Giveaway: Mighty Summit Necklace and Brooch

6th October 2010

Today’s giveaway features two California jewelry artists.

Textured Drop Necklace By Feisty Elle

Every time I wear this piece by Leslie Yang, I get compliments. I’ve actually had people stop me in the street to ask where I got it. It’s made of bamboo, so it’s surprisingly lightweight. I don’t even notice I have it on, and I love how effortlessly it elevates an outfit.

Can You Hear Me Now Brooch by Mama’s Little Babies

Mama’s Little Baby brooches are so witty. This guy is my favorite, but I also feel affectionate toward the artichoke and Gunther, the World Famous Lion Tamer.

Cute, right? I know!

To enter, please leave a piece of advice for your younger self. And don’t forget to check back this week for more contests.

Fine print: Please only leave one comment, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Wednesday.

847 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mighty Summit Necklace and Brooch

  1. Megan

    Dear Younger Self- He isn’t your friend. He’s not the one. Let it go. You will marry someone so much better. He will marry someone just like you, but not quite as awesome.

  2. Nell

    Dear self:
    Don’t switch your major to art, you moron. Pharmacy pays better and then you’ll actually be able to afford all of your art supplies.


  3. jes

    To understand that others who are acting in a confusing or negative way might have something going on in their life that they aren’t sharing. In other words, be a little more understanding and realize that I might just not know it all.

  4. Amy

    Advice to younger self: don’t feed into the “I’m the first commenter” race because it’s silly.

    (Watch, someone else posted as I’m typing this and my cleverness will have been lost.)

  5. shokufeh

    Dear younger-self-of-the-college-years, spend more time enjoying New York and less time studying. Do you really want your memories to be of reviewing your notes on a Friday night?

  6. Catherine

    Acknowledge your dreams and then hunt them down as hard as you can. Once you start, it’s amazing how far you will go. But the first step is to admit you want it.

  7. Stephanie

    Worry less about what others think, there are a lot of awesome things out there that your friends are close minded enough not to appreciate.

  8. Lauren E. E.

    Dear Younger Self: Do what you actually want to do, not what you think you should do. You love design. Don’t be a social worker.

  9. Catie

    Hey, thirteen year old me! Be nicer to mom! She’s really pretty rad and you’ll regret being such a snot for many, many years to come.

  10. Sally C.

    Younger self: You’re not fat. Your parents can’t find out if you’re at a party all the way across the country. Also? The guy’s a jerk…move on.

  11. brandi

    It’s okay that you don’t think like everyone around you seems to. It’s okay that the way you see the world is different from the way they do. That will serve you well as an adult. It’s okay to be the odd one out. Embrace it. Or, at least, stop trying to squelch it so much.

  12. Nicole

    Don’t be afraid to break the rules sometimes. You’ll regret all those crazy things you didn’t do far more than the ones you did.

  13. Erica Lucci

    Stay in undergrad more than 4 years. There’s no hurry to get out of school and into a job. Also, don’t be surprised how hard it is to make friends when you get out of college. College is a unique environment for making connections. Appreciate it while you’re there.

  14. Sarah

    Dear 28-year-old Sarah,

    He was the one, but it was the wrong time.

    Here’s the thing: one day, you’ll be sitting on the beach when a blonde guy named Sven, who’s wearing a turquoise speedo and looks exactly like a guy named Sven should (abs and all), will literally emerge from the surf and walk right over to you. (You look good in that bikini, don’t worry.)

    This time, go on and take him up on that glass of wine. “Memoirs of a Geisha” can wait. Trust me.

    38-year-old Sarah

  15. Joelle

    Dear me:

    It’s not normal. Go see a doctor. Anyone who thinks less of you because you’re on happy pills shouldn’t be in your life.

    You’ll feel much better, I promise.

  16. Maggie

    Dear Maggie,
    Please take a class in computer science.
    Also, attention from boys is not really a valuable prize. Stop trying so hard.
    Margaret Edith

  17. Natalie

    You don’t need to ALWAYS be in a relationship for crying out loud. You are great company for yourself.
    There is SO much out in the world, your parents (although awesome) are pretty sheltered.
    Join the peace corps.

  18. Marina

    Dear Younger Self,

    Get over yourself. Despite how they laughed in grade 7 home ec, no one cares or will remember how you mispronounced pastry. Oh, and don’t be afraid to be more awesomer :)

    Older Self

  19. Gin

    Dear Younger Gin-
    Do not stress about not being able to keep as many plates spinning as your classmates – you will find out later that a lot of them were abusing Ritalin anyway. In ten years you will marvel out how much energy and Awesome you had.

  20. Abby-Wan Kenobi

    Don’t waste your love and attention on the people who keep letting you down. The ones who are showing up will still be showing up in 10 years and you won’t miss the others at all.

  21. Carly

    dear younger self, don’t regret grad school as much as you are right now. You’ll realize soon that you don’t really want it, but it will have helped lead you to some incredible places and people.

  22. Raven

    Stop underestimating yourself. Don’t make decisions based on fear. Apply for that scholarship, take that trip, and be spontaneous.

  23. JennyWhite

    Worry less, read more and be nice to your parents. And I would assure myself I was going to turn out awesome, so quit dieting and studying all that SAT junk. And don’t go out with Mark.

  24. Amber

    Younger Amber, Do not use that credit card. In fact, don’t even apply for one just because the guy at the table outside of the student union is cute.

  25. Jessica Mae

    Go to beauty school the first time you look into it. You love it and are good at it! Also, what you do doesn’t define what kind of person you are. All your fear of doing hair making you dumb are wrong. You are smart for following your passion.

    Also, marry Mark! He will become your safe place and help you heal. You will be happy with him.

    PS. Try to win the necklace from Mighty Girl. =)

  26. Lauren

    Socialize more. Take the risk to be friends with someone. It’s okay to look like a flirt. It’s okay to try trendy clothes. Tell the boy that you think he’s cute.

  27. Laura B.

    Dump that loser guy. You will still have friends. In fact most of his friends will choose you over him because he’s, you guessed it!, a loser!

  28. Alicia

    Advice to my younger self: build up exercise habits now! It will never be easier to get healthy than it is right now…

  29. Sarah G

    Hey 2000 Self! Listen up….

    Just because your dad is terrified when you mention that you want to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge DOESN’T MEAN you should skip it and hang out with him and your mom at a botanic garden all day.

    And while we’re talking, why don’t you stop being so self concious and just go kiss one or two of those Australian boys you think are so cute?!


  30. Leslie

    Note to younger self: Try to pay more attention in college. There is so much to learn there. Don’t spend so much time at the parties.

  31. Candice

    Dear younger Candice,
    Stop worrying so much about your weight and how you look and enjoy yourself. You look awesome, always have no matter what size! I’m still trying to figure that out now. Go easy on you!

  32. Helen

    “There is not much less flattering than being transparent emotionally to you Southern boyfriends parents. Smile, nod and ‘yes ma’am’ your heart out just don’t you dare mention your feelings”

  33. Kasey

    Dear little me, here is a piece of advice. That guy that you think is the one? He is not. Life will surprise you. The one is right in front of you. Look closer.

  34. Roxy

    Dear self,

    When Dad asked if you’d like to learn to change the oil in your car, he just wanted to spend some extra time with you. Take him up on the offer while you still can.

  35. libby

    Dear me,
    worrying about boys in highschool is lame-o.
    I’m pretty sure you won’t listen to this though.


  36. raych

    Dear Younger Self: You will make bad boyfriend choices until you fluke out and marry the best of men. So stop agonizing, it turns out fine.

  37. SeattleSchmitt

    Dear Younger Self: Don’t get married at 19 just because you can’t think of anything else you’d rather be doing with your life.

  38. Nuala Sawyer

    Cut your hair! Your migraines will happen less frequently, you will stop spending so much money on products, and you won’t have to braid your hair every night to stop it dreading. Short hair immediately made you feel more confident, happier, healthier, and gave you the courage to take risks. Do it earlier than age 14.

  39. Emily Norton

    Live alone for a really long time before you decide to get married. Be independent. Feel the loneliness. Embrace it. Mold a life for yourself first. Feel the pain. Finally, by god, make sure if you do get married you love him like mad. Like crazy, and he you. Divorce REALLY sucks. Trust me on this one.

  40. Kathi

    Shutcho’ mouth every now and then, girl! You don’t have to be the center of attention all the time.

  41. Heather

    To Younger Self: Give yourself a damn break. Being hard on yourself isn’t making you a better person, it’s making you a more stressed person.

  42. Ashley B.

    Dear Wee Ashley,

    Maybe you should rethink that degree in newspaper journalism. Industry collapse in 3…2…1.

    Grown Up Ashley

  43. kate

    Dear Younger Self-

    Realize that the things you don’t like about him at age 23 are only going to be magnified at age 39.

    Love, your Older Self

  44. Karen N

    Hey you, listen to that voice of reason shouting in your ear. Trust your own thoughts. Be confident, and go boldly in the direction of your (true) dreams. This guy is not worth your time (you already know that, I’m just repeating because you don’t seem to believe that). Be kind to yourself. And try not to lose those knee-high moccasins; you will never find another pair.

