38 thoughts on “Lemonade on the porch swing, warm summer night. Check.

  1. Alice

    I’m thinking about going sea-kayaking in Mexico. I live in the UK with cold seas, so the thought of that warm clear blue water is very summery, very enticing.

  2. Laura Jane

    I already checked “swanky wine trip” and a few restaurants off my life list this summer. Hoping to tackle a few other points, too! One of my items is to cook something once a month that scares me and while I tackled a couple early on (mussels, souffle), I’ve let it go over the last few months…

    Cheers, Maggeh!

  3. ElJay

    I’ve been making slow progress on two of my longer-term items over the last few weeks, and it feels good. :) Unfortunately, in pursuit of my “Only have clothes in my closet that fit” item I just accidentally threw out the band new jeans that fit instead of the otherwise identical too big pair they’re replacing. Ooops.

  4. Abi

    I’m trying to grow/not kill a veggie garden. All the seeds have sprouted. That’s all I can say about it so far. :)

    I love your dress!

  5. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    This summer I would like to float in warm waters of the volcanic coast of Kailua Kona where those fish with tiny nibbly teeth nibble the dead skin of my toes and heels. While sipping a Guavatini. As an aquatic plastic surgeon liposuctions my back fat. Which the nibble fish then eat, thus moving them further away from the endangered list.

  6. Sharon

    This picture is gorgeous. And to me is the epitome of a perfect summer afternoon.

    My goals this summer? Take advantage of as much of NYC has to offer in the summer as possible, take more pictures (digital and film), take many trips upstate and to New England, and to laugh as much as possible.

  7. Sassafras Mama

    I’m making progress on my goal of living with less fear. That’s a long-term project but it feels good to tackle it.

    In the short-term, I’ve got some fun day hikes planned for my son and I; the garden is coming along nicely; and I’d long some long afternoons at the pool.

  8. Erica

    I had been thinking about having some grand plans, but I think what I really want to do this year is keep it simple. More bonfire nights with friends. More outdoor sports (volleyball and frisbee!). And definitely the beach at least once.

  9. Amy --- Just A Titch

    How funny, I just posted my summer to-do list today :) I crossed off the biggest thing on my summer to-do list this morning: a deep cleaning/re-organizing/purging of my apartment, and yesterday, I hung out in the river. The other things I really want to do are go see a drive-in movie, go to the beach, take a long drive to my favorite spot and make some homemade ice cream. I love summer, but being a teacher makes it extra sweet :)

  10. Z.

    Good for you Maggie! Gorgeous picture. Thank you for continuing to keep us inspired and motivated!

    I am taking my kids on an overnight trip on a tall sailing ship and learning to polka well with my husband before Octoberfest.

  11. margaux

    Love. I would like to see as much of California as I can… AND I would like to publish a sweater pattern this summer. Getting over the fear of calculating arm holes!

  12. latenac

    Make further headway on hiking the Long Trail and take a week’s vacation where we are beholden to no one friends or family. Love the dress and the porch swing.

  13. Mags

    Finally tried my hand at canning, and it actually worked! http://goo.gl/9VuqG I am immensely proud of myself.

    Renting Vespas to tour Savannah is also on the list, but that might take a little more planning.

  14. Lauren

    Trying out all of the farmer’s markets in our city. North Carolina has fabulous local food, so my husband and I are going to eat a lot of it and make delicious meals from food grown in our own state.

  15. dgm

    Have friends over to eat, drink and make merry in the backyard, which faces a canyon that glows orange at sunset. My hubby is erecting a tree platform within our giant pine tree, and from it you can watch the sun set over the Pacific. Good stuff.

  16. Beth

    I’m going to use my first camp-counselor paycheck to buy a cheap bike and ride it all summer. I need the exercise and it’s just fun. I’m also going to march some parades with my marching band.

    My boyfriend has set the goal of eating at every Surf Taco in NJ, which is peculiar, since he only eats fries. However, I am not complaining and will gladly do so too.

  17. Anne

    I am just going to continue to carry over my summer goals from the past two summers: Do more, stress less. He is my husbands suggestion:Wag more, bark less.

  18. Elaina

    Keep after it!! You have inspired me to not quit trying new, different, scary, intriguing, amazing things…thanks!

  19. Margie

    Savor savor savor! Summer life with my two year old daughter is already flying by, so I’m really trying to stay present while we dig in the sand and play with water. She’s a blast but if I’m not careful I get distracted by getting into a pointless hurry or restlessness.

  20. yasmine

    i’ve gotten completely sidetracked by the photo, and would like to chime in with the plethora of comments requesting more photographs of and stories about your ROCKING dress, please, maggie! =)

  21. Julie

    Last night I woke up at 2 am, jumped in the car on a whim, and drove up to our property where we are building our future homestead. 60 acres of fields and woods were twinkling with millions of fireflies. It reminded me why I found summer so magical as a kid. I am glad I can share this with my daughter in the years to come.

  22. Meg

    LOVE that dress! Summertime plans are lots of family bbqing, staying out late at night and laughing and reading on a blanket on the beach.

  23. Megan

    I just finished renovating a little vacation apartment my husband and I bought in Austria (Life List items # 19 and 101). Now I’m looking forward to enjoying green fields in the alps, cold farm fresh buttermilk and warm days lazing about. :-)


  24. Tresa

    I’m finally going to follow through on good intentions and write my list up in the first place. I just perused your list to get some inspiration, and there are a bunch of things I can help you with if you’re looking for it. Especially the quilt from Hank’s jammies.

  25. Karen

    I love your Life List… you haven’t been to Glide, yet? That’s a really simple one to check off your list, and you won’t believe how moving their Sunday celebrations are!

  26. Sheri

    I want to make my place better than I found it. Then sell the SHIT out of it and buy a place that’s more Me Today than Me Ten Years Ago.

  27. Laura

    This summer I would like to go to Brigus Blueberry Festival and eat blueberry pie and pancakes, camp under the stars, and go for long hikes by the ocean.
    P.S. I love your blog! So inspiring.

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