against the wall? And scream at it in short, repetitive bursts?

I think three.

15 thoughts on “Zen Master Maggie

  1. Angela

    Mine did that…turns out it needed to be reset. Google the brand and see if there are redet instructions, it might just keep you sane

  2. Jen M.

    It may be time to replace it all together. I know one of the smoke detectors in my house has a sticker on it saying that the whole thing needs to be replaced after x number of years (can’t remember exactly how many- 5 or 10 I think).

  3. Jessica

    Replace it if there are no reset instructions. Seriously – not worth the time or the risk and I think you’re supposed to replace them in 7-10 years anyway. :)

  4. Heidi Devereaux

    That kept happening to us…turns out there was a spider web and dust in it…we blew it out with a can of air and now it works great!

  5. jen

    Doesn’t that just mean dinner’s ready?? Take it out of the oven and presto…problem solved! :)

  6. danielle

    I’m thinking this is a great opportunity to have some hunky firemen come to your rescue! Don’t let the place burn down, of course…just call them up and ask if they’ll come out and take a look at it. Voila! House full of firemen :)

  7. Laura

    This same thing happened to me the night after my neighbour’s house burnt down – true story. Needless to say, it freaked me out a tad.
    Apparently they are programmed to start beeping incessantly after about 7 years or so, because you’re meant to completely replace them around that age.

  8. jenn

    My huz is a firefighter. The detector needs to be replaced ASAP. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Get a new one – now. Also, an easy way to remember when to change the batteries is to do it when you set your clocks ahead or back each spring and fall.

  9. Erika

    We had seven smoke detectors beeping intermittently for months. I replaced each battery at least 5 times. We even had the electrician come out to replace the smoke detectors. Still beeped. Turns out compact fluorescent light bulbs that are on the same circuit can interfere with hard-wired smoke detectors. Once we replaced the light bulb with a standard one, the problem was solved.

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