19 thoughts on “Foreshadowing

  1. Rachel

    Well, who among us doesn’t like to be right? At least your portrayal of the conversation makes it sound like he was calm and not irrationally insistent “(IT GOES THIS WAY!”), as preschoolers sometimes tend to be, so I think plus 10 points for Hank.

  2. Anne

    Just think…if we all began our domestic arguments with that last phrase. I think we could put therapists out of business.

  3. Lauren

    oooh snap! watch out! (and I do, too. in fact, I am basically 99.9 percent of the time, for sure)

  4. Dawn

    I must share a conversation I had with my son, Redding age 4, this afternoon.

    Me: Redding you need a rest.
    Redding: I got enough sleep.
    Me: Your behavior says otherwise.
    Redding: I tell you, I got enough sleep, I don’t need a rest.
    Me: Well, I guess you’re entitled to your opinion.
    Redding: No. No, I’m not!

    But Redding and I also both love to be right.

  5. elayne

    You know how in relationship counseling they always use the line, “Would you rather be right, or happy?” Well, being right MAKES me happy, so…

  6. Lynne

    Love it – I like to be right too……man is that hard to let other people be right……. he is a cutie!

  7. Dani

    hahaha! oh man! this kid could have been me at the same age… you’re so in for it when he’s a teen! lol love it!

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