  45. Sara

    Even though you’ll make a ridiculously stupid, dumb, awful decision, that one moment will get you to where you are today. There is nothing to regret about that, so learn from this experience and be thankful that you’ve gotten to this place. xo, S

  46. Rachelino

    Brave through the social awkwardness and stick with the sciences or engineering while you at at Berkeley. You can always switch to something else later, but it’s really difficult to go the other way later…to get that technical experience or take those classes later, once you work for a living.

    Listen to your Dad on that one.

  47. Mander


    Remember that time your mom’s friend walked by you sunbathing in your bikini, and you rushed to cover up, and she said “Enjoy it. Someday you’ll realize what you have now was worth flaunting.” She was right. Stop waiting for your body to be perfect-er and enjoy what you’ve got.

  48. Laura Milner

    Hey there Yong Laura,

    DOn’t worry about what people think. Be the person you truly are and don’t let anyone change your beautiful spirit. You are strong and smart, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You my friend are worth it.

  49. K

    Just because you really like reading does not mean you should major in it. Ditch the literature major and figure out something you will actually be able to use in life. And then plan for grad school immediately after graduation.

  50. Desi

    Dear Self;

    Stop stressing about your dark skin, curly hair, freckles and curves. One day, you will celebrate them.

    Love, Me.

  51. Martha

    That crazy friend who fills your life with drama and makes you kinda bummed? You can stop being friends with her. It won’t end the world. You will be so frigging pleased with yourself when you see how much happier you are.

  52. Susan

    Here is my advice for my younger self. Non-wired bras – not a good look for you. You may be 23 but your boobs look much older.

  53. Emily

    Dear 2007 Emily,

    When you move to San Diego with the love of your life, take a little time to get out of your love nest and, oh, I don’t know, GO TO THE FREAKING BEACH.

  54. Claire

    Oh my lord. Dear younger Self: when life feels really wrong to you, it probably is. You don’t have to stick to a prescribed path because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do. Stick with your gut. Love, older, semi-wiser Self

  55. Ashley


    I know you think Jameson Whiskey and drunkorexia is a good way to get over a breakup, but he was so not worth worth it. Stop being a masochist and date the nice guy already. He wins.

  56. Elli

    Dear younger self,
    Why don’t you work on cultivating some love for yourself rather than trying to cultivate some high school loverboy’s love for you? It’ll be SO much more worth your time.


  57. Cara

    Don’t cry over those boys… you will appreciate the one you end up with and get a kick out of the others on facebook years later!

  58. Alissa

    Dear younger self,
    Hang in there. It gets better. Sometimes. And you’re stronger than you think you are. So don’t worry about it.

  59. Jenna

    Younger Self,
    Get yourself to therapy, it is awesome. Also, when you workout you feel better even though you don’t believe me. Spoiler Alert: You f-ing love kickboxing!
    Love – 2010 Self

  60. emily

    Dear Young buck:

    Do it. Do everything. Don’t be so timid. You will come out the other side of all your adventures not regretting what you did, but what you left on the table. Be less hesitant, more bold, way more reckless. By the time you are 30, you will not want to party, you will not be willing to drop everything and GO, you will be too old for many things SO DO THEM NOW. xoxo, The Old Fart aka you.

  61. Sarah

    Dear younger self, please, please, PLEASE learn the art of thinking before you speak… and subtlety in speech. It will take a while, so you should get a move on!

  62. jayme

    Little me, ease up on the worry. Stay up late, indulge, and please quit shopping with our mother as you dress like a member of the AARP.

  63. Jen

    Dear Younger Me:

    Don’t be so damn shy. Talking to people won’t kill you. You’re not a bad person – just get out there!


    Older me.

  64. MomofDavid

    Stop getting upset at insignificant things (getting less-than-stellar grades, getting fired from temp jobs, being sad when people who don’t like you)and take the time to look around and appreciate all of the great things life has to offer.

  65. Jen M.

    Dear Self,

    Please stop worrying about the future. You will not be a failure. You will have a more amazing life and career than you have ever dreamed of.

  66. Erika

    Dear Self-
    STOP SMOKING! And don’t be reckless with your heart and body, even though you think it feels good at the time.
    Love you.

  67. Jennifer

    Dear J,

    No, it is NOT the same thing as someone handing you two thousand dollars when you get a new credit card.

    Love, J

  68. Lorrie

    Dear younger self,

    Those people for whom you’re working so hard to “maintain the friendship” aren’t really your friends! If it feels one-sided, it pretty much is one sided.

    Also! Other people are loads more fun! Just go talk. You’re really funny and smart, but people don’t know it because you’re hiding in the background all the time.

    Also also! Go play!

    All the love in the world,

  69. Elly

    Dear Younger Self. Eat that chocolate, kiss those boys, and skip those lectures. Life is more than studying and jobs and it’s okay to lax out and be a bit naughty every now and then. <3, Older Self xx

  70. Amihan

    Dear Younger Self: Pack up and live in another country for a year, maybe three years, maybe more! Learn the language, explore, and savor it. San Francisco will be right where you left it, waiting for you to come home.

    Your Older Self

  71. everydayamy

    Don’t stress about everybody being cooler than you in high school. They’re at their peak right now. It only gets better for you from here on out.

  72. Sarah

    Dear Self,
    You’ll grow to like how you look, I promise. Remember to put on sunscreen and smile more. You’re pretty.

  73. Alaina

    Dear Alaina,

    Lighten up and take the time to have more fun. You’ll feel better, and no one will take you less seriously for being a little less serious.


  74. shannon

    Don’t date those guys just because you think you’re supposed to. You were on the right track thinking it felt weird and will make so much sense when she comes along…

  75. Catherine

    Cathy my love,

    He’s a douchebag. So get out and actually go ENJOY college — drink, smoke bad things, skip classes — instead of staying inside and forcing yourself to try to be the type of chaste person he says he wants. Don’t change yourself for anyone, especially a guy who told you you “could be pretty if you worked out.” You ARE pretty, RIGHT NOW. Go out and have some fun.

    Also, your current boyfriend is really, really hot, he’s smart and considerate, and he unconditionally loves you. You win!!

    Older, Wiser Cathy

  76. Heather

    Don’t listen to yourself when you repeatedly put down your voice. Listen instead to the people around you who think you are great. Work at it. Practice. Really, you can.

  77. Spring

    Culled from my letter to my 20-year-old self:

    You can undo any decisions you’ve made that no longer work for you.

    Don’t let people guilt you about commitment and stability. They’re probably laboring under a commitment they made that no longer works for them. They’re responsible for living their life; you’re responsible for living your life.

  78. Jenn

    Dear Jenn,

    While not enjoying sports is okay, it’s also okay to get up and move some times. It turns out that you run like Big Bird only because you don’t run very often. I promise. You can do this.

    Older You.

    P.S. That super short cut you’re considering for your Senior Pictures? Probably not your best idea. xoxo

  79. Laura Jane

    Laur, women would kill for those curves so stop whining about it, get a new bra and live loud. Also, stop apologizing so goddamn much. You’re doing just fine, doll.

  80. Natalie

    Stop yourself and ask, ‘what’s really going on with me right now?’ before (1) impulsively reaching out to other people or (2) being snappy with loved ones. You will then discover other options for dealing with your temporary stresses that are more effective!

  81. Anne Marie

    Stop worrying so much about being alone. Future you ends up marrying the best husband ever. And in the meantime, you’re pretty good company so take yourself to dinner, go to the movies, and definitely eat the gelato!

  82. Shelly

    Dear younger self,
    Do not get married to your college boyfriend, do not move to Texas, eat some whole grains and wear some sunscreen for goodness sake! See you in 9 years. :)

  83. Jenn M

    Dear me,

    Keep dancing. Go to class, have fun, read, sew, live your life, but for the love of everything beautiful in this world, keep dancing.

  84. Ivy

    Dear Little Ivy,

    You are so much stronger and braver than you think you are. It will just take you 15 years to figure that out, so don’t sweat it.

    All the things you hate about the way you look will turn out to be the things that make you unique and precious and (gasp!) beautiful. Promise.

    Also, if he’s acting like he’s not into you, HE’S REALLY NOT INTO YOU. Don’t waste any more time thinking about it. It doesn’t make you any less, just because he’s not giving you more.

    (Slightly) Big(ger) Ivy

  85. ladyloo

    Dear 30 Year Old Self:

    The world is not conspiring to make you wretched. Take a little responsibility, and do what makes you happy.

    The 34 Year Old Happy Version of You

  86. zoeo

    dear third grade zoe, can you please save some of those ditto sheets? there are a few grammar lessons it’s worth repeating… all the other mistakes you make will make you/me who we are now. and we’re pretty much ok.

  87. Megan G.

    This state of fear and doubt is not limited to life in your early 20s. I know that might seem unfair. You’ll find it unfair later, too. Take a breathe and wade in.

