Giveaway: Mighty Summit Necklace and Print

7th October 2010

Today’s giveaway is a little more symbolic. First up is the Quintet Necklace, by one of my favorite etsy jewelers Lemonade Handmade:

Gold Rings Necklace — the Quintet by Lemonade Handmade

I’ve mentioned this necklace before, we gave one to each of the attendees to symbolize the five Life List goals they hoped to accomplish in the coming year. (Nicole did a lovely write up about it.) I love the necklace for its simplicity, and I like the idea of five golden rings being little commitments to yourself. I’ve been wearing mine every day since the Summit. Lovely.

Every year, we have an artist make limited edition prints to commemorate the weekend. This year Alma and Mike Loveland of did block prints of the vintage blankets we lug onsite to keep everyone warm.

Alma, whose yellow sweater you may remember from a previous post, did the illustrations.

Mike hand painted the blankets for a little pop of color.

Mike and Alma teach all kinds of art and computer classes and they live in the Salt Lake City area. In fact, they’re hosting an art weekend in Salt Lake at this very moment, so head over if you’re in town.

The finished prints each featured a different color, but yours will be plum.

To enter, please tell us about your proudest accomplishment in comments. And the drawings are still open for our the Mighty Summit Giftbag and the Summit Necklace and Brooch giveaway, so throw your hat in there too.

Fine print: Please only leave one comment for each giveaway, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Thursday.

694 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mighty Summit Necklace and Print

  1. theurbancowgirl

    Writing and passing my qualification exam was a big one for me. 4 years of undergrad plus 2 years of grad school was a lot of time to have riding on just one test :)

  2. Kelly

    Cliche though it may be, I am most proud of my children. Especially when they are polite and thoughtful, that just makes my heart swell! Teenagers can be awesome.

  3. kirida

    one of my proudest accomplishments is performing stand-up comedy for the first time in front of 70+ strangers. I was also six months pregnant and I killed.

  4. Shelly

    Becoming an EMT at 19 years old and working as a ski patroller. I thought I needed to “move on” but would like to do it again someday.

  5. NatC

    My proudest accomplishment was finishing an olympic distance triathlon (and raising almost $1000 for Respiratory health awareness and research) despite never having trained for anything before, and having to overcome severe exercise induced asthma to do it.

  6. dreadpiraterach

    My proudest accomplishment is getting into the graduate programme I really shouldn’t have cos I didn’t have some of the necessaries, and knocking it out of the park while I was there.

    Oh, and using what I learned during that time each and every day.

  7. Maureen

    Wearing cap and gown, breast feeding my newborn so he’d sleep quietly through my university commencement ceremony.

  8. Kate @ Savour Fare

    My life is my proudest accomplishment. I have a loving marriage, a delightful daughter, a close family, a successful career, a creative outlet, a comfortable home. There are day to day stresses and distresses, but when I step back and survey it all, it’s a pretty darn good accomplishment.

  9. Meagan

    It sounds cliche, but it’s just so true: giving birth to my daughter – and managing to make it through without drugs!

  10. Jamie

    My proudest accomplishment was earning my master’s degree. I’ve never faced a bigger challenge and was able to defeat it :)

  11. Robin

    Learning a language well enough to dream in it. Giving birth to my son. Getting my degrees. Oops, that’s more than one. I guess I can’t choose…

  12. Lauren E. E.

    Today, in this moment, feeling like I’ve made a lot of good decisions in my life. Major decisions have been torturous for me in the past because of how much I fear about what will happen once they’ve been made. I’m happy to report that I’ve dun good.

  13. Sromeo

    I’m pretty proud that I found a publishing job a month out of college in one of the worst economies.

  14. Claire

    Hard to pick proudest without a big soul-search, but I’m pretty proud of traveling around Europe, mostly alone, during my junior year of college.

  15. heather

    Leaving an unhealthy relationship and making the decision to move across the country, all by my lonesome. Sold everything that I owned (except my books!), packed a suitcase and jumped on a plane, two weeks after making said decision. It literally changed every single aspect of my life, in mostly really fantastic ways.

  16. Jess

    I’m proud that I had the courage to change my dissertation topic even though I had a draft written for the first topic! I like this new topic so much more.

  17. Maggie

    My proudest moment to date is moving across the country to go to graduate school for architecture… it took some guts on my part to leave the comfy south for Chicago :)

  18. Emily W

    Getting that internship in NYC and rocking it. Proving to everyone (including myself!) that I could handle the city and the job and even flourish there.

  19. Erika

    my proudest accomplishment? Probably realizing my dream of becoming a therapist, finishing my masters, and being in a job that I really really love!

  20. Earth Girl

    Adopting and raising twin special needs sons. They are almost out of the nest. So there! to those social workers who thought they would never live independently.

  21. Stacy

    I backpacked around Italy for 3 weeks alone. I was so scared to do it, but it really helped me gain a great deal of confidence.

  22. Sarah Lena

    I love that necklace so much that I may buy it anyway.

    My biggest accomplishment was leaving my steady, consistent, miserable corporate job to do social media marketing for a small internet company.

    I was laid off two months later, but taking that leap was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done.

  23. Shelly

    When I was 18, I wrote a play that was performed by an actual theater company. I haven’t really done anything like that since (aside from writing a very bad novel during NANOWRIMO a couple years ago) but to this day that was my proudest moment.

  24. Erin N.

    It’s been a while, but finishing school is still my biggest achievement. I think I need to go back soon though and not rest on my laurels.

  25. Jilly L

    having my second kid – because it seemed to balance me out and make me a better person/mother

  26. Kate

    quitting my job as an accountant to pursue my dream to be an architect. defended my thesis to earn my master of architecture last week!!

  27. sabrina

    Proudest moment was having my beautiful daughter tell me she loves me “so very much mommy”.

  28. Maggie

    Winning a photography contest in high school…. which was about 15 years ago. Seems like I might should get busy with more proud making stuff.

  29. aubriane

    In high school: taking my ACT at an international school in Berlin, with a headache and on four hours of sleep, and getting a 33 out of 36.

    To date: playing the ukulele in front of 10 people.

  30. Kayemgi

    I think my finest accomplishment was becoming complete and utterly comfortable with myself. It makes me a better person for myself, and it makes me feel so solid and secure in my relationship, because I know I’m with him because I want to be, not because I need to be. And I know if I ever end up alone, I’ll be ok. And nothing feels better than that.

  31. Rachel

    Having respect for myself and my son while getting divorced. I made sure I conducted my self in a way that I could always look back with no regrets. I have continued to show his father respect even when he doesn’t deserve it. That honestly has been the defining moment in my life and something I am very proud of.

  32. Katie

    Definitely proud of completing the Susan G. Komen 3Day. 3 days, 60 miles, with my mother, in some serious August heat and torrential rain…I felt like Wonder Woman.

  33. Coraniaid

    My proudest moment was the first night I walked on stage in a professional theatre. I am not an actor but I had friends who didn’t recognize me in character.

  34. Katie in DC

    The first time I ran a mile. While I can run much further than that now (training for my second half currently), the first time I ran a whole mile without stopping was so huge – I couldn’t do that in HS!

  35. Emily

    My proudest accomplishment so far has been training for and completing a half marathon. I did it through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation’s Team In Training, so I raised some money for a great cause in the process.

  36. ladyloo

    My proudest accomplishment? Probably making it through the last five years of uncertainty after Katrina, and coming out on this side finally feeling like I’m on my way.

  37. Lauren

    Moving to two different cities within two years, where I didn’t know a soul, and yet learned how to make a life for myself.

  38. Andrea

    Studying abroad for a semester my junior year of college despite doubts beforehand and fear while over there. It was a success!

  39. Nicole

    Moving to Japan alone in my early 20s. (10 years later, I still think it was crazy! And, natch, completely badass.)

  40. Stephanie

    As a single woman, working as a secretary (out-dated as the term may be, I know what I am) on a fairly limited budget, owning my own condo makes me pretty damn proud.

  41. Jess

    I’ve run multiple half marathons, done several triathlons, been to europe and moved out of state with no job lined up. But the thing I’m most proud of is my decision on who I married.

  42. Madison

    I worked as an RA last year (and this year, as well, but it’s a very different hall) and made a huge difference in the lives of women living on my floor. I’m so glad I decided to do it!

