Giveaway: Mighty Summit Tote

11th October 2010

This here is the last Mighty Summit giveaway! Hello, trusty tote.

Large Natural Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag by Lands End

Man, these things are useful, and strong. We use ours to carry our child like an expensive, overbred dog. No, I kid. We use it on our yacht.

Yours will not say “Gifts” on the front, but it will have yellow trim. You could use it to carry around all these books:

You Lost Me There, by Rosecrans Baldwin

Hey, my friend Rosecrans is a novelist! Even better, the book he wrote is very good, and you will like it. It’s about a memory specialist who loses his wife and later finds a set of index cards covered in her writing. He comes to learn that his memories of a perfect partnership aren’t true to his wife’s feelings of isolation and disenchantment with the marriage.

No One Cares What You Had fro Lunch, by Margaret Mason

This is a signed copy of my book, which is not a novel. But! It is very green and full of good ideas for your blog.

Wiley’s Guide to California Wine

In which you will learn that California wine is delicious. Apologies for the spoiler.

Kirtsy Takes a bow By Kirtsy

This is the book Laura edited full of great writing and photography from women around the Web. Also, it is pretty.

$100 Gift Card from Lands End

In addition to the tote, Lands’ End also threw in a gift card. You could use yours for this. Or this. Or one of these. Whatever you want, really.

$50 Gift Card from Soma Intimates

And who doesn’t need new skivvies?

To enter, please tell us about one thing that always makes you happy. And remember that we still have a few open giveaways, so put your name in over there too if you haven’t already.

Fine print: Please only leave one comment for each giveaway, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Monday.

1,221 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mighty Summit Tote

  1. famousamy

    One thing that always makes me happy – seeing my daughter or my husband sleeping soundly. Their peacefullness puts me in a happy place. And if I get to be awake a while when they’re asleep – doing things *I* want to do.. Even happier! :-)

  2. Chris C.

    Ooh, I so want one of these totes. Adorable! One thing that always makes me happy is the smell of lilacs in the spring. Especially first thing in the morning, when they’re all damp and dewy. Sadly, now that I live in Northern California, my encounters with this smell are few and far between. What’s up with that — I thought we could grow anything there? :-)

  3. Annie J

    A new pen always makes me happy – the way the ink just rolls out smoothly makes me want to write love letters.

  4. Shelly Kang

    One thing that makes me happy – As a lifelong non-lover of exercise, I’m now in shape enough to appreciate the moment in a workout (specifically swimming for me) when it actually feels delicious to be moving and using my body toward its potential. I always thought that feeling was a myth.

  5. rebecca

    enjoying a good meal with friends – like the early canadian thanksgiving dinner with good friends this past weekend!

  6. Robin

    I just figured this out (I’m a bit of a slow learner, it seems), but making good decisions that benefit my family and me makes me very happy. Who knew?

  7. Rachel Lew

    Going into my daughter’s room when she is waking up, she always smiles and giggles and it just makes my heart MELT with joy. It is the best way to wake up.

  8. Jessica

    One thing that always makes me happy is waking up early in the morning to find my beautiful grey kitty curled up at my side purring away contentedly.

  9. Jaclyn

    Reading other people’s life lists and saying to myself “hey–I’ve done that!” I think of the enjoyment I had while doing it, the enjoyment the other person will some day have as well, but what makes me the most happy is that I remember even though I’ve not done a lot of things on my own life list yet, I have actually had a pretty awesome life so far.

  10. Maura

    Happy Dog Tail wagging never ceases to make me happy. Especially when the whole back half of them wags in unison.

  11. Leann

    having my future husband tell me that we are building a wonderful life together (like he did last night). having that reminder from him when things get uncertain is the thing that makes me the happiest.

  12. Dina

    Wow… so much. Bringing home a new book (or two, or ten) from the library. Harmonizing with the nine other women in my choir. Having a clean and beautiful dining room table. Getting “that look” from my boyfriend. And like Annie: a beautiful, new pen, and also a new notebook to write in!

  13. Rachel

    Biking home from the train station on a perfect spring evening, a gentle breeze releasing a mist of apple blossoms.

  14. Daffodil Campbell

    The one thing that makes me happy? The one thing that always makes me truly happy is when have a whole day off with nothing that I “have” to do. It rarely happens with kids. I have to make an effort to do nothing. (sigh)

  15. Erin

    Yesterday made me happy. Oysters and Champagne in Dolores Park with my best buds, my daughter and my husband, Blue Angels flying overhead. Man, I love this city.

  16. Lauren

    Wine tasting in Traverse City, MI, with my husband. We’ve never had wine in California, but the wines in norther Michigan are exquisite and the views are even better. ♥

  17. Courtney

    My sweet, sweet rescue mutt makes me happy, no matter how bad of a day I’m having, she just makes me feel great when I see those big brown eyes.

  18. Laura B.

    Giving my parents that first hug when I step off the airplane. Yes, I’m 27. No, that doesn’t bother me one bit.

  19. Kate

    WATERFALLS! Thankfully, Washington state is riddled with mountains and the water than runs off ’em. Specifically, Deception Pass has a delightful bridge you can stand on and see the water fall and feel it rushing over the rocks under you. It’s glorious and makes me feel like I can do anything.

  20. Alicia

    Right now iced chai lattes that I make at home from concentrate. I’m pregnant, and it’s the only thing besides water that even sounds good. Water can get old fast. :)

  21. Vee

    Seeing the joy in the eyes of my chunky, lovable pit bull when she sees my car pull up to the house ALWAYS makes my day brighter. To recall an image I’ve seen around the web: “I owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.” =)

  22. Leigh

    The way my almost-nine-year-old daughter greets me when I come home every day always makes me happy. I hope she’ll always be so glad to see me!

  23. Jen

    The look on my daughter’s face when I walk into a room as she puts her hands to her mouth and screams with delight to see me.

  24. Molly

    Hearing my kid laugh always make me happy. It always seemed like such a cliche, until I experienced it. There truly is no more beautiful sound.

  25. Emily

    The first email of the day from my husband always makes me happy. I’m not much of a morning person, but I get some coffee in me and then see his name pop up on my screen and I’m smiling.

  26. kate

    my mom’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes. listening to the younger two send their older sister off to school with “goodbyes” and “we love yous”. two-in-one. Still fair?

  27. Amy

    Well, one thing that makes me happy is to have a functional bag to carry my life in. Reading also makes me happy. Especially in a comfy bed, with just the right amount of covers.

  28. Stephanie

    Baking always makes me happy. A good hour or two in the kitchen covered in flour and chocolate and I’m all sunshine and rainbows.

