Altitude Design Summit

24th January 2011

This year’s ALT was amazing, but I’m in Portland now scouting event space, so we’ll talk more about it tomorrow. In the meantime, photographer Justin Hackworth (whom I adore) pulled me aside for ten minutes to shoot some photos. I had a quick manic episode for him. I love number two, number three makes me think I should incinerate those pants forever. Please vote in comments.

58 thoughts on “Altitude Design Summit

  1. Michelle

    Never fear the red pants! Also, I love that everyone has such great things to say about you being personable, kind, inspiring, etc. I’ve read your blog in the last year or so and it’s good to know I respect and admire a great person, not just a cool blogger.

  2. Lauren

    Were you at the Ace Hotel today? If so, I’m fairly positive I passed you in the stairwell. I would have said hello, but I always second guess myself in those situations and don’t want to bother a stranger. :) Hope you enjoy your trip!

  3. ElJay

    Nobody’s butt looks good running in jeans, with the possible exception of professional athletes. Keep ’em.

    7 is my favorite. :)

  4. r8chel

    Keep the pants! It’s an unfortunate angle in shot #3, but I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  5. Clair

    Great pants, lousy angle. Thanks for inspiring me in my quest to wear more color this year. I’d never have considered red pants, but now maybe I will.

  6. NatC

    My fave is #1, and it worked because of the pants.

    Just remember – when someone has a camera aimed at your back, turn at the hip, not the waist.

  7. Meegan

    Number 3 is a weird angle. Love the pants. Keep the pants.

    Now I’m going to ask something which might get me banned for life from all things Mighty. Are you pulling an Alice with the hair? I love you. I love your hair. I love your health more. Just wondering. I will love you any which way because you are mightily awesome. But, the hair? Just wondering if we are in for a new kinda ride!

  8. theambershow

    The pants rock, and I think you look fine in photo three. I have what I think are the exact same pants, bought from J.Crew 2 years ago. It took me until this fall to slim down enough to fit into them, making them my “victory pants”.

    I am warning you now, if I see you wearing them at SxSW I am going to put them on, too, and subject you to twinsies pictures.

  9. Laura

    Everyone’s right, Maggie. It’s just a weird angle. The pants are fantastic. You look super svelte in #5 and several others. Bad photo angles happen to everyone. You’re a beauty!

  10. Martha

    It’s definitely an unfortunate angle because the pants look great in all the other shots. My favorite is 7.

  11. Cameron

    First, know you are wonderful in ALL of them.
    Second – I like #2 as well – truly fierce.
    Third – #6 is it. Your Warrior 2 makes you extraordinary!

  12. Andrea

    what Cameron said! #2 and #6~~ I also wouldn’t have noticed 3 if nobody had said anything, I had to go back three times to work out what you were on about!

  13. Jen Diamond

    The pants are awesome. And you look great in them! And I was wondering if your hair was the lighting or if you are like me and can’t get your color touched up in between everything else. I don’t want to be an asshole for saying anything. At any rate you can rock anything because you are fierce!

  14. Krissa

    It’s the angle, as everyone says! I love the pants and the spontaneous person in them that went on an impromptu photo shoot with a friend. Bravo, Maggie!

  15. caitlin

    I always like you jumping! But you should love all of them, because you are beautiful and so are the pictures. keep the red pants you redhead you! You have inspired me to get a pair as well, and proudly wear them with lavender. *jump*

  16. Alison

    I agree with the others. Keep the pants; #3 is simply an unfortunate angle. All the others are delicious!

  17. kate

    Oh Maggie, you are just adorable in anything and everyting (and probably nothing, but we’ll leave that to the imagination.) Very few people could pull off red pants but you? Totally can.

    Also, the glasses are fabulous.

  18. Brandy

    Those are the same pants from your New York, Packing Light Mighty Closet, right? Kung Fu Awesome is what they are. Do keep them! They are super fun and you rock them like no other.

    I would also like to chime in with Kate on the glasses love. They really are fabulous.

