Taste 1,000 Fruits: Black Arkansas and Davisson Apples

22nd November 2010

I choose apples the same way I’d choose a puppy, by looking for the one with the prettiest spots. The Black Arkansas apple on the left is so gorgeous. So red, it truly is almost black, except for the mottling on the side. It’s tart and firm, seems like it would make a decent pie apple. The Davisson is flavorful, but a little sweeter.

With the addition of these two, we’re up to 96 fruits. Only 904 to go!

6 thoughts on “Taste 1,000 Fruits: Black Arkansas and Davisson Apples

  1. Jinxie

    Oh goody, you tried an Arkansas Black! They’re currently my second favorite apple, after the Winesap (which you should try if you have a chance). I’m such an apple nerd.

  2. Alissa

    I love this project of yours. So much in fact that I added trying 500 fruits to my life list. If I get to 500 and decide to go for more, I certainly can, but at this point in my life, 500 feels manageable! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m 6 months in and at #78!

  3. Jeanette

    I was inspired by your goal only changed it up to 1000 new tastes. I tried a buddha’s hand this weekend. Odd in shape and in flavor. I’m going to try flavoring vodka with it.

  4. alison

    Black Arkansas are delicious, but they stay really, really firm when you bake them in a pie. Unless you like a crunchy-ish apple pie, I would stick to eating it fresh!

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