  88. Sarah

    Dear younger me,

    Don’t be so afraid of what everyone will think of you — get out there, smile more, and loosen up. But also stop procrastinating and apply yourself! You can make anything happen if you just put your mind to actually doing the work.

    Current me

  89. gillian

    Dear Gill,

    Lighten up. The world will not actually be a better place for all your moralizing. You’ll just be boring and get left out of all the fun. Instead, stay out tonight, kiss that boy, and have a good time! The world will not end and you will have fun. I promise.

    Love ya

  90. Rachel Knecht

    You haven’t run out of time! There is so much time you’re rolling in it. So don’t ever think that it’s too late. It’s not. Also, learn French. Trust me on this one.

  91. heather

    Advice to a younger me: Your best friend, the one you laugh with so much? He’s going to become the one you live for and love. Be patient.

  92. nicole

    hey younger you!

    you are pretty awesome, but when that boy knocks on your door sophomore year of college, sleep with him. you have regretted that since 1993.

    oh, buy technology stock. you’ll thank me later.

    now go get some sweetheart,

    your older self.

  93. Shannon

    Dear Younger Shannon,

    Before you get upset that you weren’t invited someplace, thin about if you really wanted to be there. Sometimes, home with a glass of wine and a great book is way better than the (seemingly more fun) alternative!

    Good luck,

    Current Shannon

  94. Anne

    Don’t EVER stop your running program, even if you are certain you’ll resume it when the weather gets a bit nicer. Without it you’ll look 5 months pregnant with a healthy food baby.

  95. Claudia

    Dear Young Claudia,
    Please keep your great grandmas, grandmas and mother’s
    accessories and clothes for future usage!!

  96. Jenn

    Dear Self: When your employer offers to match your contribution on an RRSP, for goodness sake start an RRSP. And stop spending so much money on crap you don’t and put more money into savings because law school is expensive (then again, maybe rethink law school).

  97. MontanaJen

    Any time you spend with someone who makes you feel intellectually, spiritually, or physically inferior is time wasted.

    Any time you spend with someone who makes you want to be a better intellectual, spiritual, and physical person is time well spent.

    Your time is precious. Spend it with care.

    And dump Ben – he’s a serious douche.

  98. Emily

    Dear younger self: Save money so you never have to depend on anyone for your dreams. And oh, sometimes people are just mean or crazy or very caught up in their own crap and their actions really don’t have anything to do with you.

  99. Emily

    I would tell my younger self to have some patience. Everything you want will happen in it’s own time, or you’ll find it wasn’t so necessary afterall. So enjoy that walk or quiet Friday night. It’s quality time with you.

  100. Chris C.

    That necklace is lovely! I would tell my younger self to get more exercise and more sleep. Turns out, you don’t need Prozac or any of the other half-dozen anti-depressants you took in college (and their sucky side effects) to keep you happy and stable — just lots and lots of good cardio and 8+ hours of sleep a night :-)

  101. Cait

    I’m 29 now. I wish I could tap into my older self for some wisdom. But for my younger self? I would tell her that she is right. The friends she has now are the best in the world and leaving doesn’t change that.

  102. meghanb

    Ask out that cute boy at Enterprize – he was flirty and even wore a costume to work on Halloween (just like you did). Beside, Jeff is an asshole that will break your heart.

    Don’t get that credit card.

    Wear shorter skirts & tight dresses.

  103. Emily W

    Don’t spend so much time dreaming and limiting yourself–just DO things. You have more potential then you think. Have confidence.

  104. Beth

    Try pretending you aren’t shy or that you are comfortable in an unfamiliar situation. Sometimes this will translate into reality!

  105. Lindsay Masten

    Dear Younger Self:

    Please let more people take your picture, you look amazing. No joke.

    Also, wear shorts! See above advice for why.

    Thank you,

    Slightly Older Self

  106. Juliann

    Dear 23 year old self,

    I’m so happy to see that you’ve stopped worrying so much about what other people think. But do me a favor, ok? Stop at three drinks. It’s usually enough.

    32 year old self

  107. Cora D

    Dear Younger Self: the only thing you need to do right now is believe in yourself more. That’s it – stop trying to fix and change and suppress – just believe in who you are. You kick ass in so many ways, which you’ll notice if you start appreciating your talents and faults. Love, Your Older Self

  108. Kimberlie

    Please rethink the tattoo. Sure, it looks cool at 18, but in another 10 years? Just think about it…pretty please?

  109. Kelly

    Dear twenty-something me,

    1) Spend less time worrying about what everyone else thinks and more time worrying about what you think.
    2) You are terrible at settling for less than you want, so let’s stop trying, k? No, really. Stop it.
    3) Don’t leave the house on the lake. You will regret it for years.
    4) Drink less. No, less than that. Less. Even less. That’s more like it.
    5) Laugh more. A lot more.
    6) It gets harder. It gets easier. Tide comes in. Tide goes out. We call it life.

  110. Wendy

    Dear younger version of me:

    Let go of your fears and dive into your life headfirst without looking, you will regret way more the things you did not do and places you did not go then the mistakes you might make. Embrace yourself, yes you are different and that is what makes you unique and special. That man who seemed “safe”, your best friend, he will turn out to be the most amazing husband ever. Finally, don’t wait until you are 32 with 4 kids to finish your college degree, follow your dreams now, trust me it will be much less stressful!

    An older, wiser version of yourself

  111. Rachel Lew

    To my 18-year-old self: There is nothing wrong with being sad or having problems, but it is also OK to ask for help and see a professional. It isn’t bad. You might just need a little help for a little while to get yourself back on track. You are fabulous. Also, not as fat as you think.

  112. Laura

    I love that necklace!

    Also, I’d tell my younger self to stop freaking out about the SATs. They go just fine.

  113. Amanda

    dear younger me,
    it is ok to dream big. it is ok to try something new/different/scary even if (especially if) it doesn’t work out perfectly. it is ok to ask for help. worry less and have more confidence. -me

  114. Alicia Brown

    Dear Younger Alicia,
    When your on again off again boyfriend of 6 years drunkly sleeps with his female best friend on “accident”, you LEAVE. You don’t stay. You do not make excuses and allowances. No matter the circumstances…you leave.
    Oh. And stick up for yourself sometimes will ya?

    With love,
    current Alicia

  115. Diana

    If I could, I would tell my younger self to listen to my mother! It turns out she wasn’t entirely full-of-it afterall… Who would’ve known?

  116. Sarah C.

    Dear Younger Self,

    Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks of you. It doesn’t matter as much as what you think of you.


    Your old self

  117. Elizabeth

    If someone sets off alarm bells in your head, even quiet ones, and even if they seem super great and fun, listen and pay attention. It will inevitably become clear why.

  118. Patsy

    Younger me,

    Those kids in high school that you are so desperately trying to impress, turns out it will not matter in a year or two. You will find your wings in college. And that boy you start dating at 18, you will marry him. And it is awesome. So learn how to fight fair, stop being so melodramatic and storming out.

    Love me.

  119. Lindsey @ I Run in Heels

    Dear Younger Self,
    Some day a singer named John Mayer will sing a song “Say What You Need to Say” and it will inspire you to do just that. But I think you should start saying what you need to say right now. Things like “I like you,” “That really upsets me,” & “There’s so much more to me than you think.”

  120. Dreadpiraterach

    Dear younger self;
    It’s really ok you didn’t get into your first choice of university. Breathe. Take the year off and then try out the little known one. You’ll love it, I promise. And it will change your life..

  121. wendy

    I’ve been thinking, and I’m not much for giving advice. I’m better at giving hugs. I’d like to give my younger self a hug.

  122. Pictou

    Dear Younger Self,

    Pay attention to how a man treats his mother. He’ll never treat you any better.

  123. Calamity Jill

    dearest little Calamity: check the pockets before throwing your jeans in the washer, don’t take yourself too seriously – or no one else will, use the damn sunblock, and travel outside of the country before you make any babies or sign any marriage certificates.

  124. kim b.

    Appreciate your body.

    Your stomach isn’t fat. Your skin is great, and even after staying up all night you look amazing. Don’t tug on your shirt so much. Don’t worry about what your butt looks like in those jeans. Do leave the lights on.
    This is the best you’ll ever look. Rock it. Own it. Love it.
    And maybe start getting into an exercise habit, ok?

  125. elsie

    dear high school senior self – GO TO CORNELL!! it really is OK for “nice Cuban girls” to leave home and go away to college! REALLY!!!! GO!!!!

  126. Christa Bader

    Stay away, far away, from him. And his mind games. And his “fragile ego”.

    And his brother.

  127. HL

    The piece of advice I would give to my younger self would be to live life more, take chances and take risks. I’d also tell myself that it’s really not that big of an emergency as it feels at that moment.

  128. Devon

    I’m still really young (22!) but here is what I would tell my 16-year-old-self:



    Your somewhat older self

  129. Brooke

    Oh, dear one. Please, please try harder. There is no one right answer. Love yourself. I can’t stop at just one piece of advice.

  130. Kristen

    Younger Kristen – you are beautiful exactly as you are. You might not be the skinniest or smartest of all your friends, but you light up a room and make people feel good about themselves. And that, my dear, is an invaluable tool.