  43. mando

    Graduating college with honours after getting mediocre marks in high school, landing a perm government job at 21, and paying off my OSAP in four years. (Ok, that last part hasn’t happened yet, but it will.) Well done self.

  44. Carrie

    Cliche, indeed, but my family is my accomplishment — especially holding us together through a major crisis.

  45. Chris C

    Oh, that necklace is absolutely lovely! My proudest accomplishment? This is a tough one, but I think it’s something I decided NOT to complete — grad school. It was the first really major, and very very difficult, decision I made entirely on my own, without my parents advice. They were very disappointed at first, but it turned out to be pretty much the best decision I’ve ever made, so I’m pretty damn proud of that. :-)

  46. Abby - Bright Yellow World

    I’m proud that I’ve succeeded in digging myself out of debt. Five years ago, I broke up with someone who had put nearly $20,000 of debt on credit cards in my name, without my knowledge. In exactly 12 months, I will be debt-free. I’m so very, very proud of that. (And I’d really love both of these prizes.)

  47. zud

    i’m proudest of paying my own way through university and grad school, with no loans from parents or govt.

  48. Stacee

    My proudest accomplishment, even after 14 years, is finishing my master’s degree in journalism. Let’s not talk about how I feel now, as the “old” journalism I studied is dying. Heh.

  49. Ashley

    Because I’m only 24, I still have a lot of awesome things left to accomplish.

    But, moving out of my home state and experiencing a COMPLETELY different place has been my proudest accomplishment.

  50. Stephanie

    I have lots of proudest moments (carrying, birthing, and nursing my children), but the one that is just mine and all mine is selling my first fine art piece in my first solo exhibition. It felt great.

  51. Amy

    I am proud that I have charted my own course by being president of my own medical communication firm since 1994. Through my company, I have worked to lay the groundwork for new vaccines in some of the poorest countries in the world, to combat stigma surrounding HIV in the US, and to craft materials that give people accurate, humane medical information when they have received a disease diagnosis that will forever alter the course of their lives.

  52. r8chel

    One of my proudest accomplishments will sound totally geeky — successfully managing an integral module of a database throughout a major database conversion.

  53. LauraJ

    I *just* started my life list a few months ago, but my proudest accomplishment so far was booking a Caribbean cruise and an excursion to cross visiting some new places off of my list (Cozumel, Jamaica, and The Grand Caymans) and experiences (Hike Dunn’s River Falls and swim with dolphins) off of my list. I leave in 6 weeks and I can’t wait!

  54. Lesley Watson

    My proudest moment was singing Violetta in La Traviata to standing ovations in Rome. I really did it!!!

  55. kim b.

    I have a few proud moments (who knew?), but the biggest is being a much better parent than I thought I would be. It’s an ongoing process, but the really good days are better than wine and chocolate.

  56. Hillbilly Betty

    Surviving being a single/divorced mother and waiting out the “lean years” until I found the perfect man. Not settling for the first, or second, or tenth guy that came along…

  57. Laura

    I want these things so badly!!

    I’ve done lots of things on my life that people put on their life lists – I’ve lived overseas, I’ve learned languages, I’ve traveled extensively.

    But I am most proud of the relationship I’ve built with my husband. More mundane but really, a much more profound accomplishment.

    (Soooo cheesy.)

  58. Laura

    Beating the odds and learning how to walk again after brain surgery. It’s been years and I never knew how much that accomplishment meant to me, besides the obvious advantages to being mobile. If nothing else, thanks for letting me realize that I’d made myself proud.

  59. Tony

    Looks like it’s a pretty common feeling, but I’m most proud of my relationship with my wife and daughters. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not filled with pride for them.

  60. dcfullest

    I thrived as a mom of twins this year! We just celebrated their first birthday and I’m proud!

  61. MJ

    Surviving my first year of law school with my relationship (and most of my academic pride!) intact, after seven years off since undergrad.

  62. mischasone

    Being ok with the fact that life has not turned out as planned and in fact embracing that fact.

  63. Joelle

    I’m proud that I was able to say goodbye to my boy when I did.

    I lost my first dog, who was my first baby and my whole world, this spring to osteosarcoma. We could have gone through months of surgery, chemo, pain pills and still would have lost him. I wasn’t ready to let him go, but I’m glad I did. He never would have understood.

  64. April G.

    Graduating from college at age 30 and getting into grad school, finally, after getting out a too early, abusive marriage.

  65. Sally C.

    I should say my kids, and I am proud of them, but I’m even prouder that I was smart enough to marry my husband. That guy rocks!

  66. Margaret

    Not dropping a class I was struggling in. Not letting myself take the easy way out and finishing the class taught me far more about myself than if I’d aced it.

  67. Amy

    Learning to respect my body. I quit smoking 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve participated in 2 triathlons and discovered that exercise is the best medicine for me. I’ve also grown, birthed, and then nursed two healthy, smart, beautiful babies.

  68. Sarah G

    My proudest accomplishments have been walking in the Breast Cancer 3 Day for two years – raising $2,300+ each time, spending 4 months walking between 15-50 miles a week to train, and then spending 3 days walking 30 miles each day to raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s been the best journey of my life being involved with the 3 Day.

  69. Sarah

    My proudest accomplishment is being a good mom. I am awed by how much love I’m capable of and I’m so proud that I’ve learned about restraining my need to love in favor of her need to be loved in ways that are specific to who she is, not who I think she should be.

  70. Jenn Bo

    Sometimes, my reflection gets caught up in the one accomplishment that seems to elude me. But since I just had to look up allude v. elude, I can say understanding the difference is an accomplishment. =)

    This is why I need a life list! There are many things I’ve done and am happy to have in my life experience bucket (scuba diving, surviving a 20 mi backpack trip, travelling to several places I’ve wanted to see, success in my profession).

    When it comes down to it, I have received most satisfaction in the service of others. I just need to dedicate my time to that action.

  71. Anna

    My proudest accomplishment is finishing law school. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever put myself through and I’m glad that I can look back later in my life and not wonder “what if?”

  72. Cat

    Curated my own exhibit displayed at Lincoln Center. It was just a college internship, but man was I proud. The focus was New York Philharmonic (and predecessors) performances of Tchaikovsky’s music from 1876 to 1926.

  73. Karen

    Finally losing weight! Every day I’m closer to having the body I want, and I’m really looking forward to reaching my ultimate goal.

  74. Beth

    Making it through that anxiety ridden first week of living abroad by myself. Anytime I am worried about a new situation I just have to remind myself that I made it through those 7 days and therefore can do anything.

  75. Sam E.

    Oof. That’s a really tough question! Right at this moment, I’m going to say my proudest accomplishment was getting a job with my dream organization.

  76. Bridie

    Overcoming low self esteem. Tough job, but SO liberating and the catalyst for many other proud accomplishments!

  77. Natalie

    my proudest accomplishment has been my marriage. staying married, no matter how wonderful your spouse is, is always an accomplishment, if you ask me.

  78. Claire

    After a tough first birth, pursuing my dream of a natural drug-free birth for my second – and achieving it!

  79. Rebecca

    What has made me the most proud in my life are the letters I’ve received from my students and graduates about how I have impacted them and helped them finish school. One boy wrote to me that he will now be someone in the eyes of his newborn son because I helped him earn his high school diploma.

  80. mp

    I’ve been talking with a co-worker about this VERY thing and how I have a really hard time finding an accomplishment that I’m proud of….what a random occurance that it’s part of today’s post.
    I really love that necklace though, so lets think of something, shall we?

    Mmk. I’m proud that I started my own business. Even if in the end, it failed. At least I don’t have to always wonder how it would have turned out! ;-)

  81. Jess

    I loved reading these comments!

    I’m proud of moving from ny to la and back when my mother needed me.

  82. Abby-Wan Kenobi

    Saying ‘yes’ to the man I love and not letting go of the other things that make me me. Or to put it another way- believing in myself enough to try to have it all.

  83. Tracy

    Making a life for myself here at school, and feeling prepared to leave it all in just a few short months.

  84. Becky

    Ooh, Alma did my blog header, I love their work! Those blankies are pretty.