  29. simone

    Bike riding makes me happy! And doughnuts with coffee. Unexpected visitors from out of town. Seeing my daughter dance. Swimming in the ocean.

  30. Amanda

    Laying on my couch watching West Wing DVDs and doing Sudoku puzzles. Yes, at the same time. Yes, I am nerdy :)

  31. Sheryl

    Seeing the forsythia I planted in my front yard in full bloom. It’s the first sign that the winter will actually win and that spring is on the way.

  32. Brandy

    What makes me happy? The smell of the ocean and eucalyptus trees around the Marin Headlands. I want to bottle it up and carry it with me, always.

  33. Heather

    Always makes me happy: grilled pizza night with fig jam, quattro formaggio, prosciutto and Penzey’s pizza spice.

  34. Jennie

    Hearing my son (12 mo) laugh out loud unexpectedly – like this weekend when I was swatting a fly, saying “shoot”, or reading a story.

  35. Caro

    Heavily foggy mornings make me happy. You go out in them and it’s like adventure is right around every corner. Is that a mysterious masked man, or a mailbox? Do those lights belong to a cavebeing, or an approaching car? It’s just extremely good fun.

  36. Faetra

    This kind of sounds sad, but food always makes me happy. Not in the I eat my feelings kind of way, but a good dinner (especially one with my better half) can melt away just about anything horrible.

  37. Ryan Elizabeth

    Rooting through the covers every morning to find our wee little dog, usually curled up with my fiance, and waking her up for breakfast. The look on her face makes me so happy every single time, even if I’m determined to be sleepy and grumpy.

  38. Kelly H

    Hanging out with my girlfriends. I had my 40th birthday party over the weekend with 8 of my closest girlfriends and oh the fun and hysterics and giggling we had. Makes me warm & happy inside.

  39. Barbara Z

    Picking my boy up from daycare and hearing all about his day. Even if his day was about Legos and dinosaurs.

  40. Jodi

    An extra 20-minutes of sleep, books on a rainy morning, and the real smiles of my two kids (not the ones they use EVERY SINGLE TIME someone tries to photograph them!).

  41. elz

    Picking up my daughter from pre-school. She shouts “Momma” and runs smack into me with a big hug. Her older sister (now 6) is too big to do this anymore, so I relish it a bit more every day.

  42. Michelle

    As a mom of 6…I love the first few moments of silence after the last child leaves in the morning. Ahhhhh.

  43. N

    Reading on the subway, furnishing my new apartment, the comic book store just across the street! That’s three things.

  44. Christine Alfano

    Watching my daughter (2 yo) develop her skills: hopping down the sidewalk, exclaiming ‘Oh Noooooo!’ (which doesn’t have to have a reason), scaling and hanging from our birch tree or waving/yelling ‘Hi’ as she runs wildly in circles.

  45. pam

    that first day after the fall time change when i leave work and it’s dark and all the street and car lights are lovely and glowy.

  46. BB

    A grilled cheese and tomato soup accompanied by a mug of cocoa. They used to serve this combo at summer camp on rainy days and it still makes happy. It just feels cozy and comforting.

  47. amber

    Oatmeal with nuts, fruit and a little brown sugar pretty much makes my entire day. Bike rides with really good music. Sunday night dinners with my husband and two daughters.

  48. Fabs

    Being able to only say on thing is HARD! So I’ll say the first thing that came to my mind when I read the question: vaction. But there are lots of other things that make me happy!

  49. Abby-Wan Kenobi

    Getting text messages from my best friend whenever she hears a Rilo Kiley song being played in a public place. It’s been going on for years between us and it’s fun to celebrate the success of a group we love.

    Most recently witnessed in a Victoria’s Secret store in southwestern Virginia.

  50. Truda

    When my kids crawl into bed with me on weekend mornings for lots of snuggling. Also when they crawl back out and find something to do with themselves so I can sleep for a bit longer.

  51. Stacey M.

    My daughter is (almost) 3 and she still asks me to hold her like a baby. And not even when she’s tired, just because sometimes. I absolutely love it because I know it’s not going to last much longer.

  52. AR

    It always makes me happy to start reading a new book. No matter how many times I do it, each book feels like a present.

  53. Joey

    when our dogs join us in bed on weekend mornings for some family snuggle time, we’re all together and everything is right ;)

  54. Anna

    When my littlest son “cheeses” for the camera. I’m pretty sure his big brother taught him that one, and it never fails to make me laugh.

  55. Sara

    Oooh very nice.

    Drinking red wine on the back porch with my fiancé always makes me. The way my iPhone autocorrects the word fiancé to include the appropriate accent makes me happy. In fact, I’m still in that stage where having a fiancé at all makes me very, very happy.

    But mostly it’s the fiancé on the back porch with the wine. Every time.

  56. Liesel

    The 84 mile relay run I ran this weekend in which I experienced runner’s high for the first time in a long time!

  57. Kim

    Seeing dogs playing in the dog park. I don’t have one but they are usually goofy and having fun when I walk by on my way home.

  58. MFree

    seriously these giveaways are AWESOME. I’d love the wine for dummies book because frankly.. yea i frequently wear the dunce cap when having to talk about wine.

  59. nycwhofan

    Hearing a song I love but haven’t heard in years being played in a store. Makes shopping in crowded store much more bearable.

  60. Ivy

    Going to visit my almost-two-year-old niece, and seeing her SO EXCITED to see my car that she’s waving through the window with BOTH her little hands. Fantastic.

    Also, wine pretty much does it every time too.

  61. Sarah

    Coming home to two happy, bouncing dogs that are always thrilled to see me no matter how crappy my day has been.

  62. Kat

    The smell behind my dog’s ears. Pie. Frost on dead leaves on the ground. Pancakes. Peppermint ice tea when it’s warm outside.

    Oh! And hey! I crossed off one of the five things I’m doing by the end of the year this week!

    I got a custom toy portrait of my childhood teddy bear done by Jennifer Maher. It is wonderful! There is a picture of it on her website here!

    Now I just have to learn how to make tortillas, play backgammon, finish my Associate’s Degree, and buy one more cashmere sweater! :)

  63. Sarah

    Good friends that have lunches that make you late for meetings with the boss. You know it’s okay though b/c if you get fired they will take you in.

  64. Valerie

    One thing that always makes me happy is the sound of a real belly laugh from my nineteen month old daughter, especially if I’m the one making her laugh like that. Oh, the power!

  65. Haley

    Successfully completing a sewing project. I started teaching myself to sew last summer and I’m always so pleased (and a little surprised) when I’m really satisfied with a project.

  66. Jessie

    The thing that always makes me happy is at the end of the work day, when I get to my daughter’s daycare, and I get to watch her face light up just because I’m there. She smiles, yells, “MOMMY!” and jumps into my arms to give me a squeezy hug. I look forward to it every day.

