My Favorite Classic Gifts for Men

3rd June 2011

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite gifts for guys. Lingerie aside, there are some good options in here for Father’s Day as well. Some of them are basics, but most indulge vices. I prefer men with vices, and I think gifts should tell the men in your life that you like them how they are.

Except for that $12 haircut. Maybe a little help with that.

Bacon of the month club
Bacon delivered to your door by women in Playboy Bunny costumes. No, I kid. Though that could be arranged. I did a whole gifts of meat guide, so check that out as well.


12 Classic Gifts for Men - Mighty Girl

Stanley Classic Stainless Steel Flask, $20
The flask that says, “I like Booker’s, and I know how to pitch a tent.” That’s a perfect weekend right there.

The Fold Wallet, $95 (via Swiss-Miss)

He’s a simple guy with expensive taste.

Tovolo Perfect Ice Cube Tray, $12

These genius ice cube trays make perfectly square cubes that melt more slowly and look satisfying in the glass. Speaking of which…

Galaxy Crystal Rocks Glasses, $47 each

Crystal glasses that feel heavy in hand. They aren’t cheap, but one of these plus a bottle of whatever he’s drinking makes a nice package gift. Make it a habit, and soon enough he’ll have a set.

If the man in question drinks, investing in his bar is always a sound choice. Call first to ask whether he drinks, and then what he drinks, so you can surprise him with something interesting in that category. (Have a look at my Top Shelf Father’s Day Guide for some options.)

Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce, $5

Cowboy syrup. Savory with a bit of kick, and so damn good on whatever you’re cooking.

Ribbon Bottle Opener, $22

Pretty enough to leave out, so he won’t have to go digging for it.

Imco Petrol Lighter, $20

Windproof. Pairs well with the flask.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron French Oven, $205

He likes to cook, and he especially likes to cook meat. This French Oven will remind the kids of his Sunday dinners when it’s their turn to cook with it.

Knickers, $40

You know how he buys you lingerie for Valentine’s Day, and you joke that it’s really a present for him? You’re right. Formalize the deal.

Sunday New York Times Subscription, $4/wk.
Once a week, a real, live newspaper. One that smells like the morning air and protects the dining room table from damage when he’s gluing something back together.

And in conclusion, if you know where he gets his coffee, pick some up. Nice gesture. Now how about you? Do you find it hard to buy for men, or are there gifts you keep on hand in case a guy friend has late-notice birthday drinks?

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14 thoughts on “My Favorite Classic Gifts for Men

  1. Whitney

    So far, my grand plan:

    1) a six pack of cold corona in the fridge
    2) a new bra/panty set
    3) a card and picture from our son
    4) a meal with undecided meat as the centerpiece

    I think that about covers it!

  2. Anna

    Band of Brothers. I’ve bought this for every man in my life and always suggest it when a girlfriend is looking for something manly.
    And I will be adding the Bacon of the Month Club to my wish list.

  3. tirzahrene

    I should start asking for men’s gifts. I want everything on that list but the NYT subscription!

  4. Lisa

    Just bought my man a Stanley flask, thanks to you! I figured I had to throw in something manly to offset the freaking adorable wall print I had made of him with the kids, right?
    And he’ll love it, cause it’s not all “fingerprinty” like most silver flasks! Yay!
    Gracias, Senora!

  5. Min

    A steak, a bottle of Dimple Pinch and a beej.

    Perfect Father’s Day in my husband’s mind.

  6. Cat

    I have one of those cast iron le creuset “french ovens” and they are fantastic for making chili. I say gift it while it’s full of delicious meaty goodness and win extra points.

  7. Pretzel Thief

    Those are some freakin’ awesome suggestions. I feel like buying them all now!

    (…for myself. Muhahah. What can I say, love me some bacon. And I NEED to own a Le Creuset because MAAAAN.)

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