Three Parties from Your Laptop

1st August 2011

I have a new post up at Lifescoop, Entertaining Automated: 3 Parties from Your Laptop.

Your friends put you at ease, but the stress of hosting them makes you want to live in a cave. You’ve already automated the rest of your social life — why not plan your next party from your laptop? Invite friends online, let Pandora handle your party mix, and have 90 percent of your supplies delivered to your doorstep. Here are three summer parties on autopilot… Read More

5 thoughts on “Three Parties from Your Laptop

  1. jen

    Maggie, you are so good at FUN. I heart reading your blog. Just perusing your party ideas makes me feel all breezy and lovely inside.

  2. Martha

    I wish I had enough friends around to actually have a party! Your ideas were so cute, and you covered all the points! Thanks for all the fun posts lately.

  3. Alyson

    I used Pingg for my husband’s surprise hip hop cookout birthday party. They were awesome! The standard settings for reminders were perfect as they were, and they make it easy to see who’s coming and what the total headcount is. Plus they have great designs. So glad to be out from under the thumb of Evite, which is often not my taste.

    Fishs Eddy is a good online resource for mason jars and serving platters.

    And Oriental Trading is kind of awful, but they had great trophies for my Oscar party.

    LOVE your idea to have an ice cream social!

  4. Amy H.

    Maybe it’s my browser, but I wasn’t able to read the whole post at Life Scoop — it kept skipping from the first party (the Clambake) to the end of what I think was the third party (some kind of ice cream social). I couldn’t get to the middle page/party. Madly curious!

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