  67. sunny

    A nap always makes me happy.

    It could be a quick nap on the couch with my arm flung over my eyes to keep out the light…or a full-fledged “am going to crawl into that bed for at least two hours to catch up on some sleep” experience.

  68. Pam

    As I wake up each morning–and before I even get out of bed or turn to kiss my husband–I think of three things that I’m grateful for that day. Waking up and knowing that I have so much to be thankful for always makes me happy, and always starts my day off right.

  69. Earth Girl

    A perfect autumn day, like yesterday. Sunshine, blue sky, colorful foliage, breezy, exploring the river with my husband on his sidewheel paddleboat.

  70. HL

    Yesterday I saw my two dear friends marry each other. It was such a beautiful wedding and so moving to see two people who obviously belong together have that ritual. I’m still feeling so happy for them.

  71. Kristy

    I love it when my twin boys are belly-laughing with one another. I can’t think of one other thing on this planet that makes me happy like that.

  72. Susan

    Sesame Street always makes me happy. I don’t have kids but I do find myself still watching Sesame Street on the occasional Saturday morning and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

  73. Krissa

    Salted caramels always make me happy. So does the first day of spring sweeping through New York, and a book so good I have to read it walking home from the subway.

  74. Katie

    One thing that always makes me happy is cool, drizzly autumn days (especially if I can stay at home and nap the day away).

  75. Sarah

    The momentarily feeling of weightlessness when I go over a small hill in a car. Or when there’s slight turbulence while flying.

  76. Susan

    I’m really happy when I get to snuggle with my husband when he gets back from his business trips to SF:)

  77. Catriona

    Spin class… love the endorphins, love working out with other people (all of my other exercise is solo), love feeling strong and sweaty at the end.

  78. Rachel

    Sunshine! Living in Portland, we get more than our share of rain and gloomy overcast days. (This summer in particular was wet and cold.)Just seeing the sun stream in through my office window (like it’s doing right now) never fails to lift my spirits and make me smile.

  79. Miss B

    Squirrels. Seeing squirrels being all squirrely-frolicksome always lights up the pleasure-centers in my brain. It is my fondest wish to someday have a pet squirrel of my very own.

  80. gillian

    A beautiful sunshiny fall day, like today, walking along the beach beside the ocean. Hearing the waves hit the shore, the gulls, and the dogs run up and down chasing after sticks. I have a good book in hand and the time to stop and sit on a log and read it, soaking up the sun and fresh ocean air.

  81. Tasha Haley

    Riding my bicycle makes me happy. I ride so that I know how the trees smell after a rain, so that I know when the leaves erupt in fall color, so that I see the first tiny blooms of spring, so that I know the moon’s cycle, so that I can hear the whispers of Mother Nature.

  82. Khadijeh

    The first day it’s cold enough to wear a sweater, sip a hot drink, and feel the air nip at my nose after a long, hot, humid summer.

  83. Azar

    Driving through the mountains in the fall with the windows down and the music blasting.

    It’s the best remedy for feeling melancholy.

  84. Natalie

    Taking a nice long bath pretty much always makes me a happy camper. Which probably means I’m not much of a camper. I’m fine with that.

  85. Jodi

    Sunday morning…crisp fall air…open windows…cozy pj’s…snuggly husband and baby and dog…fresh coffee…New York Times…nowhere to be but the couch. Sigh.

  86. Jenn W.

    Hearing my running training app say “You are halfway done!” and “Last run coming up!” Also, long drives alone through Eastern Ontario during fall time.

  87. Beautifulmess

    As ridiculous as it may sound, I get extremely giddy each & every time I hear the tv-staticky noise that plays right before the HBO logo pops up at the beginning of each show. I <3 HBO.

  88. wo of the west

    shallow as it seems, my hair iron! would have killed for this device back in high school when my hair always won the battle of the frizz.

  89. Laura

    A meandering bicycle ride on the trail through the marshes near my house. Even the bugs and heat in the summer can’t make me ever regret choosing an afternoon ride, and the fall is particularly wonderful.

  90. Carrie

    Sitting down with a shiny new book that I just KNOW I’m going to love always makes me happy. Bonus points if that comes with a snuggling dog and/or my fiance’s lap while he’s watching football over my head.

  91. Lisa B.

    One thing that always makes me happy is when I accidentally hear “Mmm Bop” on the radio or elsewhere. It doesn’t count if I purposely put it on–although that usually makes me happy, too.

  92. Cate

    coffee with my husband in the middle of the day to figure out Big Things, like houses and babies. It’s a complicated happy.

  93. Amanda

    Every time I enter my house, I’m welcomed by the worlds happiest dog. She wags her tail, nay.. she wags her entire 55 pound body. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone for five minutes, or five days, I get the same welcome. It makes me smile, it makes me happy, it makes me feel like I’m the luckiest person in the entire world.

  94. Fiona Allen

    Mr Big telling me that I am the most beautiful thing in the world and kissing me EVEN when it’s first thing in the morning and I have bedhead and dragon breath

  95. Ariel

    Cutting open a perfectly ripe avocado! Despite years of trying to perfect the squeeze and press method of selecting a perfect avocado at the market I always hold my breath when I cut into it because sometimes it has mushy brown spots and sometimes it’s still too hard. A perfectly ripe avocado is a thing of delicious wonder and worth the risk!

  96. Jen M.

    Rainy (or snowy) days with nothing more important to do than watch a movie and drink hot chocolate always make me happy.

  97. Sarah

    When my oh-so-teeny godson (seriously, he’s just barely 2) gives me the BIGGEST hug he can (I don’t see him often) … which totally results in his-face-squished-against-my-neck-because-his-arms-are-two-short goodness. Ah, the love!

  98. Leslie

    Big bear hugs from my boyfriend always make me happy. We’re doing the long-distance bit right now so every hug is doubly special! :)

  99. Camille

    My niece always makes me happy. Her smile when she sees me almost brings me to tears. She’s amazing.

  100. wendy h

    a hike, seeing either of kids curled up with a book, hearing my husband loving the dogs as he comes in the door from work, cooking pasta sauce with a big glass of red wine in my hand.
    Oh… and winning cool stuff! That makes me happy too.

  101. Pnut

    My dog. A golden retriever named Wilson who is an old soul. Always willing to sing with you, walk with you and eat crunchy snacks with you.

  102. Funnelcloud Rachel

    My dogs make me happy. Sounds cheesy, but they live each day to the fullest and don’t hold a grudge about the fact that their lives were miserable before they were rescued and adopted.

