Please Save Me from Kitty Videos and Flower Photos

18th March 2011

This is all I’ve eaten for six days.

I’m finally back from SxSW, and I’ve had enough rest to responsibly approach the Internet again. Hello, Internet, I have a lot to tell you. My laptop is so jammed with photos it’s wheezing.

We threw a couple of parties that I’ll tell you about Monday, one was with Intel who I’ve been working with a lot lately. Speaking of which, I’m one of the judges for Intel’s Visual Life Contest, which is about the ways people express their lives through photos and film. (This is part of the campaign with that gorgeous Sartorialist video that was making the rounds recently.)

I mention this because the contest is merit based, and lots of you have photo and video stuff on your Life Lists. Having judged these contests before, I know most people don’t bother to enter when they have to actually do something. That means I spend a lot of hours looking at sunset photos, and then decide which one scores the photographer a $1,500 laptop with an external hard drive. This makes my soul whimper.

So please, please enter if you’re a person who makes video or takes photos, especially good ones. We’re judging based on presentation, originality, overall impact, and whether it fits one of the category themes — people, places, things, moments. You have until March 23. My limited attention span thanks you.

Let’s meet back here Monday to discuss 4 a.m. fire drills, smart women and the women who love them, and tequila. Break.

16 thoughts on “Please Save Me from Kitty Videos and Flower Photos

  1. Kristen

    I entered an existing YouTube video. It’s not anything special, but it’s totally void of kitties.

    High fives, Kristen. -M

  2. nicole


    enjoy your detoxification from queso. glad you enjoyed austin and can’t wait for an update.

  3. LG

    Can I get an exception for a cat video? The cat sitter murdered my cat last weekend and I’ve been coping with her death through watching videos and looking at photos. While I had to clean and remove physical traces of her (related to the way she died), those visuals of her have been one of the few ways I’ve been able to even begin to cope with her loss.

    Honey, I’m so, so sorry. Your exemption is total. Please send in cat videos with flowers in the background that end with children dancing in front of a sunset. Feel better.

  4. Kathryn

    Can I just say as someone who lived in TX for 28 years and has not been back in 4 OMGF can I get some queso up in here? That is making my mouth water. Although I have lost quite a bit of weight since moving to the west coast. Still QUESO!!!!

  5. misstraceynolan

    Oh, LG. There are no words. xo

    I’m a Canuck, so I can’t enter, but thanks for letting us know about it. I hadn’t seen the video with the Sartorialist and it was completely inspiring and beautiful. Just what I needed to help get my ass in gear for shooting in the Spring : )

  6. Erika Lee Sears

    Question- 4 am firedrills? Where you staying at the Marriot because at SxSW that so happened at the Marriot where I was staying and it was horrible. :)

    SxSW was an amazing and crazy time!

  7. natasha

    I’m a little irritated that the only way you can enter is if you have a twitter, facebook or youtube account…maybe i am missing something

  8. Kait

    I was going to enter a picture of my husband and daughters of why adoption is awesome. Then someone said no pictures of little kids. Stupid rules ruining my life.

  9. Ange

    If the contest were open to residents of Canada – I’d be submitting some photos.


    Poor Canadians :(

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