  131. NatC

    Dear Younger Self,
    You don’t need to solve all of everyone else’s problems. Especially the big, unsolvable ones. Take a deep breath, WALK AWAY, and take care of yourself.
    ps. Tell your older self to remember this herself sometimes.

  132. Katie

    Kay-Kay, remember what Fa said about the credit cards being for emergencies only? Well, this right here is not an emergency. No, that isn’t either.

    And yes, I know that MRD is saying that you’ll pay for it together. Yes, I know MRD means well.

    But really hun, MRD is a lying mutha ucker, and pretty soon he’s going to smash your heart and leaving you holding the bag (or bills, as the case may be). So seriously. Put the card away. You’ll be so much happier five years from now.

    Love you,

    PS – The REAL catch is MWL. And don’t worry. He loves you regardless of the silly mistakes you’re making right now. Actually, he probably loves you a bit more because of them. I told you he’s a catch.

  133. Ana

    Dear Younger Self~
    Quit analyzing and dissecting, and get some shit done that makes you happy already. Also, forgiveness is the key…always.

  134. Brooke

    When someone asks you to Homecoming your freshman year, for Pete’s sake say yes. Also, fish are actually really good to eat, you are so missing out by being such a picky eater! Peas are still gross, though, don’t worry about those.

  135. Coralee

    1. Your mother is wiser than you want to admit
    2. People are so caught up in their own little personal dramas that they notice very little of what is happening in the world immediately around them
    3. It will not matter 5 years from now; actually that is problably more like 5 weeks from now
    4.You go girl!

  136. Becky

    Younger Becky: learn to accept that failure, and admitting failure, are not necessarily bad things. You limit yourself when you won’t acknowledge them. Open up, relax, and have a little fun! Great things can happen.

  137. Stephanova

    You’re hot. Stop worrying about it.
    Also, stop trying to have a grown-up romantic relationship. You’re 20. You don’t have to do that yet so just have fun.

  138. Tracey Butterfield

    Stop trying to fix everything and just breathe – some things DO take care of themselves.

  139. Ariel

    Do just a few more crazy things. It’s when you push yourself out of your comfort zone that the most memorable things in your life occur.

  140. Katie

    Advice to younger self: You are darling and funny, stop worrying about your big nose and big feet and enjoy being young and childless!

  141. Annie

    Dear Miss Annie:

    You hate non-profit and you’re really bad at it. Theater makes you miserable. Take the film production class at SVA MUCH EARLIER.

    Also, shelling out $100 for teeth cleaning will be much less expensive than dealing with 12 cavities. Seriously.

  142. Lisa F

    1. Don’t be so afraid of boys & those early crushes
    2. Don’t worry about what other people think
    3. Don’t get a perm
    4. Wear clothes that show off/fit your body type
    5. Continue playing the piano
    6. Continue running competitively
    7. Go to a smaller college
    8. Don’t lose yourself in relationships
    9. Study harder in college in classes that ‘really’ interest you

  143. Erinn

    dear 14 year old self trapped in a teeny little single-minded town: those different and totally weird feelings you have about girls? it’s normal, and it’s called being gay. unfortunately you won’t realize that this ‘condition’ actually has a name and that you are not alone until several years later. now aren’t you glad you listened to your intuition and didn’t go out with that creepy religious guy mom was pushing on you??? YOU’RE WELCOME.

    ps. make Tim Gunn your god now, and it will save you a lot of frustration later.

  144. tish

    …sometimes you have to do what is right for you even when everyone else thinks it is wrong…they don’t have to live your life…you can’t make decisions based on their comfort…

  145. Fiona Allen

    Dear Younger Self – Be kind to yourself, treat your body well and study yoga so you’ll be flexible and have a beautiful swan-
    like neck in which to display the beautiful necklace from Feisty Elle that you will win from Margaret

  146. Cat

    I know you’re busy and all, but college comes with a gym membership. You’ll land a sweet boy either way. (No, not that one. No spoilers, Younger Self.) But don’t wait until you can actually see yourself getting old with someone to start working on making sure you see old age.

  147. Amy

    As subtext, I am a obsess-about-order kind of person. Before going off to college and graduate school, before living with strangers, before embarking on real life and responsibility, I’d give myself the following advice…

    Embrace chaos. It’s the natural order of things, and it can be fun.

  148. Laura

    Don’t go to the bar The Library. It will save you a world of hurt and a lot of money in therapy. Also, eat more doughnuts while you have the metabolism.

  149. Liz S.

    My Very Dear Lizzie,

    Two things. First, there’s not supposed to be anything relativistic about how your boyfriend treats you – if YOU think he’s being selfish and hurtful, he IS being selfish and hurtful. There is no jury on this – your opinion is the only one that counts.
    Second, the thing you do to celebrate, where you buy a cake for no reason and ask the baker to write something great on it in icing? That’s the greatest. Keep doing that. You’ll lose interest in sheet cake soon enough, and celebrating small things is a great habit to get into.


  150. freddy

    That 6’5″ former Nazi sympathizer? Yeah, how about not starting to date him in the first place, smartie pants?

  151. Michelle

    Dear Younger Self: Be nicer to your body- you don’t want to go through this past year and you can avoid it!

  152. Elisabeth

    Hey, younger self! You’ve got great instincts and you’re a wonderful judge of character. Go easier on yourself and keep following your heart.

    (wow…I wonder if this is good advice for 10 years from now, as well?)

  153. Karly

    Love that necklace!

    Dear self,

    Although you may be flattered with the full-ride scholarship you got from the podunk college in the middle of a turkey farm, apply to more schools and please finish!!

  154. Melissa

    To my younger self: Treasure those moments with your parents because they will be gone too soon.

  155. cj

    Hey you – yeah, you – the girl who doesn’t smile:
    Show your teeth. You have a beautiful smile and no one notices your teeth are crooked but you.

  156. Krista

    It’s okay to ask for help when you need it. It doesn’t show you’re broken, it shows you’re dedicated.

  157. Venita Hale

    Stop worrying that every decision, whether minor or major, will determine your soul’s final destination.

  158. Nicole

    You WILL reach a time in your life where you won’t feel as though everyone has to like you. You’ll realize it’s just not the hassle and hard work to live up to their unrealistic expectations.

  159. Crafty Dayeseye

    Dear Younger ME,

    You cannot OWN anything, you are just a great caretaker, and, nothing and no one can OWN you, but they can take care of you!

    oh, you know who.

  160. kate

    Dear younger self,
    You will never be as young and thin as you are right now; wear a bikini while you can, dummy!! Oh, and don’t date that one guy. He doesn’t deserve you.

  161. dani

    Dear younger me-
    Star thinking about your future (you will have one). Those girls aren’t your frie ds and those boys don’t deserve you (or your body). Speak up in class. Do a semster abroad. Stop being so scared about what others think about you.
    A happier, more confident (and older) you.

  162. kate

    Oh my god, some of these are heartbreaking. I love this idea; it’s worthy of an entire post. Uh huh, stealing this idea.

  163. Nora

    Dear me 18-22ish: Go for a walk, study more, and for Pete’s sake don’t drink so much. You’re too cute and life’s too short for you to spend so much time feeling nihilistic.

  164. Tracy

    You may think that your snotty friends are the only worthwhile people in the entire world. You are incorrect. You’re missing out on a lot of great relationships by ignoring everyone else.

  165. Abby - Bright Yellow World

    Dear Self,

    PUT DOWN THE SNICKER’S BAR. For one thing, it’s going to make you cry when you try and get rid of it ten years later, still sitting on your butt. For another, there is WAAAAY better chocolate in your future.


  166. Vanessa

    Dear Me,

    Stop being so afraid to speak up in class. Sooner or later, you will find out that participation is key to learning, and no one will be able to get you to shut up. This is a good thing.


  167. Jen

    Dear younger self,
    Don’t worry so much. People really like you, and you are cooler than you think you are. In about 15 years, it won’t matter. You’ll have a great job, two kids and a wonderful husband. It really will work out OK. Actually, even better than you imagined.
    Love yourself… others do.



  168. janie

    Hey younger self, do more sit ups and push ups. You can eat as much ice cream as you would like but you will love the increased muscle tone later. Thanks.
    Your future ice cream loving older version.

    If this posts twice, please delete one, my internet is doing odd turning off randomly for 3 seconds things.

  169. SarahThe

    Dear Sarah at 17:

    Don’t be afraid of going to college. It doesn’t matter that you’re young. You’re strong. You can handle it. Go to the big school.


    Sarah at 27.

    P.S. Double major in Spanish AND Nursing. Don’t be afraid of Science. Chemistry was only hard the first time because Mr. Sanders was a terrible teacher, not because you’re bad at science.

  170. Carrie

    Honey – stick to your guns, keep smiling, be kind, be honest and take the opportunity to travel every single time that you get chance to do so. Even the briefest journey is worthwhile.

  171. Amy M

    Thank you for going after the literature classes that sounded interesting, instead of the ones that seemed important. Also, you are thin and your stomach is remarkably flat.