  103. christine

    Tea parties and picnic dinner parties with my 3 year old make me happy. But really, and and all special time with my girl is happiness.

    And great fitting jeans!

  104. Emily

    A cup of hot coffee/tea always makes me happy and content. Which might explain why I try to mainline the stuff during my workday….

  105. Missy

    I live in MN, and my happy moment is when I am bundled up outside in the wintry tundra, it is so cold that the snow is squeaky under my boots and my nostrils stick together when I breathe in deep the freezing fresh air.

  106. Sarah

    I am always, always melty happy when my daughter puts her arms around me right when she wakes up in that sweet voice she uses only right then, saying “momma.” always.

  107. Alison

    Now that I live in Seattle, and most of my dear friends are still at “home” in SF, I would have to say what makes me happy are trips home & catching up with my girlfriends. The ones who knew me when I was a Girl Scout & bleached my hair…those friendships are much different than the ones with the ladies I have befriended post-kids.

  108. Michelle

    The man who says “what’s wrong?” – when I occasionally answer “I’m alright” to the daily question of “how are you?” after all these years. He gets me *and* is still patient with me.

    That, and lighting candles on a Saturday morning in the dark of winter instead of turning on the lights as I make coffee.

  109. rach

    Dancing to live music with my boyfriend. We’re pretty terrible but he never fails to ask me to dance. I love that about him.

  110. Zeynep

    That feeling immediately after yoga or any exercise.

    Just thinking about my niece and nephew…they are truly my happy place when I am stuck in an MRI, traffic, or a stalled subway.

    Today: Green tea mochi.

  111. Alyssa Jones

    My daughter Lucy laughing. It makes me happy every time I hear it. She is 9 months old and every day gets better and better.

  112. emily

    Clean sheets make me very, very happy. Freshly ironed sheets, now that is the way directly to my heart.

  113. Charlene

    Trader Joes’ Chai – made for me by my husband… today is our anniversary as well (we are celebrating our 2nd)! What a wonderful gift for a girl who isn’t a morning person!

  114. Candice

    One thing that makes me happy is watching the birds eat at the bird feeders outside our big window by our dining table. I love knowing that I am feeding these tiny little creatures and helping them fill up on goodness before the winter months, even if their bird poop is killing my huge rhododendron.

  115. Meagan

    “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” What can I say? And if I’m allowed to indulge in a second – and much bigger happy-maker – baby laughter.

  116. Joelle

    OCD, yes, but getting to the end of the month and being under budget makes me practically giddy. Because while a lot of things and activities make me happy, being under budget makes me happy, relieves my anxiety about finances and lets me go spend that little bit of extra money (to meet budget) in any number of ways that make me happy. Like a latte with my mom, fresh flowers, the next fix-up for the house or a new toy or treat for the dog.

  117. SeattleSchmitt

    Since I live in Seattle where we recently received two inches of rain in 24 hours, nothing says happiness better than sunshine streaming through the windows in the morning.

  118. Melissa

    Making soup always makes me happy. It is my favorite category of food, I only cook it when the mood strikes (which is actually quite often) and it can make a very complex meal with very little effort.

  119. Caitlin

    Remembering when my husband said these magical words: “I wish I had a business to give you so that you could run it.” This makes me smile every time.

  120. Jackie

    It always makes me happy to sit back at the end of a long day with a large glass of red wine and a DVR full of Real Housewives.

  121. Erin Keller

    Going to San Francisco makes me happy. I love everything about it from Alcatraz to the BART. I need to plan a trip there soon…

  122. Becky

    Even though I am far too old for it, thumping house music (especially on a Friday night) always makes me happy!

  123. Sarah

    i have a labradoodle that would most certainly not fit – but i am sure that i could find oodles of other things to carry around!

  124. Kate

    One thing that always makes me happy is when my students make things for me. Usually it’s pictures of things I like or things in history (I’m a middle school history teacher), but I did have one that made me a “man-eating sheep” (you’d have to be in my class) out of cotton balls, a plastic egg, and a toilet paper tube.

  125. souphead

    Our kitten, Lucy. We have 2 cats and I love them both with all of my heart. There’s just something about Lucy that always always brings a smile to my face.

  126. Meg

    truly? when AZ starts cooling down and I can throw open my windows (this usually happens around Halloween. sigh)
    But today? What would make me truly happy is for my current thousands of ants in residence would just disappear. And also for my laundry to do itself.

    These are AMAZING giveaways!

  127. Jenny K

    hmmmm….if I won I’d keep the tote and some of the books and the lands end card. BUT, THE BEST PART IS: CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!! You would save me so much money! :)

  128. Kelly

    The way my dogs greet me when I’ve been away for any amount of time — 5 minutes or 5 days. Now that’s love!

  129. Emily W

    When I sit down on my couch and my cat, who is sitting in his favorite spot, soaking in a sun beam, and snoozing, gets up and sits next to me looking for snuggles. Because, I mean, he just picked me over his little kitty-heaven. I’m better than a sunbeam.

  130. Abbie

    What always makes me happy–turning into my driveway and seeing my dog turn and from the front window so he can meet me at the door.

  131. Tricia

    I don’t know about always, but pretty reliably: My husband. I still love that feeling of “Ooh! He’s about to walk through that door! And there he is.”

  132. Melanie H

    Watching people get picked up in the airport. I don’t get to witness it very often but I can’t help but grin ear to ear when I see that first hug!

  133. Mimi

    Getting my little girl out of her crib after a long nap. She always is giggling and smiling when I pop in to find her playing with her little toy lambs!

  134. Allison

    The unconditional love given to me by my cats always makes me happy. That and soft wet kisses on my eye from my manfriend. :)

  135. naptowngirl

    And I would like the Land’s End giftcard so I can get him something more appropriate to chew on :)

  136. Anna

    It always, always makes me happy to wake up my daughter in the morning. Whether it’s a grump or a grin I get in return I love her transition from snuggly sleepy muffin face to stretchy gap-toothy sparkly-eyed wakefulness. She’s seven now, and I’m still loving it.


  137. Janice

    Because I can never pick favourites, I’ll pick my top 3 things that make me happy:

    -Booking airplane tickets to see my family
    -When letters and packages arrive in the post (it’s like Christmas!)
    -My afterwork hug from my husband…. *sigh*

  138. Michelle

    Girl Scout cookies! Such a treat when that time of year comes around and I get to indulge in all the thin mints, samoas, etc. that my little heart desires! :o)

  139. Lesley

    My nephew makes me happy. He’s almost 2 and 100% toddler boy. Running everywhere, exuberant, throwing things, investigating and all in that juicy, still-a-little-bit-baby package. I love his pudgy thighs and chubby arms, especially when they are wrapped around my neck. Very squoogy.

