12 thoughts on “Three Pretty Paper Things

  1. Tina

    I was going to comment about how I love those tags. I have been wrapping everything in brown and looking for ways to make it look livelier. I am just too lazy to keep up with buying wrapping paper for every occasion.
    And? The previous comment is spot on… those DO look like fart bubbles! That’s so funny…

  2. Caitlyn

    I bought those Page flags probably a year ago and haven’t used one of them. I pull them out stare at them… stroke them, ever so gently…

    I’m not creepy at all.

  3. cousin Colleen

    I’m thinkin’ the fart bubbles would be on the other side.

    That said, ever try “stamping” plain brown paper with halved fruits and veggies? Acorn squash make fun imprints.

  4. r8chel

    Even though there are 375 lovely little page flags, if I bought them I wouldn’t use them because I wouldn’t want to use them all up and then not have them anymore. This is why I still have post-it notes that I bought in middle school…

  5. Sassafras Mama

    I have those exact page flags & use them for all sorts of things —- book marks, markers in lesson plans. As a flag on the front door to remind me to do something before I leave the house in the morning. All sorts of ways to make me smile.

  6. Kim

    I have always loved decorative page flags. They are fun and while I cannot justify buying them for my 14yo daughter, I do buy them for myself. I have a Kindle and I love it. My friend co-founded Worldreader.org which brings Kindles into developing countries, but I love the shape and feel of a book.

  7. Dawn

    I love to take greeting cards and turn them into gift tags, when the time is right. I used some great holiday cards to create tags for gifts of homemade cookies this holiday season. Very festive.

  8. Lindsay

    Ditto on the brown paper. I wrapped most everything in brown paper this year and then on top had sparkly or fun things. The tree base was the prettiest it had ever been (and the cheapest!)

    Another great idea to save on wrapping paper – rolls of thrift store wrapping paper used as gift wrap. Everyone will think you’ve spent a ton of money on luxurious paper when really you’ve spent less on a roll that will last you a long time.

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