We’re Going to New York! Someday!

1st February 2011

We were supposed to leave for New York this morning, so I spent all day yesterday in a pre-trip frenzy. By the time evening rolled around, I had several more hours of scrambling to do, so I decided a twenty-minute nap would be prudent. I woke up three hours later.

Once I figured out where I was and shaved my Rip Van Winkle beard, my heart whomped. Neither Hank nor I was packed, and the house looked like the producers of Hoarders had stopped by to do some light staging.

So. Good. I went online to print our boarding passes to find our flight had been canceled. Apparently New York is too cold to sustain life right now. Bwahahaha!

When I went to reschedule the flight, the only available option was a redeye. So tonight I’ll be navigating security with a four year old who’s up three hours past his bed time. On the plus side, we’ll both have suitcases.

I’ll be in New York to check out Restaurant Week for Travelocity. Hank will be in New York because he likes airplanes, and snow angels, and cuddling in hotel beds. I like those things too.

Kid-friendly New York suggestions welcome. If you see us up and about at midnight, that’s because Hank refuses to adjust to time changes until the day before we fly home. So if you know of any all-ages late night poker games, let us know.

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  1. Jeanmarie

    How about a ferry ride and a visit to the Staten Island Children’s Museum? The ferry is a fun, FREE way to see the skyline, and the children’s Museum is a ball and located on the grounds of Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens…drop me a line, I work on the property-I will take you to DeNino’s to eat the best pizza you will ever have!

  2. Emily

    Lots of flights here (Boston) have already been canceled for tomorrow morning… so I would keep watching it. You might be coming in on Thursday at this point. Good luck! (I was supposed to be flying to Memphis tomorrow AM and that was already canceled once!)

  3. FM

    The Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights is awesome. And cheap. And indoors. And kids seem to love it even if they’re little – you get to go on old subway cars! And go through old subway turnstiles! I know someone who lives nearby who takes her baby and 3 year old on rainy days like it’s a playground. I went only with another adult and we took the free guided tour, which was given by a former transit worker who was incredibly knowledgeable and if they’re all like that, I highly recommend it.

    If it’s not too cold, you can then walk a few blocks to the promenade to see the skyline.

  4. Sharon

    This Saturday the Brooklyn Museum is having their monthly Target First Saturdays event. What great timing! There are special events and presentations as well as a DJ and live band, and it’s free! The museum is also open late with all exhbits open until I believe 11pm (for the late night babe).

    Here’s some more information for this Saturday’s event: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/visit/first_saturdays.php

    I also second the Transit Museum (more Brooklyn! I love my borough!) and the ride on the Staten Island Ferry. However, it will be really cold and the weather here is currently turning into something kind of miserable (ice and sleet and then snow) so maybe this weekend isn’t the best time to catch the ferry? Just a thought.


  5. McIsaac

    It’s cold, and will continue to be cold. We probably won’t get much new snow, and what we have has already been claimed by the Five Boroughs (too) many dogs.

    But he may enjoy skating at Bryant Park, which is less crowded than Rockerfeller Center, and the skate rental is cheaper. Also, across the street is a manifestation of Le Pain Quotidien, which is pretty good for a chain, features a good children’s menu, and has good hot chocolate.

  6. avb

    The Museum of Natural History is a favorite (check out the Hayden Planetarium while you’re there).

    The best children’s bookstore in Manhattan is Books of Wonder. It’s an mini wonderland and so much fun.

    The New York City Children’s Museum has a cool Wizard of Oz for kids exhibit going on now (http://www.cmom.org/)

    The Children’s Museum of the Arts has exhibitions of art create by and for kids. There are also daytime art classes of kids of all ages (http://cmany.org/intro.php?pn=home)

    If it’s still snowy, nothing beats heading over to Central Park with a sled.

  7. julia

    I prefer the redeye with kids! We fly to europe a lot with 2 kids 3.5 and 2.5 and the overnight journeys are always way easier.

    I’ll second/third brooklyn heights. Really fun transit museum, brooklyn bridge park, sledding, dumbo galleries, and smith street lunch

  8. Natalie

    come on up to my neighborhood for the american museum of natural history and then burgers at shake shack just across the street. nirvana for young boys! then tweet me @natthefatrat and i’ll come up and meet you, because meeting you is on my life list, cheesy or not.

  9. Amber

    It’s miserable weather here in NYC right now and supposed to continue throughout the entire day tomorrow, so definitely keep checking your flight. (This winter is killing me.)

    I second the Brooklyn Museum and Transit Museum recommendations. (And you could get ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory while you’re in that neighborhood, and pizza at Grimaldi’s. Yum!) The Bronx Zoo could also be fun on a day when it’s not too cold. Oh, and the Natural History Museum/Hayden Planetarium!