  172. Kat

    Dear 19-year-old Kat,

    If you don’t actually like coffee, why are you drinking it? Quit smoking now while it is not so difficult, please. Go home and hug your mom. Right now. Do this as often as you can. The cancer’s going to come back and you will lose her long before you’re ready. Oh, and I know naked pictures seem like a great idea right now, but in ten years, you’re really gonna wish you hadn’t taken them. Don’t move to New York. It will all end badly. Just go visit and then come home, thus not spending every cent you have, and avoid sleeping with that Matt guy while you’re there. He’s even more of a douche than he seems.

    Love, 29-year-old Kat

    P.S. You’re queer.

  173. Katie Kruger

    Turns out you don’t have to wait till college to be the outspoken, nerdy, blunt awesome woman you turn out to be. Everyone around you will eventually be that person too so don’t be afraid.

  174. Candie

    Dear Self,
    Don’t be afraid to talk to people. They are far more supportive that you give them credit for and they are not out to get you. Learn to trust those around you.

  175. Erica

    Dear past self,

    Do not get a credit card. Don’t try to stay with your high school boyfriend when you go to college, it’s not any fun. Also, vodka, sprite and low fat raspberry frozen yogurt do not mix.

    future self

  176. Kate @ Savour Fare

    Just relax already! Go a little crazy! Have some fun in high school. You have the rest of your life to be responsible. Embrace your quirks. And stop tucking in your shirts.

  177. amanda a.

    Seriously, self, don’t be so freakin’ dramatic! It sucks now (duh!), but things work out no matter how crappy they seem at the moment. And, if they don’t work out… well, they work out anyway. :)

  178. Katie Cook

    For the love of God, stop worrying so much. Also, quit smoking, it’s disgusting and a waste of what little money you have.

  179. Jess

    Dear younger Jess,
    It turns out, wherever you live and whatever your job, you’re a pretty happy person who occasionally has moments of extreme anxiety and sadness. Once you realize that this is just your disposition, not your circumstances, you’ll be able to kick that dissatisfied feeling and enjoy your life even more!
    Love you,
    Older Jess

  180. Maureen

    Dear Younger Self,
    Math is important. Get more comfortable with it. Also, start saving for your retirement now.
    PS. You should see who we married!!!

  181. Sara

    Sweetie: You are very earnest now, and that can be a good thing. But it can also hinder you.

    Just do things that make you happy! You’ll surround yourself with people you admire and who challenge you. So your path is being built, connections being made. Trust the process. Getting older is awesome.

  182. Danyelle

    Just because people who are supposed to know what they are talking about tell you something, they won’t necessarily be right. Follow your gut.

  183. Madison

    Things will get infinitely better after high school, and no one’s opinion there actually mattered. No, really!

  184. mollie

    hey you! self! your hair is CURLY… stop brushing it all the time and it will stop frizzing out more and more. you’re just making matters worse right now.

  185. Jenn Bo

    This is what I’d tell myself:
    You’re smart and will do well no matter the obstacle, so don’t take school quite so seriously. Now, don’t run out and act like a hoodlum, but focus on having more fun. Also, don’t let your jealousy ruin your friendship with Lisa, it would be a mistake you regret.

  186. Molly

    Hey, young Molly: you don’t have to tolerate so much from that boyfriend! Contrary to what he wants you to believe, he won’t die if you tell him to take a hike!

  187. Kim Mangan

    I would tell my younger self, that while your difficult teenage years only last so long, there are always people who never quite grow out of that phase.

  188. Emily

    You did a good thing when you stopped drinking soda. Your dentist applauded you! Also, accept that study abroad to Oxford. Lastly, spend more time with Mom before she dies.

  189. Leigh

    Don’t bring that guy with the blue mohawk home to meet your family when your grandmother is visiting. You really don’t need to push back so hard. They are a supportive bunch, and will always let you be yourself.

  190. tonya

    Wee self:

    Please do not get so wrapped up in someone else’s life that you forget your own passions.

    Also, keep exercising, silly.


  191. rahree

    Dear younger self,
    You can’t fix people – especially those who don’t want to be fixed. (And you’re included in that, missy.)

    Also? You TOTALLY should’ve hung onto mom’s suede coat, even with the rip on the pocket. You’ll miss it.

  192. Chrissie

    Show your parents and siblings how much you love them more regularly and listen to what they have to say. They’re not nearly as out of touch as you think they are.

  193. Earth Girl

    Dear younger self,
    I understand that the decisions you make are the best decisions you could make at that time and place. It all works out more amazing than you can even imagine.

  194. Katherine Dey

    Dear mini-self,

    Read everything you can get your hands on, especially when someone more versed than you is around to discuss it with … The Heart of Darkness will make a lot more sense.

  195. Carrie

    Oh, honey – it’s not going to get better until you take the medication. Save yourself from losing years of what could have been the best times.

  196. Jackie

    To that younger girl that I still feel so close to…enjoy every hour of every day…they go by faster and faster as you get older. Savor every single one.

  197. Kristy

    Dear younger self: When you get the urge to tell that high school guidance counselor to blow it out her ass, DON’T SUPPRESS IT.

  198. Jovi

    Dear teen self: You know that awesome, quirky woman you always wish could become? In the future, that’s who you’ll be. In fact, you already are.

  199. Jackie

    Dear younger self…you don’t really need that, whatever it is you’re about to buy. Save your money now and you won’t regret it.

  200. Kristin

    Get in bed while it’s dark. Get out of bed while it’s morning. Be responsible so you can have more fun.

  201. Sarah

    Dear darling girl, younger self,
    It gets better, it gets so much better. You can’t even dream of the life you’re going to live, so stick it out. It gets better.
    Love, Me
    PS Stop relying on the whiskey, it doesn’t make you nearly as smart or funny or pretty as you think it does.

  202. DiaryofWhy

    You are not a small town girl (at least you won’t always be). Don’t go to that tiny liberal arts college of 1500 students–go somewhere else! The world is your oyster! And smile at people, once in a while.

  203. Sheryl

    Dear Younger Self:

    Love doesn’t mean compatibility. Run now, before it’s too late. Oh, and don’t drop out of college; mom and dad are paying and you have a young, fresh mind. When you’re 45 and a single mom, that tuition bill will really hurt and school will be a lot harder with all of the other things occupying your middle-age brain.

  204. Kelly

    You don’t need to get engaged in order to move out of your parents house in with him, its not some kind of magical band of grown-up-ness. University is not just for rich kids. There are loans you can get. Go find out about them. And finally, get your dual citizenship papers, go to Ireland and work for your Uncle Seamus.

  205. Angeerah

    Dear Silly Girl,
    Stop trying to be cooler, make everyone else happy, and for goodness sake, have more confidence in yourself!

  206. Clarissa

    Platitudinous advice for my younger self: People think you’re cute….believe them. The only thing standing in your way is you.

    Also, please skip that overalls phase.

  207. Melinda

    Dear Young Me,
    Accept that boy’s offer to dance at the 6th grade dance and don’t be embarrassed of what you friends might say. You don’t know this yet but that boy won’t be around long. A few months after the dance he will die in a crash. Accept that dance so you don’t have to carry the regret with you the rest of your life.

  208. Tabitha

    Hey, younger self. Whassup girlfriend? About that thing. Well, when you think the big things will stop being big things just because you are married, you are wrong. Capital W wrong.

  209. Ryan Elizabeth

    Dear me my first year in college,

    Never, ever, ever start smoking, and always, always, always dance, sing and be silly, especially with your best friends.

  210. janet brashear

    Stop worrying about these little things that will mean nothing a week, a month and a year from now. It’s wasted energy.

  211. Bextoronto

    Dear Younger Me,

    Engineering is fun and all, but you’ll like baking better. Get on that!

    Older Me

  212. mia

    learn to stop hating yourself. you can’t be perfect – no one can , but you’re far from horrible.

  213. Rebecca

    To my 18 year old self, sneaking into bars:

    Beware the drinks with the fancy names. It really isn’t cool to vomit in the stairwells and shower stalls of your dorm.

  214. Susan

    Enjoy yourself. It’s okay to feel pretty and sexy. Ten (twenty?) years from now you will be wishing to have have the body and skin that you have now.

  215. alanna

    Dear Younger Self,

    Don’t waste so much time. It’s okay to try new things and take chances, but get out when it’s not working – it’s not giving up.
    4 years with BF #1
    Another 2 years with BF #2
    2 years with BF #2
    6 doomed-from-the-begginging months with BF #3
    2 more years with BF #2
    5 years at a job that kills your soul
    5 years of of misery in undergrad and then 5 years of not taking the last two classes you need to graduate.

    Years upon years of wishing, hoping, dreaming, but doing NOTHING about it.

    Plan a plan and go! Dream, Achieve, Live!

    Life can be so much better than you think.


  216. Haley J.

    Dear Younger Self,

    Finish your music degree. And, if you can’t see your way to do that, then at least get your masters degree in English. That whole “taking a year off thing”…. bad idea. Dump your boyfriend the FIRST time he cheats on you, too.