    If we’re braggin’, I will admit I feel proud of myself for finally finishing my Ph.D, and in a year when I had breast cancer too. Bring it on, 2011!

  85. Cass

    Raising my 19 year old to be a happy and kind man. Who also got a great scholarship to university. I can take credit for him, right?

  86. Elly

    Accomplishment: I got a degree that took me three years to do, in a subject I wasn’t particularly interested in. Proudest Accomplishment: wrangling said degree in such a manner that it works for the things I *am* interested in. Win!

  87. Momo

    Quitting living in the comfortable and starting my own business! Making beautiful things to add to the world is the most rewarding thing I’ve done.

  88. Nadia

    My proudest accomplishment is graduating with a degree in architecture. My BEST accomplishment is having my awesome baby girl Carolyn.

  89. Cass

    I believed that I would get another chance to love. To be loved. I believed. In the face of a whole lot of reasons not to believe. I did.

    And I’m so glad I did. Because THIS feeling. Of loving and being loved – not just by another person – but the one in the mirror….it’s worth believing in and celebrating as an accomplishment.

  90. Jae

    Mine is a tie: being the first in my family to graduate college and finishing a half-marathon. Both required incredible amounts of time and I couldn’t have done either without the help of great family and friends. So, while in a way I was proud of myself, I was proud of the people who helped me get there, too.

  91. mary

    returning to school at 43, becoming an RN at 48 and keeping up with all the young nurses on and off the unit

  92. Annie

    My dad recently referred to my life as a buzzsaw. I consistently get myself into pretty ridiculous situations and have usually managed through sheer stubbornness to survive them. Some memorable moments include getting lost in China, living on a boat for six months, living in Prague for four months, and commuting between two cities every week for my grad degree (seven more months!).

    I think that my proudest accomplishment, in all of the crazy, is hanging on to and maintaining my relationship with my husband. Five years married; eight years together.

  93. Melinda

    Breastfeeding my son. I was very freaked out by the idea for some reason; almost like a phobia. My husband talked me into trying and I ended up breast feeding most of his first year of life.

  94. Ashley

    I’m not the first to say it, but giving birth without drugs made me feel like I could do anything else I put my mind to.

  95. KK

    Finishing my masters degree and starting my life over after graduation the way I wanted to live it.

  96. Jessica

    My proudest accomplishment thus far: getting into my “dream” grad school. It’s up to me now.

  97. sizzle

    One of them is definitely graduating with my Bachelors in Women’s Studies. I was the first to graduate from a 4 year college from both sides of my family.

  98. amber

    I’ve never been exercise-inclined, so training for and completing a 5K on my 28th birthday was a big deal for me.

    And, okay, my daughters rank way up there, too!

  99. Carin

    My proudest accomplishment in life is going back to school to get my music degree in flute performance. I’ve never been a person of strong self-confidence, and it took a lot of it to go back to school for a subject that’s not exactly guaranteed to have a job waiting for you at graduation, let alone learning to deal with the daily feeling of being the strange older person still in undergraduate school. It’s taken guts and a great deal of faith in myself, and I’m proud that I’ve done it.

  100. Angela

    Competing in four triathlons after taking a many-year hiatus from working out after having kids. And I’m not stopping there.

  101. LAM

    Completing my dissertation while being care giver to my father after his stroke. Both of us were there when I got PhD-ed! Crossing the stage and seeing his smiling face was worth every sleepless night.

  102. dani

    Having the courage to leave Santa Barbara and all the people who weren’t my friends and all the bad decisions I’d been making.

    PS – I gave that necklace to my bridesmaids for my wedding in August since there were five of them. It’s beautiful.

  103. emily

    proudest moment is getting myself where i am today – successful career, athletic, owning a home in california. no small feat there! especially considering how many times i was told these things would never happen.

  104. Ariel

    Making it in New York on my own for 8 years and creating an amazing community of friends and finding my way to my 3rd career!

  105. Michelle

    Giving myself the freedom to not be the best at everything. Is that an accomplishment? It has changed my life and how I look at myself as much as any tangible thing I’ve done, so I say yes!

  106. Jeannie

    My proudest day…graduating with my doctorate after writing my dissertation with a three year old in the same room and wearing my newborn.

  107. SarahStone

    I am proud of my relationship with my husband. I/we work hard every day to make it lovely.

  108. Courtney

    Buying an apartment by myself, as a single girl in my 20s, while working at a non-profit. That place was the real estate love of my life.

  109. Amanda

    Making my own choices to live in foreign countries, and then making my own choices to return, and then making my own choice in marrying the right, wonderful guy. But mostly just making my own choices.

  110. Mandy Ford

    My proudest accomplishment is most definitely carrying, giving birth to, and being a mother to my twin sons. It has been the hardest, most emotionally rewarding job of my life.

  111. Michelle

    Opening a school for kids on the Autism Spectrum with my husband (who’s experience made it possible) inspired by my who has Asperger’s. Life is busy but good!

  112. isahrai

    I made a decision to move from a place I loved to a place I thought I “should be” for my career and then realized it was the wrong decision (one year later) and I moved back. That’s right, I admitted I was wrong. And it was the most liberating grown up moment of my life.

  113. Gillian James

    my proudest acheivement is learning to be a functioning human after leaving a bad marriage- and saving money for a car, a laptop and a camera wihtin 6 months.

  114. shokufeh

    Among my proudest accomplishments are when I see before me the awesomeness that is my son. Obviously, a shared accomplishment, but it is cool knowing that I have a big role to play in that. Especially when others notice his awesomeness (and nice manners) as well.

  115. Clarissa

    The fact that I’m having a hard time coming up with one makes me think I need to try harder this year! I made it through a big move in one piece emotionally and physically. I worked harder than I thought possible and pushed myself to leave a job that wasn’t a good fit.

  116. Nicole

    I’m proud that I’ve been brave enough to follow a career path that no one thought would work, and that every day, I’m able to learn something new and feel accomplished.

  117. christine

    Proudest accomplishment–my 19-year marriage to the best possible husband and father, and our 3 funny and musical children, ages 15, 12, 9.

  118. Helen

    I birthed my 10 lb 7 oz baby girl, naturally. I know I didn’t get a medal for it but, damn, am I proud of myself. Mr Rogers appears on my shoulder and sings to me every time I think about it.

  119. Lisa May

    So inspiring to read everyone’s comments. What an amazing community you’ve created, Maggie.

    I think I have to echo Christine and say that my proudest accomplishment is my 14 year relationship with my amazing husband. It’s what has allowed me to have a great kid and given me the courage to leave a job I hated and go into business for myself as a coach.

  120. Rachel

    Overcoming my intense discomfort with public speaking and overall tendencies to introversion to become a singing, dancing, bubbly entertainer while teaching English to elementary school kids in Japan – for a whole year!

  121. Lorrie

    Right now, I’m proud of myself for not eating all of the cheese I bought.

    Overall, though, I’m proud of myself for following my heart and doing what’s important to me, even when conventional wisdom/loads of other people tell me it’s not “normal” and that I should want/already have things that aren’t so important to me.

  122. Liana

    I was sitting in my chair during orchestra. Same place as every week, same pieces. But yesterday during one of the more challenging pieces, the conductor commented in front of the whole orchestra that I was producing the right sound! It just made my day and possibly my whole week. It feels good to do something well.

  123. Maggie E.

    I think I’m most proud of the relationship I have with my parents. It is the result of not only their loving guidance, but of us being proactive, honest communicators… even when it’s hard… and even when you have to go to therapy to learn things that may be obvious to others!

  124. Nora

    I love the prints and am really pumped that you commission original artwork for Mighty events!

    My proudest accomplishment (so far!) is that recently I have pushed myself to confide in, open up to and be more honest about myself to the people I love. It’s been pretty wild and very freeing.

  125. Summer

    My proudest accomplishment’s (going to be) raising my son to be a caring, thinking, laughter-filled guy.

  126. Adrienne

    My proudest moment is reaching out for help and crawling out of a dark hole. Calling my doctor. Calling a therapist. Bloggers like Heather Armstrong and Danny Evans inspired me to not be afraid to be open about my pain. Embrace it! Learn from it and grow! (cheeseball, I know) I am proud that I asked for help, and I live a happier, healthier life because it. :)

  127. amanda a.

