Alfred Shaheen Mums

Alfred Shaheen was one of the pioneers of the Aloha shirt, but boy did the man make a mean mum or what?

Here’s more of his stuff on eBay, he has some covetable crane prints too.

Whose work are you searching for on eBay right now?

25 thoughts on “Alfred Shaheen Mums

  1. I am not searching for a particular designer but I have been on the hunt for a reasonable Danish Modern and Mid-century modern credenza. I think my best hope is searching estate sales in the spring and summer.


  2. wilson’s leather. it sounds a little weird, i know, but i found an AMAZING black leather, racerback mini dress the other day for $10 (before shipping, BUT STILL!). leather is so in right now, but for some reason, is still not pricey on ebay…


  3. That last one is splendid. For a while I was buying wedding dresses really cheap and selling them for more. Pronovias was my weakness.


  4. I am searching for antique silverware. Specifically, a set that includes iced tea spoons with those fabulous extra-long handles and forks with very long, very delicate tines. My grandmother has the most gorgeous silver…


  5. Hey, Cole Marshall here. I love this, and I couldn’t help notice that the designers last name is the same as my grandmother’s maiden. I am guessing that makes him some kind of Lebanese. Umm, AWESOME.

    (love the blog, glad to have found it)


  6. Vintage pucci silk jersey dresses and fabric. Camilla Kaftans. Marc Jacobs “Fight Like A Girl” T shirts. Love the Alfred Shaheen prints.
    Love your blog. The health series was fantastic. Cheers


  7. Oh, I’m loving these oversize prints! I’d love them on pillows and quilts…

    I’ve been on a Ben Seibel and Walter Bosse kick. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to be as well–spendy!


  8. “Crazy Daisy” Mixing Bowls (Spring Blossom, Olive colored, by Pyrex. I broke my plastic bowl, and need a great big mixing bowl, and I already have the Spring Blossom dishes…)


  9. Maggie, didn’t you once post about this awesome tool you used to find things on Ebay, which listed (with the picture!) according the what would end soon? Please tell me what site that was again, I can’t seem to find your post.

    Thank you!


  10. Dear lord, why did I think of that thing! I found it, Picclick, and it works for etsy as well! Help me, I have been in front of the screen for HOURS just browsing vintage silk kimonos! I just came back to write the name for the others, but I am almost afraid for their sanity. And now I have read your comment and can only believe that you mean me – ’cause damn it if I have not chosen to look at instead of going around the corner to the loo (tangent: if there ever was a cuter word for it, let me know)

    To all that enter: BEWARE. Seriously.


  11. My grandma bought a few of his fabric prints from way back when and I now have them…just wondering how I should use them. Make them into illows or hang them? Once I found out the prints were his I have been searching his dresses out on Ebay. Also there is an article on him in last month’s Atomic Ranch.


  12. This was one of those YAY – ohhhhh sad trombone – posts for me. I’ve been strangely obsessed with chrysanthemum prints lately and that black dress was oh so perfect. I am a little too bootylicious for vintage right now, but I’m going to try to remember this when I successfully deplump.


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