Hello, New Orleans.

14th April 2011

Helen Jane: Mah flight! It’s landed! En rote in five — where can I find your awesome face?
Me: Room 375!
HJ: Need anything?
Me: Black pantyhose. Otherwise, no. Wait. Wine.
HJ: I gotcher hose, and we should have wine waiting for us at the front desk!
Me: You are like a magical unicorn with boobs.
HJ: That is going in my bio.
Me: Synergy.

9 thoughts on “Hello, New Orleans.

  1. Lisa

    Pantyhose in NOLA? Are you insane? My favorite city in the world, but much to warm for pantyhose!
    Have a wonderful time! Please recap, I love to read of people’s experiences in NOLA!

  2. Mattie

    Hey Mightygirl. I miss your Web updates– real updates from you, not links to other sites.

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