  140. Amanda

    A visit to the yarn shop, just to touch, smell, and squeeze all the different colors and fibers. A treat for the senses!

  141. Amy

    Skipping rocks always makes me happy. Overhearing my Gramps tell other people I’m the best rock skipper makes me even happier.

  142. Laurie

    The first non-humid day after the LONG hot Florida summer…and of course when my sweet daughter says she loves me – that’s a showstopper.

  143. Lindsey

    One thing that always makes me happy is a new magazine. It’s like a little present in my mail box every month.

  144. Erin

    Watching my dog sitting, looking out the window. Especially when she sees a cat, and sort of quietly wimpers, but doesn’t bark, because it’s not allowed in the house.

  145. Anne-Katherine S

    cooking and baking for people and seeing them enjoy the food I prepared for them. there’s nothing like it!

  146. Cara

    dandelions… I know most people see them as weeds to get rid of, but my 2 year old always picks them and brings them to me. For him, he still sees the beauty in things we have been conditioned not to… I hope he stays that way!

  147. amy

    You know what, books make me happy. My husband & my best friend are my two favorite bookstore companions. I love to flip & smell the pages, admire nice covers and reread the really good parts. Currently, I am immersed in textbooks so my fun reading is on a hiatus. But, I colorcoded (I know, nerd) our only bookshelf for behind my desk so I can at least look at them sitting pretty everyday!

  148. Alaina

    Swimming. Swimming always makes me happy. Even when I’m in the middle of a miserably difficult set, I know I’ll be happier when I’m done.

  149. Sassafras Mama

    Something that always makes me happy: my son’s laughter. That’s a never-fail smile inducer.

    Not to kiss up or anything, but it was also pretty happy to read what made other folks happy. That’s happy as well.

  150. emma

    I love this question, and try to remind myself to ask it every day because no matter how crappy a day can be, there’s ALWAYS something that is guaranteed to make me smile and breathe.

    The sunset. Particularly when viewed from the beach, the hilltop or the palm tree-lined avenue – all three of which are accessible to me on any given day.

  151. Heather O'Neill

    My girlfriends make me happy.

    I went through a spell where I didn’t have solid women in my life, outside of my family members.

    Since moving to San Francisco I have made friends with the most wonderful women, women who stand up and show up for each other. Last night they threw me a surprise party and looking around that table at all of the amazing women, I knew for sure that I am a very, very lucky person.

  152. Clarissa

    Thanks again for these awesome giveaways!! Happiness is free time! A bath, a massage, crafting and date nights during said free time equals more happiness! Also, there is no rush like that when you find the perfect vintage clothing/sale item.

  153. Sarah G

    The Mamma Mia Original London Cast soundtrack….there is NOTHING that can’t be cured (at least for a little bit) when you listen to it.

  154. Elizabeth

    One thing that makes me happy – watching my puppy run in the backyard of my parents house. She is a city dog and the backyard is a nice vacation for her.

  155. Peeps

    Something that always makes me happy and giggly is when my boyfriend grabs me for a slow dance in an unexpected place, like the dairy aisle of the grocery store.

  156. Sherri

    Cooking for my friends and family. If you’d told me that would be my answer 5 years ago, I would have laughed at you!

  157. Lindsey @ I Run in Heels

    90’s era hip hop music. Old. School.

    Flag football and soccer.

    Long, laughter-filled phone chats with faraway friends.

    Family…turning-cartwheels-down-a-hall-happy or pull-my-hair-out-at-the-root crazy depending on the day. ;)

  158. Heather

    As we descended our first Catskill peak (Hunter Mountain), the sun set over the ridge west of us. It had been a long, moderately strenuous but overall successful hike – a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. When we signed out in the log at the trail head, we realized we’d been the only ones to register that day and, somehow, that made it even more special. Memories like that make me happy.

  159. Rachel

    Standing ovations.

    Only once have I been a recipient of one but have participated in many. The effect is always the same–a rush of joy that fills me to the core.

  160. Karen

    I’m sure someone has already said this, but what always makes me happy is that wonderful smell of burning leaves that fills the air in upstate New York during the fall. It just makes me feel cozy.

  161. isahrai

    Finding a way to live and work full time in a sarong has made me incredibly happy… I own more sarongs than I do any other article of clothing!

  162. Rachel B

    Watching Family Feud. I always shout out the answers, and feel like a legend when I guess correctly.

  163. Amy

    Big belly-laughs from my daughters. That’s the obvious one.

    The smell of warm night air through a screened window. That’s the one that always surprises me.

  164. Kerry

    Beyond my very-soon-to-be husband during all seasons, which is true but borders on too cheesy, I’d say nothing makes me happier than a cup of tea, my grandmother’s armchair and a roaring fire on a late fall day.

  165. Tiffany

    My 13 year old stepson and my husband creating a new inside joke so corny that you’d have to be related to us to laugh

  166. Betsey

    Laying down, face forward in the bow of our boat as my fiwnce drives the boat. The sensation of flying over the water knowing my love is with me is such a feeling of joy & freedom!

  167. Maureen

    After a day of work, I drive home thinking about how I can’t wait to see my husband and my son. I always, always feel happy to be going home to them.

  168. Sara C

    People watching at the airport. Yes, there are a lot of angry, grumpy people but there are also a lot of people so excited and happy. When I’m stuck somewhere I always like to watch different people and imagine where they might be off to or what is going on with them.

  169. Meg

    hearing my 4yo boy flush the toilet. He was almost 4 years before he finally peed on the potty. Every flush I hear I give myself a pat on the back!

  170. Amy Jo

    On our early morning walks, my dog always runs so fast on her way to the next tree/bush/fire hidrant. That’s not her normal gait, and it makes me laugh.

  171. Bre

    Curling up on the sofa with the blanket my Gran crocheted, closing my eyes, and enjoying a quite 5 minutes!

  172. Amanda Lee

    Getting a beer and a burger with friends and then heading to a concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.!

    Also: reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  173. monica

    the scent of creosote in the air after a desert monsoon. sunshine after days of gray. long phone conversations with distant friends. my husband’s sparkly eyes.

  174. Tiffany R

    Rainy day that’s cold enough to have a blanket a friend made for me over my feet/lap, and a stack of books to read!

  175. kim b.

    Black tea, British-style with milk and sugar, to be precise. It warms me up and reminds me of when I lived in the U.K. I don’t drink it as often as coffee, but when I do, it reminds me of adventures past.

  176. Elizabeth Louros

    Snuggling with my boyfriend always makes me happy. Even is he is annoying me. Also, give my baby Luke a bath.