    I’m proud that I inspired my Gramma to survive a stroke and renal failure. She walked me down the aisle at my wedding a few months ago!

  128. HL

    Graduating from grad school. Coming from a family where no one went to college and struggling in High School (then finding out I had a learning disability), the odds were stacked against me. I was proud that I graduated from undergrad but getting my masters was a dream come true!

  129. megan

    Making a really good relationship choice in who I married, and starting a photography business even though you have to be a bit crazy to be an entrepreneur.

  130. Cora D

    Realizing that I’ve never accomplished anything alone. I have always had support and help from people I love and greatly admire. To attract that kind of love must mean I’m a pretty wonderful person.

  131. Erin B.

    I am most proud of getting through a dozen horrible events that I think would have crippled most people, but only made me stronger… :)

  132. Stephanie

    Taking a job in a field that I love even though the income isn’t as stable as the mind-numbingly dull jobs I did before.

  133. Julia T.

    Saving enough money on my own to buy a nice house and car, with only a social worker’s income :)

  134. Becky

    Passing all my licensing exams while SUPER pregnant with my daughter, and then leaving the workforce entirely to raise her and her younger brother.

  135. Tracey

    Cliche, I know, but it’s my kids. Best things I’ve ever done. Good thing is that I get to keep feeling like I’ve accomplished something big with every one of their developmental milestones.

  136. Margaret M

    I once replaced the alternator in my 1992 Saab (out of sheer poverty motivation). This may even top finishing the Friday crossword and getting my PhD.

  137. Gabrielle Charles

    Riding my bike cross country over the course of 9 months. Making myself vulnerable and finding that this country is full of really nice people.

  138. Jenn M

    Hands down, the mightiest thing I’ve ever done was, at the age of 18, lead a cabin of 15-year-olds through the Canadian wilderness for two weeks. Navigating waterfalls, broken canoes, old maps, overgrown portage routes, an evacuation, and a cabin-full of estrogen was my greatest challenge; swimming in the potential and transformation of those mighty young women has been my greatest reward.

  139. Leah beth

    Leaving a job I hated, buying a house on my own… Sometimes in life I really screw things up, but I figure things out on my own

  140. Katie

    My two lovely babes of course. I am also proud that I move to a little town on an island I didn’t know much about when I was quite young to get married and (unexpectedly) started my family there. I was so homesick (quite literally sick to my stomach over it some nights) but I did it, and it has been crazy and hard but beautiful.

  141. Mandy

    Moving on my own to London from LA at age 22, and actually finding a flat and a job. It was certainly lonely at some times since I didn’t know anyone in the city except my co-workers, but it was definitely worth it in the end. It was probably the most “I am an independent, single woman” time of my life.

  142. Stephanova

    Maybe I’m feeling sappy right now, but at this moment I feel that my greatest accomplishment is allowing myself to put forth who I am so that I can be loved, in great force, for who I am by a very very sweet man.

  143. Jenni

    Pushing nearly every comfort limit I have to participate in an intense 42 mile competitive canoe race. And finishing with a smile!

  144. Anne-Katherine S

    Getting my B.A.!
    And I think this count too since I’m 3 months away from completing this… Getting my M.Ed!

  145. Alicia Brown

    I’m proud of so many things I have done, but even more proud of the things that I haven’t done or that are yet to come (like owing a home and perhaps raising a child.)

    The greatest of all my accomplishments is this: dusting myself off and getting back up each and every single time I’ve fallen down. While still keeping a smile on my face.

  146. Janice

    Up and emigrating to Ireland when I was 22 and making my home here when no where else felt like home before….

  147. Kat

    Getting rid of 100 things was one of the most difficult things I have done ever. It took months. But my home is so much nicer and less crowded, and I have found that now it is so much easier to get rid of things I don’t need.

  148. Vanessa

    overcoming fears and anxieties completely on my own.
    First, having the balls to track down my birth father when I was 15 years old and knocking on his mothers door by myself.
    Second, taking my first international trip ever on my own to Ireland as my 30th birthday gift to myself.

  149. RK

    I was pretty proud of myself yesterday for going out in a bathing suit in public. I haven’t done that in years.

  150. isabel

    I have found a mechanic for my car and also a mechanic for my bike, and they are both trustworthy and take care of me. and i feel good about giving them my money.

  151. Alicey

    Standing up in front of a roomful of complete strangers and reading my teenage diaries out loud. Terrifying but ultimately a wonderful, fulfilling experience which resolved a few demons I didn’t know were still lurking.

    (Thanks, Sarah Brown!) :)

  152. stephanie

    My biggest accomplishment so far is moving out of my parents’ house, Los Angeles and the country — all at once. This is my second year living in Madrid. I’m 23 and I have no regrets.

  153. Amy

    Finishing my dissertation, but an even bigger deal for me — ON THE SCHEDULE I SET OUT. I have trouble meeting deadlines, I was so pleased that I actually met this one.

  154. WaywardGoddess

    I’m training for my first 5K scheduled next week. I hate running and everyday I have to give myself a pep talk to get my shoes on and go out there. Then during the run, I have to talk myself into going farther and farther. It hasn’t been easy, and I’m still not sure I’m ready for the 5K, but I’m going to keep running even after this is over. I have my eyes on other 5 or even 10Ks in the future

  155. Jenn N

    Easy answer – finishing the marathon

    Real answer – finally exposing my darkest secret to the light.

  156. Amanda

    When I was promoted to the position that I currently hold, I was extremely proud of myself. It was then that I realized that hard work and dedication really does pay off.

  157. Trish T.

    Earning my bachelor’s degree in 4 years (including a stint studying abroad). Also, getting through grad school in an additional 2 was great as well.

  158. Carly

    Knowing when to leave and that there is no harm in quitting if it isn’t what you want anymore. If I hadn’t realized, and left grad school when I did, I would have never met my husband.

  159. Jackie

    My proudest accomplishment is that I get out of bed every day and I am the best wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend that I can be. Without (heavy) medication.

  160. meg

    It seems like small beans next to some of these accomplishments, but I was pretty proud of making the climb on that rock face in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

  161. Corley

    I quit smoking after 12 years. I started when I was 12, I quit September 14, 2009 with the help of the man I am marrying this weekend. It was THE most difficult thing I have ever done, but now that it has been more than a year I finally feel like a non-smoker.

  162. Azar

    My proudest accomplishment so far is having the strength and courage to get myself out of an abusive environment, even when it meant living alone and learning how to be self-sufficient.

  163. Candice

    My first instinct is to say my kids but I think it’s more than that. It’s making the decision to leave work, stay at home with them and sometimes losing my sanity to the constant “why’s” and sometimes the loneliness of being a stay-at-home mom but still raising pretty awesome kids. I also stood up to my mom about some stuff that has been bothering me all of my life and that felt pretty good too.

  164. Natalie

    Proud to discover and cultivate true partnership within my marriage, making me feel very hopeful about what we can take on together.

  165. Natalie

    Graduating college with honors and then supporting myself afterwards. I got two degrees in just a hair over 4 years, and I was a member of multiple honor societies.

    I’m very proud of that, though I know it sounds braggy. It’s especially important to me since neither of my parents made it through college the first time around.

  166. Sarah

    I’m most proud of taking the plunge and converting to Judaism. I’m Jewish and passionate about it!!

  167. Sara C

    When I was 15, I was told I couldn’t be in a high school journalism class because I was too young and too nice to be in the class or be a reporter. I have worked for a large daily newspaper as a reporter for the past several years! Take that! : )

  168. margie stroman

    I made my daughter’s First Communion dress, and if I say so myself, I knocked it out of the park.

  169. Rachel

    Having a happy marriage. We’ve worked harder at our marriage than anything else in life and now it’s the solid foundation our family is built on.

  170. margosita

    I just finished grad school and my thesis was accepted! So, despite the fact that I STILL can’t find a good job, it is something I worked hard on and am proud of.

  171. Maureen

    Each morning when my husband and I part and we give each other a kiss and we say we love the other. We have been through some bumps due to health issues but we are still together and each day is a gift.

  172. Ali

    Finishing writing my first novel–proving to myself that I could do it, and have written more since, and will continue to.

  173. Jessica

    Today, it is pushing myself to get up and work out even though I’d rather sleep.
    In general, I think it would be my grant from the NIH.

