12 thoughts on “Tiara Update

  1. alison

    This gives me an idea. If you bought some tulle, chiffon, feathers, glue, felt, and a bunch of headband blanks, you could have a party where the guests make the headbands themselves and then wear them as party hats!

    I’ve been meaning to have a craft party; these would be the perfect thing to make.

  2. Kimberly

    I LOVE these! I’ve been trying to resurrect the fine art of hair adornment for quite some time now. I actually DO wear stuff like this to work since I am a scientist and am forced to cover up my cute outfits with a white lab coat. And so I compensate with accessories…plus, with some of them (such as the first one pictured), it’s a dose of insta-elegance–adding style and flair to any outfit. The faux British accent you’ll want to adopt is optional. Also, Alison, I’m loving your idea of a Make-Your-Own-Fancy-Headband party!

  3. LizAndrsn

    STEALING the headband DIY party idea for a wedding shower I’m helping plan. Beats all those other stupid party games, and everyone goes home with a “fancy.”

  4. Dawn

    I love F21 more than any self-respecting 40 year old woman should, and received a shipment from them yesterday. Included in that shipment was the Sateen Floral Headband in Shamrock Green…preparing for St Patrick’s Day!

  5. Missives From Suburbia

    Target has gorgeous ruffled satin ones on sale for $6 right now (two of the Targets near my house), in case you’re looking for another option. Pretty colors–deep grays and browns. Love the feathered one.

  6. Kris

    These look terribly easy to make… the hardest part would be finding headbands that don’t squeeze your head like a vice or dig behind the ears.

  7. Caitlin

    I purchased a bevy of new headbands (including two that you featured here) for my New Year’s trip to Iceland. I wanted to impress the foreign cuties with my accessory fashion. But before the trip, I accidentally left them at a friend’s house. Weeks later, they’ve gone missing. I think she stole them.

    I celebrated New Year’s with only my hair on my head, and a Happy New Year crown. it wasn’t all bad. ;)

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