  177. Krista

    Anything that makes me think of summer. Getting into a warm car, a big spreading leaves, the smell of creosote, the sound of skateboards on the sidewalks, garden-fresh vegetables, and on and on.

  178. Janelle

    my fav memory of eating watermelon outside my best friend’s apartment and dreaming of marrying him. which i did 4 years later!

  179. K. Bell

    Reading a book when there are no pressing deadlines … just me and the words. That always makes me happy!

  180. Meghan

    Every single night, as soon as I get in bed, my cat rushes in to the room, curls up at my feet, and starts purring. I end every day smiling.

  181. Jill

    Oh my gosh, I was going to say exactly what Rebecca 559 said! There’s some commercial (I think for insurance) that shows people seeing other kindnesses and passing it on. LOVE that commercial. Makes me smile like an idiot every time.

  182. Talya

    sunny October days in New England! Just spent the weekend in the park with two kids and the dog jumping in piles of leaves. Yay!

  183. Laura

    Eating crabs. Its close to dinner time, so I’m not surprised that my answer revolves around food. I love crabs though, king, snow, or maryland blue. And everytime I eat them, I am so happy!

  184. Elly

    The combination of sunny skies, a song that makes you tap your fingers to the beat, and driving a long straight road. It just works. :)

  185. ame

    Swimming in the ocean on a gentle day when the waves are big and swelling… I could be rocked to sleep by that ocean over and over again!

  186. Thea

    Recipe for the one thing that always makes me happy:

    Wake up early: 6 am on a late spring morning, just as the sun is rising.

    Put on pants and hoodie. Go outside and smile at the mist rising over the grass on the playing fields.

    Run 5k over the bridges, over the water which looks like glass. Watch for herons. Watch the crew team come rowing below the bridges, shooting out like a huge waterstrider.

    Come back grinning because I am utterly amazed at what my body can do. 3 miles?! for fun?! Are you kidding me?! Stretch.

    Make two cups of hot chocolate. Two slices of toast. Slowly, slowly.

    Go downstairs and knock on the Boy’s door. Leave the toast and hot chocolate on his desk. Sit with him until he’s woken all the way up. It helps to rub his neck. It’s okay if breakfast gets cold.

    Eat breakfast. Grin at each other like silly people. Know that today is going to be a *good* day.

  187. Meredith U.

    Gray hairs popping out and the sudden realization that I am now old enough to be the “cool mom”, and that I am.

  188. Lora

    One of my best friends, that I met on the internet, and have never met in “real” life, makes me happy!

  189. Karly

    My husband and kids often make me happy. But when they fail, high point beer never lets me down. ;)

  190. Anne

    Summer evenings when my husband takes the kids to the park and I can go on a long bike ride.
    I love today’s giveaway. Can I withdraw my entries in the previous giveaways and enter my name four times in today’s?

  191. Sarah Songer

    Sunrises and Sunsets never fail to make me happy. Its the little things. A promise of what is to come, and a reassurance that there is something much much bigger than the little things I have to take care of each day and its all very beautiful.

  192. Maria

    The one thing that always makes me happy is this perfect little baby of mine. I didn’t expect to be quite so filled with joy over the roundness of his little head, his sweet smile and the way he taps my neck when he nurses. He’s our 6th baby and I was just sure that he would be lovely but was taken off guard by just how happy I am with him around.

  193. Amy Beth

    two way tie…
    1. packing for a trip, even just an overnight and
    2.a BLT on wheat very light mayo.

  194. Anna

    My dog. No matter what kind of day I had or how long she was left alone, she’s always so happy to see me. Like I’m a present she wasn’t expecting. It’s hard not to be warmed by that kind of greeting.

  195. Tiffany

    Dramatic weather (thunder! lightning! hail! torrential downpour!) on a day when I know I don’t have to leave the house.

  196. Gennie

    Taking my fashion inspiration from a 14 year old (Tavi!) and finally being brave enough to wear “clashing” prints. Silly, but true. (One of many many things that make me happy, to be sure).

  197. Susan

    always makes me happy to read chapter books in bed with my 6 year old daughter, then kiss her goodnight.

  198. Ami

    Oh, one thing that always makes me happy is the sight of bright orange leaves on a previously green-leafed tree against the backdrop of a crisp blue sky. Ahhhh, autumn.

  199. Vanessa

    Oh man, I cannot be angry while walking outdoors through aisles of fresh produce and baked goods: aka the farmer’s market. It would probably be included on great ideas for the perfect date.

  200. Kelly B

    (oh these are great, love the read through!) When I spend time outside, that makes me happy. Either in my Kayak on a tidal river, with my kids on a trail hike, lunch time walk or running down a soccer ball on a proper turf field with cleats on.. the movement with the fresh air is something that always perks me up and I think “Right now, this is happy.” 36 suddenly becomes 14 again.

  201. janie

    The one thing that always makes me happy in general and also happy that I have had kids is kissing them when they are asleep. Let’s face it some days withe little darlings are rough but all is right with the world when you can peak in on a little person sleeping.

  202. Holly

    The first look I get of my son every morning. I swear he is so much sweeter when he’s just woken up, and I’ve been thinking that for almost 10 years.

  203. michaela

    One thing that always make me happy: Hearing my daughter shout, “Mommy!” and come running when she sees me round the corner on the red boardwalk at preschool pickup.

  204. Stacy

    The reaction of my dogs when I get home from work. They are so excited to see me every time. It’s the best.

  205. sara

    the 30 minutes of after-shower but before the really-have-to-get-up-now-and-get-ready cuddle time with my husband each day.

  206. Katie

    Nothing is more perfect than the moment that you press the shutter and know that you just took an amazing picture. Pure happiness.

  207. Liz

    “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine, which is getting totally played out but still makes me giddy and dance-y.

  208. Tara

    Talking to my dog in a high pitched voice, watching her get so excited she runs in circles never fails to make me smile.

  209. Zanna

    My 16 year old son always makes me happy. He and I share the same brain.. it’s scary sometimes how much we think alike. He is my heart.

  210. Heather

    Coming home always makes me happy. Even if my people/animals aren’t here to great me, even if the house is a mess, even if there’s a million things to be done, the walls scream of comfort and love.

  211. Jenna

    One thing that makes me happy… The way I catch my husband looking at me sometimes when I’m completely absorbed in something…and how he then smiles to himself before getting back to work.

  212. mar

    A new notebook.
    Really good chocolate.
    Surprising my kids with something fun.
    The way the air smells on a sunny fall day.

    All of these things I experienced this weekend – a very happy weekend indeed!