  174. JulieKP

    My proudest moment is raising two very average and normal girls. They were born in China and in an orphanage until 14 months of age. My goal for them was to make sure they were as normal as possible and know that they are truly loved by their parents. I think I’ve an awesome job so far if I do say so myself.

  175. Alison

    I’ve recently realized that graduating from an Ivy-level school was a pretty big deal, especially considering how much I sucked freshman year. I feel prouder (is that a word?) about being able to talk to strangers though.

  176. Sarah

    My proudest accomplishment… setting up my own life after college. Not that it’s perfect, but I did it on my own. I now know I can handle myself. It is a good feeling.

  177. Jaclyn

    I gave birth to an 8 pound boy, 14 hours labor and a 9 pound girl (in 90 minutes!). Both completely without drugs, tylenol, or swearing. Okay, a bit of swearing with my nine pound torpedo, but definitely no drugs.

  178. amybee

    Moving 600 miles away from every person and thing I knew for a job. It was a major stepping stone in my career, and I’m proud of it.

  179. Rebecca

    Proudest moment is tough. In part because I’m proud of a lot of things. Is it wrong to brag? Related to the item on my life list that I posted earlier in the week, having started a dance company that is still going strong is probably one of my biggest accomplishments.

  180. Su

    I am most proud of being in the position that I am today (beautiful 2 year old, wonderful husband, job that I love most of the time), because of a series of choices that pulled me away from where I was headed in my early twenties (outlook not so good)!

  181. tasha

    My proudest accomplishment (so far) was moving to NYC alone, after college. This was the catalyst that brought me to where I am right now, almost 10 years later–which is a very happy place indeed!

  182. Liz

    Probably producing a toddler who takes excellent naps and sleeps for 11 uninterrupted hours at night. It took a lot of work when he was little, but I am so happy I stuck it out.

  183. Ann K

    I’m proud of creating and owning a small business. I didn’t realize that being a practitioner of Chinese Medicine would also mean being a business person or I probably wouldn’t have gone into this field. Now I’m beginning to thrive on it.

  184. Corin Boyko

    I’m really proud of getting my first real job. I sucessfully networked and developed skills I like having to actually wind up doing something I really enjoy for a good paycheck!

    Also of giving birth without meds, even though I was pissed about it at the time.

  185. Megan G.

    Following through on a promise to help someone achieve a goal that would utterly change his life for the good. It was difficult because he had wronged me significantly, but life is funny, and I knew it was the morally right thing to do.

  186. Shelley

    Is it incredibly cheesy if I name my sweet little boys? Probably. Let’s go with sewing my favorite trench coat. I’m so proud of it!

  187. Jen M.

    My proudest moment was graduating from my masters degree program. I was so tired of school by the last year (took me 4 years to graduate- I was working full time the whole time).

  188. Kristen

    Curating my own exhibit at a small anthropological museum. Opening night my entire family came to support me. My dad took me out to dinner afterwards and told me how proud he was of all my accomplishments.

  189. Kelley

    My biggest accomplishment is being comfortable with who I am. No longer am I trying to “fit in” or acting in the way I think people would like me to.

  190. Amy

    Moving away from publishing business books–to starting a line of books that may really make a difference. (Books for kids with special needs. Subject matter that is close to my heart.)

  191. Jodi

    My finest accomplishment (that I surpass daily)– I’ve survived being a single (read: divorced) mom for going on 9 years– I never imagined I’d be ‘her’ and yet here I am, being her (successfully) every… single… day. And while I don’t like it almost every single day, I know I can do it again tomorrow, and for all the tomorrows that come until I meet my REAL someone and build a different life with him.

  192. Mimi

    Moving to Chicago for college! It led me to this city where I met my wonderful husband with whom I shared the birth of our first child this past spring. Thank goodness for the move!

  193. Ivy

    Traveling to London for a week’s vacation this summer by myself. Scary, but SO AWESOME. Now I want to travel by myself all the time. :)

    I just spent far too long poking around Lemonade Handmade’s etsy store, and I want everything on it.

  194. Emily

    Rebounding from my awful first job with
    a) great portfolio additions and
    b) a new, wonderful job within a month of my being let go while
    c) in this economy,
    d) as a graphic designer.

  195. Allison

    Proud of my relationship with my nieces and nephews. I’m becoming a great auntie, and I savor the role.

  196. Rachel

    Hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail in one go. My husband and I did it two years ago, and I have never regretted it. Maggie, I thought I remembered seeing something about it on your life list. We live 30 minutes from the trail–come on over to east Tennessee and we’ll get you to one of the prettiest waterfalls on the AT!

  197. Meg

    Proudest accomplishment: being home for dinner every night. I grew up with parents who worked hard, and continuously, and therefor were never home for dinner. I am proud that I make it home every night and have dinner with my kids.

  198. Meg

    I left my job to become a teacher. One month of being a fourth grade teacher has come and gone and I never ever realized it would be so hard. I am so very proud that I am doing it and doing it pretty well I might add!

  199. yotko

    It’s simple, cliched, and been mentioned before, but being a good mom to my awesome 3 year old daughter

  200. Alaina

    I am very proud of working hard for four years to graduate at the top of my class with a civil engineering degree.

  201. wintor

    My proudest accomplishment, besides mama-ing the most amazing 17 year old girl evah? Testing for and passing my 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu!

  202. Erin

    My greatest accomplishment has been building a reputation in the community as a go-to source of information and a reliable resource.

  203. Raechel

    I recently completed the full 27 months of Peace Corps service – a goal I’ve had since middle school!

  204. JennyM

    Manning up (as it were) and asking for a divorce, when it became clear we were not going to “fix” things. It was simultaneously awful and liberating, and, if I do say so myself, I handled it with grace and dignity. Or rather, more grace and dignity than not.

  205. Laura

    Proudest accomplishment to date: going to college and getting a BFA in Music Theatre when everyone else told me to be a teacher instead. Huzzah!

  206. Constance

    I’d have to say that my two lovely sons are my biggest accomplishment – they are kind, considerate (mostly) and have very nice manners.

  207. Meghan

    Showing up everyday. My mom always said giving birth is easy, it is showing up every day that is hard. (I think time may have clouded her memory of the pain)

  208. Diana

    School was never exactly easy for me… So my proudest accomplishment was the day I earned my bachelor’s degree.

  209. auntjone

    Earning an AAS in culinary arts with a baking and pastry specialty while working full time and raising my son by myself. My unproudest (not that you asked) is that I’m not currently putting my degree to use. :( It is on the life list.

  210. Katrina

    Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I think I’m not feeling super accomplished or proud right now (note to self…work on that), but I think my proudest was taking a big risk on love once – didn’t work out, but I still feel so proud of myself for being willing to take the leap.

  211. Jen

    My proudest accomplishment in my short 39 years was picking myself up and moving on after my husband of 15 years informed me that he no longer loved me and was leaving. I never thought I would be happy again, but I am living proof that you can come back stronger and happier from things like this. I know in the beginning, I pulled myself together for my kids, but I really feel that I stayed “together” for me.

  212. Sarah Berry

    The fact that it is seriously hard to come up with something to write is illuminating the fact that I think I need to refocus my thoughts.

    Setting that aside, I’m extremely proud of my marriage and the way my husband and I conduct ourselves. I easily let things go and try to never take even the smallest things for granted.

  213. sara

    Even though I don’t practice law, and don’t really ever intend to practice: passing the bar.

    I’d failed it twice, and, being the over- achiever that I am, it broke me down pretty badly. I needed to finally kick that sucker’s ass just to prove that I could.

    And I did. And it felt great.

  214. Jenny

    I cleaned up at a poker game where most of the other players worked for the CIA. It was one of the first and only times playing poker and I won with a pair of fours. (I bluffed.)

  215. Alicia W.

    Moving to NYC without a job or a savings account- and still being here almost 6 years later!

  216. Ami

    Truthfully, the thing I am most proud of is not really an accomplishment. It’s not a goal I set and then achieved (although, if you’re judging on a technicality, in 1997 I set the goal to pay off my credit card, and then I did. And then I went on a three week trip to South Africa. I’m proud of that!). But I am proud of myself for not kicking and/or killing my husbands crazy-mean cat when he attacked our son and sent him to the hospital for several days on increasingly strong antibiotics. I think that means I’ve finally become the person I aim to be. (FYI, the cat is long gone from our house now, in a child-free environment.)