  10. Christine G.

    Another vote for the Transit Museum; also Museum of Natural History for dinosaurs and the blue whale. The Egyptian wing and Arms and Armour hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are also popular with little boys I know.

  11. carly

    if it isn’t miserablefreezingrainandice, just regular cold winter, we love the central park zoo in the winter. all the penguins, and cold weather animals are living it up and the crowds are small.

  12. Mara

    I second the vote for riding on the Staten Island Ferry – you get a killer view of the Statue of Liberty. We did it and just turned around and rode back to Manhattan. I’m also a fan of going up in the Empire State Building, which you could do at night if he’s up late….As others have mentioned, you can’t go wrong with the Museum of Natural History.

    And I love Dylan’s Candy Bar and FAO Schwarz, which are walking distance from each other.

  13. Kate @ Savour Fare

    This is not exactly nutrition-focused, but East 60th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues has both Dylan’s Candy Bar (A candystravaganza) and Serendipity 3 (Home of the famous frozen hot chocolate, as well as other delights). If you want to impart some culture (the Nuni always likes the IDEA of visiting museums) the Neue Galerie is a small and manageable size and is attached to the excellent Cafe Sabarsky, which has excellent hot hot chocolate and apple strudel.

  14. Sromeo

    The New Victory Theater puts on kids shows that children and adults rave about. I’m in that weird in between age of not being a kid nor having kids, so I haven’t been an eye witness to its splendor. I’ve heard it’s magical though.

  15. tasha

    Yes, yes come to the Brooklyn transit museum (hooray BK)! I haven’t taken my two-year-old yet but it is certainly on the list for a winter activity. It is FREEZING and really slushy here right now-so I would think indoor stuff is best. There is also a Puppet show worth seeing in Park Slope. You might want to make a reservation though.


  16. Katia

    Mommypoppins.com will have the NYC info you and Hank need to have a great time in NYC. Lots of indoor and outdoor activities. I hate that my first comment promotes the site I work for, but I love your site, and I think you’ll love this one. Good luck with your flight, hope it all goes well!

  17. Gennie

    This might not be useful given the current weather here in the Northeast, but when I took my daughter to New York a couple of years ago, we read several children’s books that take place in NY (A Cricket in Times Square, Lyle the Crocodile, And Tango Makes Three, etc) and then tried to either visit some of the places they take place, or do some of the walking tours in this book: http://www.amazon.com/Storied-City-Childrens-Walking-Tour-Guide/dp/0525469249/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1296595848&sr=8-1

  18. wen

    Natural History Museum — This is good for multiple days. Just do a little chunk each time.

    Ice skating — Bryant Park (or Rockefeller Center, but that’s more of a mob scene).

    Ride the ferry.

    Diners. (Really. Find a good diner or deli and enjoy. Although that might not go so well with your nutritional overhaul, they tend to be pretty kid-friendly.)

    Central Park.

  19. Aisha

    I know it is consumerist and ridiculous, but I really liked the ferris wheel in the Toys R Us in Times Square. Granted, I was 14, but it was awesome.

  20. amie

    Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. Central Park Zoo. The park at Chambers St. and the Hudson (top of Battery Park City) with the Tom Otterness sculptures of tiny people mining huge pennies: Nelson A. Rockefeller Park just west of River Terrace where I used to live. The Rose Center at the Museum of Natural History…and the Museum of Natural History. Dylan’s Candy Bar. And subways! Be sure to take him on subways, preferably to Grand Central Station. My daughter was just a little older than Hank when we lived in NYC, and there are few things more fun than watching your kid observe everything on a subway. The guys who run the PATH trains will sometimes let kids honk the horns, too (but don’t tell anyone I told you that).

  21. Janine

    The city is “a delicious creme brulee of wintry misery”. There is a great winter festival going on in Prospect Park on Saturday. Not sure how much snow you get out in SF but there is so much in the park that the benches are covered.

  22. Karen

    I read your article on New York. I live near Boston and thought you might like to see a photo of our snow. You will need to go to my website though to see it. The photo is under the beyond clothes tab.


    This is how the roads look up in this area right now. And there are reports of more snow on Saturday. IF you do get to travel, have a safe trip.

  23. AmyB

    MOMA has a great free program for kids on the weekends. ALso Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins broadway shows are AMAZING! My future broadway star 8 year old love the Starlight Diner

  24. leah klein

    I’m 21 and the Museum of Natural History is still my favorite museum. Hank will LOVE it. Dinosaurs, animals, planets…what’s not to love!

    Enjoy the North East. It’s freeeeeezing here in Boston!

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