8 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. schmutzie

    I was never hit on harder than when I first started wearing my engagement ring. Men asked if they could join me at my table, sent me drinks from the bar, passed me their phone numbers. It was so strange, and I wished I’d thought of it sooner :)

  2. Sarah

    I’ve worked as an engineer for the last 18 years. While I’m not hit on often, it’s really awkward when it happens. Fake diamond is too obvious, but a fake gold band is enough to deter nearly anyone.

    Pro tip?

  3. Naima Sanowar

    That is hilarious. I actually told my hubby, fiance at the time, forget the engagment ring, lets buy an investment property instead. Years later I would oogle my friends beautiful engagment rings and be a tad bit jealous.

    BTW, Brooklyn Dine in Week starts today ( it is Brooklyn’s version of NYC restaurant week). If you were in town I would take you to the best hidden gems for a Brooklyn food crawl. I am a new reader and LOVE your BLOG. !!!!

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