  217. Peggy

    I’m having trouble coming up with something which probably says I’m way too hard on myself.

    I guess I’d say passing all of my professional exams while still in my 20s.

  218. elz

    My proudest accomplishments are my children. I am not defined by them, but I am continually charmed, impressed, and proud of them. They will be my legacy.

  219. Liz S.

    The accomplishment I’m most proud of is my education – it was well worth the net sixteen years of hard work to get in and get out cum laude, and I hope to continue the trend in grad school soon.

  220. Kara

    At the moment, my proudest accomplishment is completing my MPH degree. It was a long road to finish it & feels like a HUGE accomplishment.

  221. Jenn

    I should say finishing Grad school. Or getting married. But really, the thing I’m proudest of, is that I went all the way to India for 10 days by myself. Around the world all alone at 25- that’s my biggest accomplishment.

  222. saraspunza

    My proudest accomplishment I would like to say is my roller derby playing, hula hoop performing, going to school to be a nurse midwife daughter. But really, she is in charge of her life, not me. All that she is is her doing.

    So, I would say being the teacher that I am. I am a great teacher and my students sense this. They also sense that I love them and want the best for them. That is MY accomplishment.

  223. Elizabeth

    Proudest accomplishment: Of the day: getting out of the house on time(ish) Of the week: having a candid conversation with my boss that I have been dreading Of the month: organizing old pictures and sending copies to friends. Of the year: getting my son to Two! (and having a fantastic Robot party at the same time). Of all time: ?

  224. Jenn

    Becoming a “grown up”. I don’t know when or how it happened, but it did.

    That, and the fact that the plants in my office aren’t dead yet.

  225. Cynthia

    Making it through my first real winter (4 feet of snow in 24 hours, anyone?) by myself. And in the process, realizing that I am my own favorite person.

  226. Bethany

    I moved into my first apartment and have successfully lived on my own for 3 months. Very proud, if silly, achievement.

  227. Rebecca

    Passing my comprehensive exams in my PhD program — so much hard work: knowledge to learn, remember, and extricate!

  228. Catie

    I’m proud of the fact that I’m willing to say I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I’m proud of myself, a generally type-a, semi-control freak, that I can enjoy the journey on the way to the destination. FINALLY.

  229. Ginny

    I’m super proud of my recent accomplishment – launching my photography website & officially being a professional freelance photographer! It’s so gratifying to have your hard work pay off

  230. lorie

    My greatest accomplishment: buying a new car, all by myself, and negotiating a KILLER deal on it. I’ve never felt more empowered.

  231. Jenna E.

    My proudest accomplishment was becoming a dedicated runner. I was never what you might call athletic. It doesn’t seem to have made much difference on the scale, but I now run 4.5 miles 4 days a week and I feel great about it!

  232. Notorious MLE

    My proudest accomplishment is finishing Bay to Breakers. I never thought I could do anything athletic and when I crossed the finish line I was euphoric.

  233. Meegan

    Mental health is my greatest accomplishment. I have overcome an eating disorder that spanned a decade, bipolar disorder which is ongoing, and a crippling case of post-partum depression after the birth of my oldest child. The fact that I am here, happy, appropriately medicated and therefore healthy is quite a feat!

  234. Shem

    Proudest achievements (so far) working and saving hard to get the deposit to purchase my house at 21, saying ‘I do’ to my wonderful husband and proving to myself that I *do* deserve to be doing this job

  235. Amy

    I rebuilt the front of my 1991 Mercury Tracer (my first car) after a deer tap danced on the hood. I checked out a book detailing my car from the library (before the internet) and starting taking off parts that looked broken. I had only owned the car for 3 months and I needed that freedom back as a seventeen year old. I put all the parts in a laundry baskets and took them to a junkyard to show them what I needed. They were super nice and appreciated what I was trying to do. It took me six months, but I had that car put back together and it ran for over 150,000 more miles! There are definitely bigger accomplishments, but I think this set the tone for me knowing I was capable at an early age. Anytime I think I can’t do something or it’s too hard, I think back to that car.

  236. Tasha Haley

    I am most proud of faking it until I believed it myself. Not THAT kind of faking it! ;) I am an introvert and once upon a time so shy that I would burst out crying if asked a question in elementary school. The thought of speaking out loud in FRONT of people horrified me. It’s taken 38 years, but gradually I have learned to break out of my shell. It still feels fake and my back gets drenched with sweat, but I can talk to strangers in small groups and smile, and actually enjoy it now. A little. I am married to a gregarious extrovert and at parties I try to keep up with him at my own pace and I can do it! Maybe everyone outgrows painful shyness and this is nothing unique. Either way, I am proud of myself because I never thought it would be possible to do anything other than hide in the corners.

  237. Rin

    Forcing myself to take the job i have now… working till it becomes a success will hopefully take the place of this moment though.

  238. amelia

    Leaving my best friend behind to move to another city. Taking a leap of faith that it would all work out.

  239. Heather

    My proudest achievement is learning how to make something that people will BUY! I think that’s awesome.
    Um, and so is that print!

  240. Micaela

    finishing my master’s degree, working in NYC with insane boss and not killing him, parenting son.

  241. Sneh

    Finishing grad school in time for baby number 2 was a great feeling, but my ‘babies’ (5 and 2) are of course my proudest accomplishments!

  242. Heather

    Piling on the classes to finish my MBA while I was preggers…and finishing it when my son was 8 months old. With a 4.0

  243. Brandy

    Proudest accomplishment – putting myself through school while being a single mom and working full-time.

  244. Amy E

    proudest accomplishment – learning to ask for what I want/need and starting to take care of myself like a real honorable human being!

  245. pam

    becoming a mom. i had so much anxiety about it and it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done. but it has given me so much self-esteem, realize that i am actually very good at it and that it comes naturally to me.

  246. Tara

    I am proud of being sought out to do design work for a nonprofit; i was approached based on a good reputation as a skilled professional.

  247. Katie

    committing to the change I needed. being bold enough to move and leave behind the things I had worked for.

  248. valeri

    It’s sort of lame… but graduating from college. I didn’t have the typical college experience, there was no one supporting me through school, no family paying for it and no one even asking me to do it. I did it entirely by myself, on my dime, for no one but me. It took longer than it takes most people, but I did it.

  249. Emily

    My proudest accomplishment was graduating college and getting a job. Granted I’ve only been out of school for 4 years, but I still feel I should be in school. It’s that whole “the more you learn the less you know” kinda thing.

  250. Alyce

    Recognizing that I am perfect and awesome today. Tomorrow I may change, but right this minute I am the me that I need to be. And that is delightful.

  251. Becky

    Actually, I just realized the other day that one of my proudest accomplishments, albeit one I can’t celebrate very loudly or publicly, is breastfeeding both of my boys for more than a year while working full time. I’m proud of myself for sticking with something that was very challenging for me.

  252. Brittney

    I pretty proud of working in Antarctica. When ever I mention it, people do a double take and ask me a bunch of questions. It always makes me feel special.

  253. Michelle

    I left the city I loved to be with the man I loved.

    People tend to judge harshly when you make major changes in your life “for a man”. But I’m proud that I took the chance, and that I trusted myself enough to know that I would be OK, whatever the outcome.

    And it’s turned out great. I still miss the city, but my life is infinitely richer for being half of this partnership.

  254. Julie

    I finally stopped listening to the people who told me I couldn’t do what I wanted and got my dream job. I teach high school band to the best bunch of urban kids in the universe.

  255. ViolaSaint

    It’s not much, but I’m proud that I am the one my boss looks to when something needs to get figured out at work. I’m proud that I’m dependable and trustworthy.

  256. Meg

    My proudest moment would have to be graduation from college. I put myself through school with very little help from my parents, they just could’t afford it, so it was something I did all on my own. I saved and ate Ramen noodles and penny pinced and maybe starved a bit, but I did it!

  257. ShannonO.P.

    This year it’s sticking to training for a 1/2 marathon (it’s next month) with a husband, one and 1/2 year old, and busy busy job and all of the things that come with along with owning a home! I’m almost there and I’m so excited!!