  217. Anna

    There is a time for sloth and a time for work; the latter will make you appreciate the former more.

    Take chances, have fun, don’t make all decisions based on how insecure you feel, because everyone else is pretty much faking that ease and enthusiasm, too.

  218. Syd

    Don’t have sex with someone who isn’t worthy of being the father of your children.

    Being a hottie, is not a good enough standard for sex. Aim higher.

  219. Kris

    Hey little lady…listen up!

    Know this: All that glitters is not gold.

    Put down that negative 30 SPF Sun Tan Oil. Now.

    Pay more attention in that photography class. And the Spanish one too.

    Listen to your Dad’s advice regarding that African safari. You will regret it if you don’t.

  220. Katherine

    College isn’t for everyone – do something more adventurous and don’t have any regrets. (And because student loans for three degrees you didn’t finish is pretty lame.)

  221. Manders

    Dear teenage self: You are not dateless because you are ugly or nerdy or unwantable. You are dateless simply because you are not ready for it yet, and neither are those boys. A lot of them turn out to be losers, and if you had gone out with the ones who didn’t, it would have ended disastrously. But that one guy? Life turns him–and you–into a beautiful, grounded, honest, honorable person.

    But you are not ultimately defined by your relationship status. God knows and loves you, and that is enough.

    Love, mid-twenties self

  222. mar

    Don’t be lazy, stop looking for shortcuts. Patience, it is a quality you should work on – it pays back in spades!!!

    Also – moisturizer!

  223. Jennifluff

    Dear Jennifluff,

    Its better to fail than to never try because you are scared. That’s just dumb; you are smarter than that.

  224. Lisa May

    Dear younger self:
    Two words: re. lax. Trust your gut, stop second guessing yourself so much. You’re funny when you allow yourself to be. Now go have fun.

  225. molly

    Dear Young me,

    Don’t spend so much energy trying to find love. It will find you when your aren’t even expecting it.

    Don’t do shots after midnight…that’s never wise.

    You are smart and kind….act like it.

    Wear sunscreen!!!!

    who you will become.

  226. Anne-Katherine S

    I would tell my younger self that it’s okay to like things that not everyone likes. That’s what makes me me.

  227. Michelle

    Dear little Michelle,

    Please remember to focus on the bigger picture, and stop worrying about the small stuff.

  228. Kelly H

    younger self: quit making “I’ll never…” statements. They all come true in a few more years.

  229. Kate

    Hey Younger Self – Ignore the people that freak you out and just hang out with the people who value you. You’ll have a lot more fun and be less insecure. Plus, it will save you years of struggling to figure that out!

  230. abi

    Dear Me At Nineteen,
    Don’t bother feeling guilty about dropping out of college. Ten years from now you’ll be back, armed with antidepressants and years of therapy, and it’ll be a much better experience for you. And while we’re on the subject, how about you go ahead and start with the therapy and Effexor *before* you have kids? Xoxo, me

  231. Rachel

    Dear Younger Self,

    Stop seeking reassurance from external sources and trust in yourself. You are doing beautifully. Really.

    Older Self

    P.S. Seriously, don’t scratch that chicken pock – it will leave a small but irksome scar on your chin.

  232. Alex

    Dear younger me,

    Stop giving a crap about what people think and do what you want. Life is so much more fun that way.

  233. Laura

    It truly is better not to peak in high school so don’t be so concerned with what the cool kids think. And listen to your gut and go to art school.

  234. nat

    Dear young Nat: Keep wearing weird stuff, and doing dumb things. Your old man may be right about most of the stuff he’s on about, but he’s wasting his breath trying to tell you now. It really only works if you figure it out on your own, which you do.
    Stuff turns out all right for you. Keep playing guitar.

  235. Susan

    Dear younger self,
    A career in the arts is not more noble than a career in science. Also, you’re hot. How can you not see that?

    Love, You.

  236. carona

    Hey listen up! Don’t earn your degree in a field were you will “always have a job”…do something you love. When that guy says his family and friends will always come first believe him and find someone who will put you first. Those goals you have?…WRITE THEM DOWN! Work less and play more, get your fun on!

  237. beyond

    dear younger self: use more sunscreen! really! and forgive people who hurt you, holding into grudges will just give you a tummy ache. and always keep dreaming like you are now; you will get there eventually, don’t worry.

  238. Courtney

    Hey there self,

    You end up going to a really great college. But it’s been 12 years since you graduated college and you’ve still got a lot of it to pay for, so why don’t you take it a little more seriously? Cool it with taking the science classes for non-majors, and using the pass/fail option for a grade.

    Also, that guy you date from ages 24 to 27? Just spare yourself a lot of grief and don’t pass him your number when you spy him on the Metro. He may be mighty hot, but he is so not worth it.

    But you’ve got a great husband now, so it all works out in the end.

  239. Elaina

    Dear young Elaina: Don’t let anyone else define you. Learn to say no. You’ll laugh about it later, I promise. Smile. It all goes by so quickly.

  240. Sromeo

    Dear younger self:

    You applied to 6 colleges in Boston. You applied to 1 college in New York City. You did not end up in Boston, and looking back, you are so glad for it. Don’t sweat turning down the “Boston dream.” In retrospect it would have been a horrible idea.

  241. Pamela

    Spend more time smiling instead of scrunching up your nose in self-doubt. In 20 years your first wrinkles are going to be in between your eyes, right on the bridge of your nose. You don’t want your wrinkles to be telling that kind of story.

    Oh how I am hoping for that beautiful necklace!

  242. Desiree

    Yes, you *can* do all of those things, but more importantly, when will you!? It’s okay to be underprepared, you’ll learn as you go along. And everyone is rooting for you.

  243. Becky

    Love yourself more. Care less what others think. Spend more time on the phone with your parents just because you can.

  244. Tiffany

    Save that allowance! Soon, your family won’t be able to afford giving you money like that, and you will wish you had the savings to leave a toxic home life earlier.

    Get off the couch, ignore the naysayers and imaginary judgmental jury, and do what you want, knowing in every cell of your being that you are awesome (or fake it until you make it). Because you will regret giving up swimming out of body shyness, you will wish you hadn’t given up writing from listening to your mother tell you it’s useless, you will realize that nobody really thought you had no business in after-school Animation classes so you should’ve gone anyway. Live as you dream of living. You have great instincts but you need to listen to them instead of your doubts.

  245. Victoria

    If you’re worried and stressed about something you cannot change, you’re probably NOT taking the initiative on something you can.

  246. Rebecca

    It turns out you DO like beer. Keystone is not beer. Also, don’t take yourself so seriously. The brooding thing won’t go away, but the ability to share it humorously will make all the difference.

  247. Caitlin

    Dear Me
    – stop dating that loser
    – don’t be afraid to be your own person
    – do what you love – you’re going to end up doing it anyway, so why waste time?

  248. Rebecca

    You will eventually date someone and he will be awesome and you will have an amazing little boy together. Enjoy the friendships that you do have and stop obsessing about not having a boyfriend.

  249. Lisa

    Dearest little Lisa,
    We are blessed with two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more than you talk.

  250. Vickimae

    Dear HS self,
    Quit looking down your nose at those “sluts”- you’ll be less miserable if you date/ get some before you are 20.
    Your Sexually Older & Wiser Self

  251. Kris

    The only to figure out what’s best for you is to block out every other voice – recognise that and don’t feel bad about it.

  252. Erica

    Dear self,

    Stop trying so hard. You are awesome as is. Also, drink less and change your major. You may not know it now but you actually really love science and helping people and years later you will wish you’d identified these interests earlier.


  253. Emily

    You know, just stop. Slow down. Take time. Enjoy life. It will (on reflection) just rush on by, it doesn’t need your help. Stop worrying. It’ll all happen eventually, and if it doesn’t, well pffft, it clearly wasn’t meant to. Embrace everything (with the exception of a few icky individuals). Keep an open mind. Take every opportunity given to you. Say “Thank you” and “I love you” more often. See you real real soon….

  254. Maren

    Learn how to take care of your hair — it’s gorgeous and curly and you’re going to lose most of it thanks to birth control. Don’t be a vegetarian for eight years if you’re not going to learn to like salad, because a pasta diet will do you no favors.

    Realize that your parents are as clueless as you are and get some outside advice when it comes to higher education. Guess what: STUDENT LOANS EXIST! You don’t have to pay all by yourself or get a scholarship! Really!

    Please stop painting yourself into the last available corner when it comes to making life choices. I know the endless opportunities that being a reasonably intelligent, middle class white American grants you are overwhelming, and that fear of failure is what makes you do it, but honestly you just can’t undo some of the choices you will make after being forced into them at the last minute thanks to your own self-handicapping.

    Oh, and speaking of last minute choices, fuck that law school noise. It’s the worst possible place for you, and the debt is no joke.

  255. Amy Ferguson

    I’m loving reading everyone else’s. Mine is, you are not fat. wear the slutty dress, you look great.

