11 thoughts on “Covet

  1. Annie

    The ladies at Animal Head really do have the most fanatstic masks (and clothes), but it’s always the masks that I find myself coveting more.

  2. Maggie Mason

    You’re right Anna, I should just use it as my about page photo. I do want the dress, but I’d need the XS figure to go with it and I’m a 10.

  3. kate

    Ooooh, you could have this dress custom made in your size. There must be some fabulous dress-makers/tailors in SF who could make this dress a reality for you.

    It really is divine!

  4. Joyce

    Here is what I’m thinking: 1) Ask Animal Head Vintage to have the buyer contact you; 2) borrow the dress, or take a trip to visit it; 3) copy that lace scallop trim (fabulous on a portrait-necked cashmere sweater with velvet ribbon); and 4) blog about it so we can all have one- we could all meet in San Francisco for a group photo. You could delegate it to me, but really you’ll do it sooner and better.

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