  258. Lynn

    Deciding on a whim as a high school juntion to combine my love of art and knowledge of computers into a graphic design major, graduating in 4 years, and maintaining a job as a designer for 5 years now. It’s nice to know what you want to be when you grow up.

  259. Tali

    Graduating college. When even my parents didn’t have faith that I ever would.

    Having a super awesome baby girl comes in as a tie.

  260. Rachel H.

    Being able to let finally let people back into my life and opening up after escaping my abusive relationship. And being able to talk to young women who have been in similar situations.

  261. Allison

    I am proud of running the New York City marathon two years in a row, back in the nineties. And I’m glad I did it then, too, because with three kids and a job I’d NEVER be able to do it now!

  262. Kristen

    Mushy, but marrying my husband. I have a successful and blossoming career, but the one thing that brings me the most joy and happiness on a daily basis is him. I am most proud of him.

  263. Linda

    Doing what I want to do and not necessarily what is expected of me & getting into medical school on a full academic scholarship

  264. Kristin

    Getting to the top level of my position within 5 years of working at the company. I worked my ass off and it actually paid off!

  265. Jess

    As stupid as this sounds, my proudest accomplishment would have to be weathering through some hard, unknowing (both the situation and myself) times. I walked through and am proud at where I continue to walk toward!

  266. Anne Marie Miller

    I represented an innocent man at trial in a serious felony and persuaded the jury of his innocence. He went back to the rest of his life.

  267. Rebecca

    My proudest accomplishment is something I have not yet achieved. I’m working my way towards it, so for now, I’m proud to be continuting forward throught difficult set backs and the not-so-easy stuff that life has thrown in the mix. I know I’ll get there though and I’m proud of that.

  268. Kristina

    Honestly? Being alive. Eleven years ago I had some pretty serious thoughts of suicide, and after a halfhearted try, got back to the business of living.

    I always seem to forget that.

  269. Laura

    I’m proud that I push myself towards bigger and better things almost all of the time. Not all of the time, but I’m working on it!

  270. Rebecca S

    My proudest accomplishment is continually becoming a better person (I hope) for my husband and family.

  271. Jenna

    My proudest accomplishment is my marriage. We’ve been married for almost 9 years, and it has been the hardest and most exponentially rewarding thing I have every experienced.

    These giveaways are great! Thanks for the opportunity Maggie!

  272. Jessica

    My proudest accomplishment was completing flight attendant training. It was much harder for me than college. My massive fear of speaking in public was overcome, and I learned to work with groups as well.

  273. Lisa

    My proudest accomplishment is getting out of the “rut” all by myself and my progress of becoming certified to help others out of the “rut” as well.

  274. Catriona

    Getting over my fear of public speaking… which is not to say that public speaking no longer scares me, just that now I get up and do it anyway.

  275. Stephanie

    my biggest accomplishment is graduating from grad school, while working and raising my son alone!

  276. Susan

    my biggest accomplishment is defying the odds — still with my husband at the 7 year mark with 2 incredible girls

  277. Cristina

    Being happy. Loving myself enough to seek happiness again. Sounds a bit corny, eh? LIFE. IS. GOOD. No complaints. :-)

  278. Victoria

    Quitting my very cushy (and boring) job to realize my dream of working for a winery. I may be a contractor now, but I am a happy girl with a challenging job and a purple tongue!

  279. Amy

    Becoming the person I wanted to be. Well traveled, in a meaningful career, still holding on to the belief that true love is real and worth the struggle.

  280. April Moore Skelton

    Being asked to join the aerial dance company at the trapeze studio where I now teach and perform.

  281. Jolana

    As cheesy as it sounds, my 2 children are my biggest accomplishment…oh and not going stir crazy while staying at home on maternity leave for 4+ years. Some days are way hard but when I look at my 2 little angels, it is so worth it.

  282. sara

    My proudest accomplishment is recognizing my soul mate and swallowing my pride to get him back. We have a wonderful marriage, 13 years later.

  283. sara

    my proudest accomplishment is becoming and continuing to be a high school teacher, because it requires strength and courage of epic proportions every day.

  284. schmutzie

    My proudest accomplishment has been quitting drinking almost two months ago after nearly 20 years of alcoholic behaviour. I am finally my own inspiration.

  285. Elaina

    Daring myself to just go for it! To lose my fear of failure, and be aware of any opportunity that opens itself to me. Man, it’s been a great ride so far. Celebrated a year of exploration and adventure on September 27th!!

  286. MSimone

    Staying home with my newborn daughter for 14 months after graduating from law school. She is the best thing I’ve ever had.

  287. Sandra

    I think I am proudest of the relationships I have made with my step children (grown and almost grown). Loving and living with their father has been fantastic, but becoming a stepmom to a (then) 8, 14 and 18 year old–now that’s a challenge! There will always be bumps in the road, but knowing that we have come to love and respect each other makes me proud.

  288. Daffodil Campbell

    My proudest accomplishment was having my column appear in print for the first time, in our local paper. I think the reason it was so special is that my mother was visiting at the time, and got to share in the moment, going out and getting a stack of papers and reading it that morning…. She’s in New England, I’m in Hawaii, and we don’t share much in the way of important life events because of geography. So it meant a lot.

  289. Megan

    Being present with my daughters even when work/other life pressures keep trying to creep in. Making that commitment every day is tough, but essential.

  290. Barb @ getupandplay

    My proudest accomplishment was finishing my degree after having a baby. I just got my diploma in the mail and I couldn’t help crying I was so overjoyed!

    PS- I love Mike and Alma’s stuff!

  291. Anne

    Getting myself onto Zoloft so I could be a better mama to my two boys. And a better wifey to my lovable, maddening husband.

  292. Susan

    I finished not one but two mini-triathlons this summer. Not first, but far from last which was my real expectation.

  293. elsimom

    My proudest accomplishment is starting and maintaining the relationship that would lead to my (now 16 year) marriage, during law school.

  294. Sarah Magner

    My greatest accomplishment is watching my children grow from shy, dependent beings into mostly confident pre-teens. I am in awe of their compassion for others, and their smiles make my day.

  295. Andree Close

    One of my coolest accomplishments was riding my bicycle from Salt Lake City to St. George Utah. It was almost 400 miles and it took 3 days. It was amazing to see the gorgeous State of Utah in slow motion! The trip was painful at times, but I would do it again in a heart beat!

  296. Ashley

    This is hard. One of my proudest accomplishments has to be graduating with Honors and planning a wedding at the same time. That was a big deal. However, I think my recent Master’s degree is right up there.

  297. Amy

    I was totally empowered 13 years ago TODAY. I gave birth naturally to my twin daughters :) I was terrified the entire pregnancy as they were considered low risk (huh? Twins with one breech?) so knew an epidural would not be offered. 2.5 hours from start to finish. I felt I could do ANYTHING!

    Thanks for the reminder, especially today. I think I will go hug them.

  298. Martha

    Opening my sewing machine and deciding that THIS TIME I really was going to learn to use it. I’m still learning, but with the help of blogs, you tube tutorials, and some great books, I’m getting there. There is something so completely satisfying to see something that I made.

  299. Drew

    Crossing the Atlantic with my 15 month old daughter and showing her the fall foliage I have been wanting to see for more than 15 years.

  300. Jeannine

    I went from a undergraduate who flunked out of school to (finally) obtaining the PhD. I am proud of this.

  301. Meg

    I’m proud that I was hired by Teach For America my senior year of college. They sent me to work in a dismal and dismaying public school in Philadelphia. I was teaching Special Education and I started with 6 weeks of training under my belt. My commitment was to teach for 2 years. Teaching with TFA was the most challenging, demanding and heart-busting experience of my life. I never once considered quitting (although I did my fair share of fantasizing about contracting a terrible illness or breaking both my legs). I made it through to the end and I’m proud of myself for it. I’m no longer a teacher, but the lessons I learned were worth the struggle.

  302. Michelle

    My proudest acomplishment was getting rid of my stage fright! I hadn’t sang in front of a crowd in 10 years. I now have sang one acoustic show a month since last October as well as tried out for American Idol. I didn’t make the cut, but I felt damn good that I didn’t shake, stutter or stall because I was scared!

