Lifescoop: 5 Digital Camera Etiquette Tips

Now that so many of us carry digital cameras everywhere, we’re finding new and amusing ways to annoy one another with them. We post awful photos of obviously drunk acquaintances, and push camera phones so close to people’s faces that it impedes their ability to blink. Read more…

4 thoughts on “Lifescoop: 5 Digital Camera Etiquette Tips

  1. I agree with all of that, but really, you ought to have had, as #1: Don’t take pictures of someone if they don’t want their picture taken.

    I hate having my photograph taken. This has nothing to do with how I feel about my physical appearance, and everything to do with a lot of complicated stuff (nothing traumatic or anything like that, just personal feelings about photographs that stem from various things) that is really nobody’s business and I don’t feel like justifying, and you would be amazed how almost _nobody_ will pay any attention if you ask them nicely to not take your damn picture in some group/social/whatever situation. Or they assume (I’m guessing because I’m female?) that it’s because I think I’m ugly, and start telling me how pretty I look or whatever, and how I shouldn’t be embarrassed, &c. I do not think I’m ugly, and I am not embarrassed. I just do not want you taking my picture, period.

    I suppose that accepting No as an answer in general probably merits an entirely separate etiquette post, though…


  2. Great advice, Maggie. Wish more people would follow it.

    And you know, I agree with Miss B. If someone doesn’t want you to take his or her photo, just don’t. Without making a fuss.


  3. how do you get your hair to do that? I am very (VERY) hair challenged but would love to know how do to your fab updo!


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