  213. Mary

    The one thing that always makes me happy is endless time in a used bookstore. There’s one in the Bay Area, in Menlo Park near downtown. It has an actual wooden BRIDGE to cross from the main building to the paperbacks section. A nook for the kids’ books where I can ferret out all the Madeleine L’Engle and L.M. Montgomery books I mistakenly shed during my younger years. A huge, austere room for history books. Tall stacks, tight corners. It’s my actual happy place, and my #1 source of Agatha Christies and Virginia Woolfs. :)

  214. Niamh

    It makes me happy when someone asks me to tell a story, when we’re in a social setting and they ask it as though only I can tell it right, and it will be wildly entertaining for all. That makes me feel super glowy.

  215. Nicole

    No matter what is going on, my sweet little Lola makes me so happy. Her smiling face and outstretched arms and little tail… Oh, didn’t I mention that she’s a dog?

  216. Maggie E.

    That moment when you get the popcorn hull unstuck from between your teeth. It is so triumphant!

  217. Meegan

    Well, my children laughing together always makes me happy. But so does that memory of my husband ordering a double quarter-pounder with cheese by mistake when we were feeding our hangovers at McDonald’s that one time. In fact, that one makes me laugh maniacally. I mean, who in their right mind wants half a pound of McDonald’s MEAT? Ew.

  218. Katie Cook

    One thing that always makes me happy is sharing an impromptu picnic with friends up on the blue ridge parkway, we managed quite a few this past summer and it always put me in a great mood for days.

  219. Tamara

    Laughter always makes me smile. Always. Also, curled up on the couch with my family watching a classic makes me smile too!

  220. Shenne

    New books from old bookstores. Oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Being told my 2-year-old daughter is extraordinarily sweet, bright, funny or well-mannered. Spontaneous hugs and kisses from said daughter. A cool breeze on a sunny day. Sharing good food and good wine with good friends. Spooning with my husband on a freshly-made bed. The smell of bacon frying. High heels. Crossing something off my life list. Winning!

  221. Emma

    Playing with my two adorable nephews makes me happy, no matter what mood I’m in when they show up!

  222. Patty

    My boys. My hilarious, intuitive, sensitive, cool and crazy 4-year old. And my husband, who makes me smile every time I think about him.

  223. Kelsey

    There are many things that make me happy but I just can’t pass up my 2 year old grabbing my hand and saying, “I lub you Mama!”

  224. Lesley S.

    Sitting on our porch, watching the sunset, nice glass of wine and some yummy dinner in the oven.

  225. Candie

    Unrequested and unexpected hugs from my children. Oh, and ducks. Few things are more amusing than ducks.

  226. Su

    Sleeping in, then staying in bed long after I’ve awoken with a cup of coffee and a good book. Haven’t done that in forever, because we have a 20 mo. old, but the sweet memory sustains me….

  227. Gina

    Another child reference … but my kids always have and I’m pretty sure they always will. So, I guess that would be two things, but please don’t disqualify me!

  228. saraspunza

    I am happiest when drinking that first cup of joe in the morning. Strong, dark, with a little half and half. Second to that is watching my oldest daughter play roller derby. She is amazing! Her derby name is Honey Hellfire and she makes me proud…

  229. Greta

    my daughter makes me happy. she’s only 3, and some days we want to strangle each other, but the good moments are really really good and make all the annoying 3-year-old stuff totally worthwhile.

  230. Sarah

    waking up in the morning and messaging my boyfriend on the computer. i haven’t seen him in 3 months and there’s a 6 hour time difference, so computer time is important.

  231. Christina

    taking a warm towel from a basket of freshly dried laundry and draping it over my shoulders while i fold the rest of the basket makes me feel like a happy, cozy laundry superhero.

  232. Jemima

    Gin and tonics with lots of ice, especially after work. Also, my kitten sleeping with her head on her paw. So cute!

  233. Cat

    the sound of my youngest daughter’s full-on giggle . . . it’s infectious and joyful and the essence of what childhood should be . . .

  234. Cynthia

    Mojito Mondays. No, seriously. Mondays suck, and the superstrong mojitos served by hot bartenders never fail to make my life a better place!

  235. Ashley

    Hanging out with my husband (no, seriously!). He’s my best friend and our busy schedules rarely accommodate “just us” time.

  236. Sara Antone

    A good book, a thunderstorm, a nap…any of these alone make me happy, but a day that includes all three = pure bliss.

  237. Adrianna

    Listening to my wedding processional music never fails. It just happens to be the end credits to Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, but it’s beautiful.

  238. Leah

    The recordings we have of our kids’ baby laughs. Oh my, there is nothing better. Not just the sound, but also that memory of realizing that they really could respond to us, and oh man what a great trip it’s gonna be.

  239. Christine

    well of course there are the obvious things about my kids and husband but today what really made me happy was finding a $10 bill in the washing machine! I love suprise washer money!! I took my kids out for a Slurpee afterschool treat with it! YAY!

  240. Joyce R.

    Espresso drunk in bed first thing in the a.m. Extra happy…when my husband brings it to me in a preheated cup…ahhhh.

  241. Kate

    My dog makes me happy. He’s a beagle-basset mix, and he’s just the silliest, squishiest, sweetest dog in the world.

  242. Amy

    When my oldest friends tell me how seeing me again, no matter how long it has been, feels like we’ve only been apart for a few weeks. Smiiiiiiile!

  243. Alyssa

    Reading (blogs, books, magazines), Pretty images, Family, and Friends!
    This giveaway looks AMAZING! :)

  244. Nephele

    My four-year-old niece makes me happier than nearly anything. She is smart and funny and adorable, and even on those occasions when she is also tired and cranky (because being four is hard work), she still makes me smile.

  245. Annie

    Smile = when my 2 year old says “not yet. soon” and holds his palm out to me in response to something I’ve asked of him.

  246. Adrienne

    One thing that makes me happy: When my 4 yr old nephew looks up at me and says, “Adrienne, you’re my best girl. I love you.” Then he smashes his Hero Factory men. His love is one of the happiest things in my life.

  247. Jamie

    Puppet shows, magic shows, and Hide n Seek via Skype with a 4 year old who lives 3000 miles away. Pure Joy!

    And also- Holy crap, #799.

  248. Liz S.

    My husband has a distinctive face he makes when he laughs really hard – not polite laughing, or ironic chuckling, but really, really laughing because something was funny enough to deserve it. That face always makes me happy.

  249. Angie M.

    Listening to my 16 year old daughter tell me about her day … she still trusts me and doesn’t think I’m totally foolish!

  250. Katrin

    My one-year-old daugher running towards me, arms stretched out for a hug, when I pick her up from her day care.

  251. Aarika

    What makes me happy is when I get my mother to laugh really hard at a joke or a story I’m telling.

