Mom 2.0 in New Orleans

It was OK, I guess.

(More later today, when I can get my camera to start speaking to my laptop again. My laptop should never have told my camera that the 4GB flash card made her look fat.)

23 thoughts on “Mom 2.0 in New Orleans

  1. Love sailors. Looks like a still from Swingshift. Please tell me your toured their ship.

    I had a sailor once. Having them all shout WOMAN ON DECK was a trip. I had 20 sailors following me around on an aircraft carrier. Good times.


  2. RE: the camera issue, your laptop might not speak 4GB SD card. I just discovered this on my own laptop recently. Try hooking up the camera directly to the laptop with the camera’s USB cord.


  3. maggie, thank you for one of the best panels of the conference. It gave me specific, tangible takeaways that I then immediately went out and used with some of the sponsor brands with what I think is going to be great success. Thank you for giving me the last piece of the puzzle that I needed. Your advice was well worth the conference pass price.


  4. Just okay? You were in New Orleans? And there were sailors? I’m hoping you mean okay in a SPECTACULAR kind of way, and I too await your next post. 🙂


  5. Dana, forgive me if you’re personal friends with maggie and this is a long-standing inside joke between you two. If that’s not the case, the meanness of your comment made me catch my breath and sucked out a lot of the joy from that amazing photo. gtfo, for real.


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