12 thoughts on “Vintage Perfume Bottle

  1. 101 Things Before You Die

    That reminds me of a cologne my father had when I was little that was in the shape of a Ford Pickup Truck. I haven’t thought about that in forever! I don’t remember what the cologne smelled like-maybe woodsy redneck?

  2. Sassafras Mama

    My Grandfather was a Greyhound bus mechanic in the 1930s…..he lived in San Francisco but in those days the mechanic just rode on the bus to repair things on the trip. He saw the nation as a very young man and then married the Bus Depot supervisor’s daughter, my grandmother.

    They were very happily married for more than 60 years…..thanks for the reminder memory!

  3. Cameron

    A few years ago I was stupid enough to book a short round trip on Greyhound. On the first leg I watched a 20-something year old man dressed like a gangsta suck his thumb for 20 miles. On the return trip the bus driver showed up 40 minutes late and then got lost en route. That certain smell? Cigarettes and BO.

    Absolutely NOTHING smells more like despair. I promise.

  4. Martha

    Hahaha, we too had the Ford pickup cologne. I guess my family thought it too precious to actual USE the cologne, because I remember it as always being full. It just smelled like regular old drugstore cologne. If I had my pick I’d take the truck over the bus.

  5. Mallory

    Very little on line makes me laugh…but this is hysterical. And Hannah’s comment about running the bus up and down your body: equally hysterical.

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