  252. viaKendra

    Driving with the windows down on a mild sunny day. Spending the whole day in my pajamas reading a book.

  253. Anne

    One thing that always makes me happy is “selfish Saturdays” that means doing things I really want to do on Saturdays. Not thinking about work, not cleaning the house (unless I want to). I start with pilates and go from there. This week my sister and I have massages and pedicures scheduled, just because we needed it.

  254. Kimberly

    A sunny breezy day, dressed in a flouncy-skirted dress clasping an ice cream cone in one hand and my Love’s hand in the other!

  255. Meredith

    I love to organize things in rainbow order. Clothes, M&M’s.

    Also my almost one year old said her first word yesterday, and I’ve been smiling ever since.

    And daydreaming about art I’d like to make someday in the future.

  256. Dawn

    One thing that always makes me happy is hearing my daughters giggle together. It makes me happy because usually they are usually fighting.

  257. Diana

    Dancing ALWAYS makes me happy. Especially when I’m in ballet class and my whole world melts away from me for a couple of hours. Bliss.

  258. GT

    One thing that always makes me happy … is having a nice pile of clean folded laundry (especially when I didn’t have to fold it)!

  259. Celeste

    One thing that always makes me happy: kissing the top of my son’s head and feeling his soft, fluffy hair.

  260. Danielle

    Hearing my two daughters laugh with each other. It warms my heart to think of their friendship as they grow older.

  261. vanessa neuman

    what makes me happy dishes done dinner cooking kids playing hubby busy and me some book time :)

  262. Sromeo

    There’s a photo of my cousin’s baby holding a balloon while smiling at our aunt that always cheers me up.

  263. Kristina Stonehill

    Curling up on the couch with my hunky boyfriend and a big bowl of homemade popcorn to watch HBO shows!

  264. eve

    Using the cast iron frying pans that belonged to my late grandmother. She cooked thousands of meals for her family in those pans, and it makes me happy to follow in her footsteps.

  265. Melinda

    Sunshine! Living in Northern Michigan, you have to appreciate it; there are months and months when the sun just doesn’t come out at all!

  266. BethS

    The smell of freshly cut grass (reminds me of my days playing soccer…sigh). And kisses from my girls (ages 3 and 1). I better throw in kisses from my hubby as well. :)

  267. Jennifer

    Spending time with my 79 year old grandmother never fails to put a smile on my face. She is such a treasure to me!

  268. JoAnna

    Something that always makes me happy? That sound of purring every morning when we let the foster kittens out of their bedroom. There’s nothing more genuine than a kitten purring.

  269. Patricia

    Books make me happy. People keep trying to sell me on e-readers and while I understand the convience that comes from being able to carry around a hundred books in one thin, manageable gadget, my collection of books brings me comfort. They’re my security blanket and no place can be called home until I have my books around me.

  270. Sarah

    Snuggling a sleeping baby always makes me happy, whether I know the kid or not. It is just so calming and peaceful

  271. E

    Exercise! No matter how bad my attitude going in, if I force myself to break a sweat I always end up feeling better.

  272. Milissa

    While there are a variety of things that make me happy, in the food category is: Potatoes. I love them mashed, hashed, baked, scalloped, fried or any other way you could think of. I could eat potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everyday(I just don’t think my thighs would like all the carbs…).

  273. Constance

    I love to hear the feral cats I care for banging on the back door if I’m late with breakfast. It’s nice to have someone always looking forward to seeing you.

  274. Sif

    The smell of crisp autumn air makes me happy. My daughters’ laughter makes me happy, too. And, sweet baby plum tomatoes — happiness in food form.

  275. Cait

    Naps! Naps make me happy. I lay down for twenty minutes (with my handy nap timing alarm clock) and I wake up with a grin on my face.

  276. Shelley

    Love the tote! Sunny fall days make me happy – I love the light this time of year, and coupled with the changing leaves – it’s perfection!

  277. Michele W

    A big gulp of fresh air, on a sunny day of course!! So restorative to the soul!! Love your blog Maggie!!

  278. Sarah

    wine and cheese make me very happy… especially when my best friend is involved in the eating and drinking process.

  279. Tawny

    Sitting on my husband’s lap after a long day at work always makes me feel at ease and truly happy. I can almost smell his cologne if I think hard enough.

  280. sarah

    riding in the car, sunroof open & singing along ALWAYS makes me happy. Doubly so if there’s someone singing with me.

  281. another sue

    Wild critters wandering through my yard. They bring me a sense of contentment that passes for happiness.

  282. Kris

    Rolling over and shutting off the alarm because it’s the weekend and it’s time to sleep in late.

  283. Michelle

    Going to my Great Grams house and going through the “junk jewelry” box. She passed a year ago, but luckily, her stuff is all still in it’s place and I can go over and relish in fake pearls and rinestone broaches. At 26, I think it’s important to indulge in childhood pleasures like this.

  284. Corin Boyko

    My morning commute. I know that’s really weird, but I find taking the subway to work really relaxing–it makes me feel like a good version of myself.

  285. Rachel

    My son yelling to me from his bed asking for me to rub his back. Even though he’s supposed to have been asleep for an hour. Hope that doesn’t stop anytime soon…

  286. Kizz

    I want to say my lovely dog but you said ALWAYS makes me happy. He’s close. But not quite an ALWAYS thing just yet. He’s super cute and I would actually carry him around in that tote bag, because I could zip it part way closed to discourage him trying to squirm out of the bag and across the subway car chasing a stray grape dropped by a homeless man….erm….hypothetically.

    A good book, though, that always makes me happy. I love to nap on the subway during my commute if I haven’t gotten enough sleep but if I’ve got a good book, it makes me too happy to read the book instead. Good books are a balm for the soul.

  287. Liz Paton

    It’s cheesy and cliched, but I’m always happy when my husband comes home from work. We really are best friends, so every minute we spend together is fun and fantastic!

  288. Kayemgi

    Oh lots of things! Kiss by Prince, the smell of a campfire, Bob Marley, a Big Squeeze from my bf, game night, boardwalk food, Meet Me in St. Louis…the list goes on!

  289. Shaunda Cunningham

    I’m always happy after a shot of tequila, a backrub from my husband or a long talk with my best friend. <3

  290. andi

    the Fall chill in the air – just enough so I can break out a scarf, without breaking a sweat – and no need for a heavy coat and layers.

  291. kimbellyt

    Watching my Basset Hound chase his cat sister (and never even get close). My husband calls it low rolling thunder.

  292. Christine F.

    My son always makes me happy. Even when he’s being “that” kid – by the time he’s asleep like a little angel, I am always so thankful and happy that he’s mine!