  19. Marilyn

    I’m brand spankin new to your lovely site and if you see heaps of traffic all over your music mixes this morning, that was me. I’m a mommy music blogger and finding your 29 weeks of music recommendations was so much fun for me. So much fun that I just told my readers about it.

    So thanks for making my morning!

  20. Dana

    I saw those photos and thought ‘Damn, I need a pair of red pants.’ Which means you sold them, woman. They are hot. And so are you when you’re wearing them.

  21. Nothing But Bonfires

    Girl, I have seen you in those pants and they’re smokin’. (Also can you believe I just used the word “girl” in that context? It wouldn’t work if I had said it in real life; my accent would have made it far less convincing. Sort of like the time I experimented with “y’all” and swiftly dropped it.)

  22. Lisa

    Ah-ha! I see Tieks! (The same ones I’m wearing today, I might add!) I’m glad they worked out for you, Miss Mason.
    I’ve since purchased the Cardinal Red ones, and they are as smokin’ as your awesome pants! Work it!

  23. Heather

    2 an 7! For sure! I think the pants are awesome and you have some cajones for wearing them. As a sort of redhead, I don’t own any red! I’m scared of it!

  24. Nicole

    Maggie you are the one who inspired this redhead to wear red – I now go with the lipstick (just the right shade) and own a red dress. It kills ( :

  25. Geri

    #6 is fighting woman fierce. I love the one posted here, except for all the closed-in, crossed everything, defensive body language.

    Use #6!

  26. Roxanna

    I love the red pants and I LOVE how you pose for pictures.

    I’d sign up for tips, not that you asked. (Hey…session idea!) I’m always so guarded and boring in pictures. Yours are always so full of life!

  27. Carole

    Wow, I love your blog and read it ALL THE TIME! But I had no idea that the Alt summit was in SLC…WHERE I LIVE! So dang it, I’m sad that you were in my town and I missed it. Cute pics! :)

  28. Sarah PDX

    If you are still in Portland you should let two of your biggest Portland fans take you out for a drink!

  29. cousin Colleen

    I occasionally forget how funny and vivacious you are, Maggie. These pix made me smile! And #3 definitely lies; Aren’t you, like, eight feet tall?

    I, too, am curious to know what’s with the hair, but I’m sure it’s intentional! (Might you resemble aunt Thel next time I see you?)

  30. kate

    Any chance you’d tell us (or just me!) who makes those fab glasses? I’m in the market for new frames.

  31. Elise

    The pants are great, but they need a better shoe; a Fluevog or some funky clogs to convert that outfit from frumpy to funky.

  32. Traci Baldwin

    I’m glad a couple others mentioned the hair. Fix that shit asap. I do, however, applaud you for posting pic #3, because there’s no way I would have wanted evidence of that – even though it’s clearly just a bad shot.

  33. Tanya

    Event space you say! You should look at the Lewis & Clark College campus – 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd. I’ll give you a tour!

  34. Sarah

    Keep. Those. Pants.

    (Disclaimer: I own a pair of orange – no, ORANGE – pants, and I love them. And I will now be on the prowl for a cute short sleeved cardigan to wear with them. Your outfits inspire me to wear fun colors in a sophisticated way. Thank you!)

    You are beautiful, always. (Please don’t make me get all Weirdo Fan of Your Blog by linking to all the gorgeous photos of you that exist.)

    All but #3 are such strongly composed photos (rule of thirds, nice lines, blahblahblah), so it’s hard to love that one. But, really, who cares? Keep the ones that make you happy.

    And don’t you even consider not wearing those red pants again.

    All the best -S

  35. ZombieGirl

    Pants are fine. The only difference between one’s ass looking terrible and one’s ass looking sexy in a picture is whether one _meant_ to draw attention to it. If I hadn’t read the post, I would have been all, “Man, that is an awesome pants color, and that chick’s ass is smokin’ hot.”

    As for the hair, I had assumed that it was a deliberately bleached and toned front lock that had been pulled back with the rest of the hairstyle, and, as such, I really liked it.

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