  256. Michelle

    Don’t stop running. Your joints will decide they like the inactivity, and you’ll have to give it up for good.

  257. Karen

    Everyone will love you no matter what you do. It’s just severe anxiety. You should talk to someone about that, and then talk to Mom and convince her to get help too, because she’s been trying to live with it for much longer than you.

  258. Jenna

    Dear Me,
    Making out does not equal marriage.
    Move on and stop talking about him, your friends are tired of hearing about it!
    Love Me.

  259. Cynthia

    Stand up straighter, please! Other than your terrible posture, you’re doing great – and anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty liar. Realize this sooner, rather than later!

  260. Tony

    Dear Younger Me,
    Relax, stop taking everything so seriously, especially relationships with totally inappropriate women. It’ll work out, or it won’t, and it’s not a big deal.

  261. Eryn Bagby

    It’s okay to leave your religion. You haven’t believed for 20 years, you aren’t going to for the next 20 either. Just leave and start going to therapy now! It will save a lot of time, energy, sadness, and perhaps one divorce later.

  262. Hilary

    Oh, younger self… do not drink so much July 4, 2010. But you should still break up with him.

  263. Melanie Hanly

    Set rules and expectations with your family now. Know who you are dealing with and deal with them accordingly.

  264. Carrie

    Don’t make yourself unhappy aspiring to be someone you’re not. It seems cliche but it couldn’t be more important.

  265. Su

    Dear young self,

    Enough with the wishing and the wanting, stick with the doing. The rest will happen, I promise.



  266. Deidre

    Dear self, remember that moment in 5th grade where you knew you were choosing between two sets of friends? You chose the wrong ones…

  267. Tasha Haley

    Dear younger Tasha –
    Keep drawing and put aside doubts that you’re not as good as that other person. You have a unique style, and it’s ok to draw the grass pink. Don’t worry about taking those classes you think you’re supposed to – take the art classes you love!

  268. lois

    No matter how jealous you are at the “normal” ones, soon they will be jealous of your life. It gets better darling. Love yourself first.

  269. Brooke

    Don’t be afraid to do things you’re not good at. You will never be any good at them if you don’t try.

  270. Janice

    Dear Young Ingenue Janice,

    It will all work out okay so please stop fretting.

    Love and kisses,

    Your older, wiser and even more fabulous self

  271. Katrin

    Dear young Katrin,
    you look hot now. Quit worrying about that. Also: your dad is not as bad as you think.
    older Katrin

  272. Joyce Rimmele

    Dear Younger Self,

    Be the most interesting person you know. Being skinny is not the most important thing in the world. You look great! Stop obsessing and start living!

    Your Older (& happier) Self

  273. Sarah

    Don’t rush to graduate college a year early to save the tuition. This is the only time you have to study abroad or take classes in topics just for fun without other life demands. In the long run an extra year of school is trivial. And it was in-state tuition, for crying out loud!

  274. Kara

    Dear younger self,

    You don’t have to go to art school to practice art. Don’t give up on photography and graphic art just because you didn’t get into RISD!

  275. Laura

    Dear Self,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Appreciate your beauty and feel good enough to take some risks. Throw yourself out there!

  276. Melanie

    stop spending all your energy on your boyfriend. Your girlfriens will be around WAY longer and are WAY more fun!

  277. amandaC

    dear teenage-self,

    don’t worry so much. and you will be able to have a child of your own, and she is totally awesome.

    29yo self

  278. Coraniaid

    Go to a psychiatrist now & keep going for as long as you need. If you don’t like the one you initially see go to a different one! Your depression will never just go away on its own like you hope.

  279. RubyDu

    Dear Younger Self,
    Be good to yourself. Trust your gut. Mom and Dad are right. Do not marry HIM. Trust me on this one.

  280. Jenna

    To my younger self I would say to heck with the boys, focus on your career. Back then I used all my brain cells to worry Where is my Mr Right? I used none at all for my career. As a result I settled down as fast as possible with an OK guy (who turned out to be a cheater), AND I’m way far behind in my career. Doh!

  281. ame

    Dear Younger Me –
    Hi Darlin’! Pay attention to that intuitive heart of yours and ignore harsh judgments from other people – let it be okay to be sensitive, and treat honest criticisms from others as dessert plants know the wind – those bustling winds will allow your roots to grow stronger under ground and in the end you’ll stand with firmer feet to the Earth. And finally, please remember, Sweet Thang, it will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.
    Much love and gratitude to you my sister, my self,

  282. Sherry

    Dear Younger Self;
    Girl, you are beautiful. Please don’t settle. Don’t be in a rush, everything will work out if you are patient and trust yourself. Have some FUN.

  283. elainepill

    trust yourself. your positive attitude will carry you through bad times. it’s okay to be a little sad sometimes, but then you need to get on with it. life will work out the way you want it, you just have to be patient.

  284. jenG

    Dear little me, age 16-22–
    There’s a reason you two always come back to each other. One day, it’ll stick, and it will be even better than when you first fell in love.

    Big me

    P.S. Start a savings account and learn proper budgeting, please.

  285. Milissa

    Don’t schedule 8am classes in college. You won’t go. Schedule your classes at a more reasonable hour so it won’t take you 7 years to finish school and graduate.

  286. Leslie

    Dear Younger Leslie:

    Smiling at people immediately makes you less awkward, so start now. Except don’t smile AND stare because that’s just creepy. Good luck.

  287. birdgal

    Dear younger self: learning to like being alone with yourself is the key to happiness.

    Older self

  288. Emily

    Dear little Emily-

    Relax. It is ok to not be so serious. You have more fun when you laugh.
    Also, please don’t cut your hair AND get a perm at the same time. That really isn’t a good look on a young person.

    Love you…

  289. Meagan

    Dear me: Yes, adolescence can be rough. It sucks for everyone at some point. Just know that you’ll come out of it standing tall and proud to be eye-to-eye with most men. That, and don’t worry: tweezers can do amazing things!

  290. Amy Beth

    Dear Amy,

    Just tell your mother about the tattoo for crying out loud. She already knew, and you wore shorts over cute bathing suits for about a million years for no reason! Now after 2 kids there is a reason, we lost out on precious butt-bearing time….
    love, amy

  291. Jessica

    Dear Younger Self:
    Don’t stop dancing – it is joy and exercise in one glorious package.

    PS When they offer you those credit cards, remember that you can’t afford it and say no!!

  292. WaywardGoddess

    Dear self:

    Things seem hard right now and you don’t know how you’re going to get through it, but keep moving forward. There is never an end to stress and worry, but you will always make it through to the next thing

  293. Em

    Dear Younger Self,
    Even though they’re not your favorite, suck it up and take more accounting and finance classes, they will come in handy in the future!

  294. Michelle Bowman

    Dear younger Michelle,
    Stick with college. I know you’re working full time and its a tough load but believe me you will appreciate it later. Its easier now than when you have a job & family in the future.

  295. Sara

    Dear Young Sara, He really DOESN’T care about you at all….you are not going to convince him otherwise. Save yourself many years of anger and heartbreak….TRUST ME!!

  296. Emily

    Dear Younger Self,

    Don’t think you can save that guy you think is going to become a famous musician. He’s is going to become a drug addict no matter how much you love him.

  297. Bridie

    Boy, oh boy. One piece of advice?

    Here it is: Acknowledge your impulsivity and learn now how to take a step back from it in order to make better choices.

  298. Jill

    Dear young Jill,

    It’s okay not to be good at everything. Try more stuff, and have fun doing it. Try. :-)

  299. Kristine

    Dear Young Kristine,

    See that dog out there in the backyard? The one with the brown eyes and the pointy ears? That dog is going to show you your passion. Pay attention. Otherwise you’re not going to figure it out until it’s much harder to follow.

  300. Laura Jennings

    Be slow to judge others. There is almost always something deeper going on beneath the surface of peoples actions & reactions.

  301. KD

    Dear Younger KD-
    Loosen up a bit while you are in college. Everything is going to work out. Don’t stress, have a little bit more fun. Oh, and sleep with a few more guys but make sure they suit up.

  302. Amy

    Don’t sweat those life decisions because everything turns out juuuuuust fiiiiiine! How can I regret choices that put me in Japan and London for most of my 20’s? The career and romance stuff all works out eventually anyway.

  303. Laura

    Dear me,

    Just do that thing, whatever it is, that you’re thinking about doing. Take the trip, kiss the boy, say the words, whatever. Because you’ll look back and wonder why you were always so hesitant, especially when the risks you did take turned out so wonderfully. So do it, whateer it is.


  304. tasha

    Dear younger me,

    You know how you want to spend a semester abroad but worry it would derail your “plans”…please, stop planning. Go to Spain.

  305. Sarah

    Dear Younger Sarah,

    Don’t go home with that one… he will just cause years of misery. But the sex was good. Damn, I would make the same mistake all over again.


    Take 2

    Dear Even Younger Sarah,

    Spend a semester abroad. You won’t miss anything back in the dorms. It would have been so worth it.