  303. Erin

    My proudest accomplishment was packing up my car 11 years ago, moving from MI to San Francisco all by my lonesome, and starting the life that I now adore. It was scary at the time, but the best decision I’ve ever made.

  304. mandy

    finishing the SSWC09 bike race last year. I worked so hard to train for it and in the process really learned about myself and became a better person for it, all for a silly mountain bike race.

  305. Krissa

    My proudest accomplishment to date is being a little family. Just me, my husband and my dog, being a part of this little circle – that’s the greatest thing I’ve done as an adult.

    Although starting graduate school (and loving it) is a pretty decent second.

  306. Dawn

    I’ve dreamed of becoming a certified yoga instructor for more than 10 years. One month ago I convinced an amazing teacher to allow me to enroll in her teacher training course, for which I will repay her with my marketing and writing skills. I finally found a way around the obstacle of money to achieve a dream. It’s the most amazing feeling.

  307. wo of the west

    auditioning (with shaky knees, dry throat and sweaty palms) and making into a chorus that i thought might be WAY out of my league

  308. Sarah

    My number one accomplishment … giving my best friend the love, support, and push she needed to reach for HER dreams. She starts school in her chosen field in January, in an entirely new city. She (and I!) couldn’t be more thrilled.

  309. Julie B.

    I am most proud of being a wife and mom. After meeting my sons I couldn’t really care less about my PhD anymore.

  310. Lisa

    My son was born via emergency C-section.

    When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I vowed to do everything within my power to have a VBAC.

    While the events of my labor had all signs pointing toward another C-section, I persevered and not only had my VBAC, I did it WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL.

    That is my greatest accomplishment.

  311. Susan

    Can it be my proudest accomplishment of the week? Because I made macarons and didn’t fail, even thought it was really hard and I undercooked some and had to crisp the bottoms on the stove to get them to peel off of the parchment paper.

  312. amy

    How about accomplishING? My proudest accomplishing thus far is my current ass-kicking in graduate school. Make that continuation of ass-kicking since we moved after the first year & instead of putting it off (which was tempting), I went for it.

  313. Katie

    My proudest accomplishment is currently graduating as a top graduate in the College of Arts of Science (one of 13 in a class of over 1000).

    I’m hoping that one day my proudest accomplishment will be earning my PhD.

  314. Amanda Lee

    When I remind myself to live with joy and to live responsibly each day, I am very proud of myself.

  315. Kim

    Hard to decide…having two babies without pain meds? Even with Pitocin? One of them over 9 pounds…

  316. Naomi

    Raising a daughter who likes bugs is one of my favorite things right now. If she can retain her confidence and enthusiasm through elementary school and beyond, I will be thrilled to pieces.

  317. Katia

    Other than my kids? The time I went in as an understudy and didn’t flub. Perhaps I was more relieved than proud…nah. I was proud.

  318. Janet

    I may have graduated from law school, interned in the White House, and earned a fantastic GPA, but my BEST accomplishment is being a kind person to everyone I meet. Mostly it is effortless, but sometimes it takes a lot of patience to stay kind.

  319. vanessa

    I’m registered to run the Oakland marathon in March 2011. I’m proud that when I think about it, I don’t try to talk myself out of it.

  320. Holly

    I am proud of the fact that willing to work and work hard at my marriage. No one said it was going to be a walk in the park and it often isn’t, but it is worth fighting for.

  321. Cassidy

    To have a real career and finally breaking the seemingly endless cycle of waitressing jobs/student loans.

  322. Kate in the Shade

    My proudest accomplishment was, at 21, canceling my ticket home after a semester abroad in Africa in order to spend the next two months on my own little adventure.

  323. Alison

    I am most proud of myself right now, at a bit of a crossroads. I am proud that I am strong enough to figure out what I want and make a plan to go out and get it (hello Mighty Life List!), and proud that I can stick it out, for just a little longer, in a job that I hate because I know it will help me achieve bigger dreams.

  324. Alyssa

    My proudest accomplishment was getting in to college – I haven’t finished yet, so getting in is still the proudest moment! 1st in my family! :)

    ps. I love Ollibird! :)

  325. Leanne

    My proudest accomplishment is that even when things are tough, I’ve learned to keep my positive outlook and stay kind to those I love.

  326. Amy

    Besides giving birth to two fantastically interesting kids, one of my greatest accomplishments has been becoming debt free. What a great feeling.

  327. Michelle

    Moving my family outside the US has been both a proud accomplishment and a fantastic adventure and learning experience.

  328. Erika

    Taking what was meant to be a year to travel on a strict budget, and making my money last 15 months so that 13 countries later I’m still able to get around.

  329. delia

    i won a model un second place medal in high school (or was it third place?) i was brand new to model un, and i was so excited and thrilled because they loved my writing and this was new to me. but the absolute best part? i wasn’t mad i didn’t get first; i didn’t even think about it.
    total satisfaction.

  330. Louise

    I have a personal proudest accomplishment that is maybe a little too personal to share on the internet, so I will say that completing my PhD was one of the proudest moments of my life

  331. Kimberly

    Dragging myself out of school loan and bad decisions relating to misspent youth debt! That and being a good role model for my-count ’em!-5 younger siblings!

  332. Meredith

    switching careers, moving to san francisco, starting a new job, marrying an amazing man, and going back to school . . . all within a year!

  333. Kizz

    Not that I didn’t accomplish this without the help of pretty much everyone who knows me but applying for, being accepted and experiencing a year of Drama School in London is my proudest accomplishment. I worked on my craft every day, even when I was relaxing. I met people who are close friends to this day (went to my first ever Roller Derby bout with one of them this weekend). I emptied my bank account and took out loans and lived on credit cards but still managed to understand that to worry about money instead of traveling, going to shows, eating good food and fully engaging in the year would be to dishonor the experience.

    I think I need to set my sights on a new accomplishment; integrating the importance of experience over worry into my current life. Not to mention working steadily and fully on my craft.

  334. Miriam

    College graduation, when the provost had to stop and take a deep breath before reading out my name and honors. I worked hard, dang it! And had just been admitted to two graduate programs outside of my major.

  335. Sarah N.

    This is an odd thing, but I am secretly so proud of myself for getting out of a pretty unhappy and lonesome seven-year relationship. I traded security for… the unknown!

  336. Quin

    I am proudest of marrying the right person: someone who is helping me to accomplish my (at times totally implausible and ridiculous) dreams.

  337. Katie

    I am most proud of the months I spent teaching kindergarteners how to read and how to handle anger & frustration without hitting.

  338. Christina Dugan

    My proudest accomplishment is just since this last week actually. I started an Etsy shop where I sell my knit and crocheted items and it really took off last week. It is so mind blowing and a real honor that people actually want to buy something that I personally created!

    That necklace is really lovely!

  339. Ms. Huis Herself

    This was a hard one, Maggie! I guess I’m proud that I’m willing to take risks still, even though I might have to have my husband talk me into them! I’m proud of the crazy old decrepit historical-registry home we bought & all the work we’ve (ok, mostly he’s) done on it. I’m proud he and I followed our dreams and spent 6 months overseas, looking for work. I’m proud of my two wonderful daughters. I’m also proud that I consider myself to be always learning and growing and not-done. :)

  340. Beverly

    I’m proud of the one boy I have raised and who is off to college – making his way in the world, and for the one still at home….

  341. Jenn

    I was so proud of myself when I finally graduated college (after it taking me 6 years) with honors, and knowing that I paid for every dime of it myself!

  342. Faetra

    Backpacking through Europe alone at age 21. It was a lot harder to plan, fund, and survive than I thought it would be and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I don’t know that I would have the courage now, in my late twenties, to travel that far and long all alone so having done it brings a smile to my face.

  343. Greta

    i took a week-long trip to London by myself when I was 21. it was the first time i had traveled alone, i did it somewhat defiantly because my potential travel companions all flaked out, and i had a superbly awesome time all by myself.

  344. Denise

    I am most proud of searching for, financing a purchasing my dream home on my own… by myself! I still love my home!

  345. Christy

    Paying off my student loans on my own – and EARLY! – has been my proudest accomplishment to date. Even Ma was proud!

  346. Megan

    Finally being willing to invest in a life coach to help me make the final steps towards pursuing my dreams when my own fears continued to hold me back.

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