And So it Begins – Christmas Cards

Peace Snowflake Holiday Letterpress Cards in Blue and Silver
from Letterpress Delicacies

These letterpress Peace cards are so good I’d like to bite them.

I know it’s obscene to be shopping for Christmas cards already, but I get discouraged if the holidays pass us by without sending cards and hanging a wreath on the door. It seems like a low bar, but I can’t tell you how many years have gone by that I haven’t managed to accomplish those two things.

What’s your “it’s not the holidays without” tradition?

65 thoughts on “And So it Begins – Christmas Cards

  1. It’s not Christmas without going into Philadelphia and watching the light show at Macy’s, which used to be Wanamaker’s. We used to do this when I was a kid, then we all stopped for many years. Now I’ll go with my beau and plop on the floor and be 8 years old again.

    That and falling asleep on the sofa with the room lit only by the Christmas tree. Aaaaah…


  2. It ain’t Christmas if there hasn’t been some serious family awkwardness. Politics? Check. Religion? Check. And look, it’s only been fifteen minutes. Yessssss!


  3. All of it, every single thing people have mentioned here and a million more. Just that warm feeling, it smells like cinnamon and warms your belly like shots, and you can just feel it in the air.


  4. I am resisting the urge to drag my Christmas gear out of the basement already. I love to buy bags of those cinnamon scented pinecones and store them dangerously close to the heating vents so the house smells like Christmas (and danger).


  5. We have many, many holiday traditions that must be done every year. Decorating the Christmas tree as a family while eating donuts with hot chocolate, church party, Christmas cards with a family photo, fancy prime rib dinner with my side of the family on Christmas Eve, burning the Christmas trees around New Years and having a bonfire which includes more hot chocolate and donuts. But I have to say, my favorite part of Christmas is finding ways to help other people during this season. It’s my favorite tradition from growing up and I look forward to it every year. In fact, I’ve already started projects for this year!


  6. ghetto egg nog lattes and gingerbread houses with one or many friends. that means it’s the season for me. this is the first year without my dad and i know we will be fumbling along a bit as we find our way to renewed/recycled/reused traditions.
    love reading everyone’s comments.


  7. Sitting in front of a fire, listening to David Sedaris read his Santaland Diaries (you can find it in the This American Life Archives, but be sure to listen to the full length version!)


  8. Its not Christmas to me without:

    – a chocolate advent calender
    – going to a christmas event (usually singalong carols with a professional choir) at the Royal Albert Hall in London. My boyfriend and I have gone every year that we have been together, and this year will be number 5!


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