  306. Sara

    Dear Self,

    Get in trouble once in a while. Eventually you’ll figure out that trouble with a little “t” is actually an opportunity to stretch your legs and have a some fun. Start earlier, the stakes are lower.

  307. Tawny

    Dear younger self, that tat on the back of your neck might seem like a brilliant idea but when you are thirty but you will always wear your hair down to hide it. Now how fun is that?


    Your older self

  308. Nicole

    Talk to people who you think you don’t like (but haven’t actually talked to). Soooo basically–don’t be such a snob!

  309. Jodi

    Dear Younger Self– Lad y up and live a little– learn to flirt, attempt to pick up that random guy in line at the movies. That way when you find yourself divorced for 10-years you will have some FREAKIN’ clue how to be ‘out there”- sheesh!

    And remember, your hair looks best chin length. Love ya’! Your Older Self (who may now be bordering on becoming a crazy old cat lady, sigh)

  310. Dawn

    Dear crazy over extended younger self,

    Stop and take a breath every once in a while. It is good for the soul. And for all that is good in this world stop being so hard on yourself. You are doing amazing things with your life and you will continue to and stop calling yourself fat!

    Love, your older self who looks at pictures and wonders how I ever thought I was fat

  311. Jen

    Dear younger self:

    Yes he’s amazing and yes he will make you the happiest woman in the world. But you’ll spend the rest of your life with him – so use THIS time to travel. Spread your wings and allow yourself to experience all that the world has to offer!

    Oh – and please don’t stop running. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain when you try to start up again!!

  312. Nikki

    Dear Younger Self,

    Get that work abroad visa and stay in England for a while. And go to law school before you have kids.

  313. Meg

    Dear Younger Self,

    Stop worrying so much about maintaining an impeccable reputation. Get into some trouble. It’s fun.


  314. Megan

    Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t care so much what other people think of you, you are cool just being yourself.

  315. Charlene

    Don’t worry so much. You look perfect in that two-piece swim suit. Don’t take the job that you couldn’t sleep on it to see if you wanted it. Things will work themselves out—trust yourself.

  316. Annie

    Dear Younger Self:

    Don’t listen to college freshman year pressure and kiss the dirty hippy boy who introduces you to Eddie Izzard and phish. Do it. Everything will be better if you do.

  317. Matilda

    Don’t be afraid to follow a passion and to take a windy road through life. Go travel, go live in another country. Spend less time worrying that your parents will get cancer and that you’ll have to take care of them. Leave your family. You need less than you know.

  318. Alex

    Dear Awkward Alex,

    Everyone wears a bra. Just because your boobs are small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to Mom and get a “real” one. Rock those spaghetti straps and belly tops, sweetie.

    Big Al.

    PS: A perm? Really?

  319. Melody

    Dear Younger,

    Be flexible, not just with your body, but with your life. It’s not going to look like what you thought. It’s going to be even more beautiful.


  320. Emily

    Hey Younger Em –
    Don’t go there. Just don’t. It’s not that cool of a party. Oh, and stop being so damn naieve.

    Older Em

  321. Amy

    Just hold on for a few more years because the very track you’re on right now has some dark and muddy parts but it leads you to an amazing place eventually.

  322. Shem

    Younger self, a few small things….
    Chill out, there really is no need to worry so much
    Follow your instincts about your career
    Look after him, he’s a keeper
    If you want it, go for it
    Love, Older self

  323. Laura

    I could probably write paragraphs but I will just sum it up with: Oh, sweet young Laura, not everything is about you. In fact? Most things are not. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

  324. Sara C

    I would tell my younger self that she is so much cooler than she thinks she is or than how some people make her feel sometimes. On the other hand, I think slowly becoming more comfortable in your own skin is probably the most lovely part of getting older.

  325. wendy h

    Be nicer to that Greg guy. He’s a diamond in the rough. and Mike? just don’t go there. walk away. walk away.

  326. Maggie

    Don’t fear what others think of you. It’s not worth it and you’ll be much happier living without all those annoying voices in your head.

  327. Meagan

    Dear Younger-self,

    It’s better to be alone than unhappy. Also, you can too wear purple and it actually looks nice on you. Oh! And invest in tailored pants that fit. It’s worth the extra money.

  328. Kelly H. in SC

    Just go ahead and do it. Don’t wait for the right time and place — just go for it!

  329. Peggy

    Dear Younger Self,
    Stop wasting so much time wishing you had a boyfriend and go have adventure by yourself.

    PS – you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache if you focus more on whether he is right for you than if you are right for him.

  330. Sneh

    Dear 22 year old Sneh,
    You deserve happiness as much as the people you are trying to bring happiness to.
    30 year old Sneh

  331. alexis

    date around more, don’t be afraid you won’t get married and take that trip to Colorado on a whim with the cute boy!

  332. Sherri

    Dear ‘Lil me:
    Sometimes people will be just plain MEAN to you for absoulutely no reason; remember that YOU are awesome and that it is always a direct reflection of them and has NOTHING to do with you. You will always be AWESOME – you must believe it!

  333. Alison

    Oh goodness. I’m at a point where I wouldn’t want to change anything in my past, but I could really use some advice to my current self from my older self. I guess I’ll go with “exercise on purpose”.

  334. Zeynep

    Stop caring so much what other people want you to do and figure and then do what YOU want to do. For gods-sake!

  335. Saoirse

    Dear Younger Self,
    Stop trying to think ten steps ahead. You’re missing how amazing each moment can be.

  336. Jill E.

    It’s okay to tell him to f-off. Sure you can be kind about it, but still. Just tell him to f-off. The relationship will end with more self-respect.

  337. Wendi

    Have more self esteem. Don’t be afraid to be yourself in high school because you are a pretty cool girl.
    P. S. Don’t move to Tyler with your best friend after high school. Go to austin.

  338. amber

    You’re going to want to be able to stay home with your two beautiful daughters, so make sure the decisions you make in life are tailored to that. Live so that you aren’t absolutely dependent on a second income.

  339. Becky

    Dear High School/Early College Self,
    Stop being so paranoid. People like you and would like you more if you would let go a little and let someone in.

  340. Nicole

    Dear me: You’ll always regreat NOT doing something much more than you regret DOING something. Just do it.

  341. Can I be anonymous for this?

    Please don’t drink for the first time ever and then proceed to tell that after-the-play party full of “cool” kids that you’re in love with the quarterback of the football team.

  342. sarah

    Dear young me,

    You are more beautiful and intelligent and capable than you know. Break up with that stupid boy, go to Europe, get that tatoo and learn how to juggle. Stop waiting for someday- do it now.

  343. Lisa K

    Take time off and figure out what you really want. It’s ok not to be on the same timeline as everyone else.

  344. Sarah

    Dear younger self,

    Please, please, PLEASE do something irresponsible for once in your life. Don’t over-think it. Sneak out. Get your nose pierced. Break a rule or two. They’ll love you anyway…I promise.

    You in ten years

  345. Amy

    Don’t be so afraid…you won’t end up as a bag lady living on the street. Relax. You’ll be fine.

  346. Tamera

    Remember how you thought you were one of those people that can take time off of college and then will go back after one semester off? Sweetie, you aren’t one of those people. Get it done while you are young so that you aren’t forever in debt. PS: You will be an awesome teacher!

  347. Ceci

    Dear younger Ceci,
    For god’s sake, move your ass to New York City! You want to be a writer–go be where the writers and magazines are! Don’t be afraid to leave your boyfriend behind–if he’s cool, he’ll come along. If not, it wasn’t meant to be. And p.s., your hair is so lush and beautiful–grow it out!

  348. Cait

    Dear Younger Self-

    Stop tearing apart your body and your heart. Dance is bad for your self image, yoga is great and will make you stronger in ways you couldn’t imagine. Have more compassion for yourself. You are beautiful and strong and you never give yourself credit for your triumphs. Take a breath. Take more pictures. Stop hanging out with those guys- they will eventually depress you enough that you just start over with new friends. I love you, though you don’t know it yet.

  349. aubriane

    Dear 15:
    When he makes you cry, it is on purpose. When he does not reciprocate (yoouuu knooowww), it is because he is selfish. Go! Enjoy!


  350. Anna

    You are not your parents, and sometimes, they don’t have the answers. Find a good sports bra. Don’t be afraid to let your real feelings show. Don’t play games. Revel in your single-ness!

  351. I.D.

    Dear younger self: Don’t let your friends define who you are.. You also don’t need to be with a man to be happy. Spend some time alone and get to know who you are.

  352. jana

    Dear younger self: Your parents are wrong: God loves everybody. Your mom is wrong: you look fine, and you aren’t fat.

  353. Emily D.

    Yes, you’re living in a freezing cold house in Michigan with four women, studying and working into the wee hours each night. But in a few years you’ll be married, living in LA, and having a ball. Thanks, younger me. Don’t lose heart.

  354. Melis

    Dear younger Melissa: don’t let fear or embarrassment about your disability stop you from learning the joys of being physical active – not only will your body love it, but your brain will too. Start swimming. Not only will you like it, but you will be good at it despite your leg. Also, since you have to walk with a cane for the rest of your life, ditch the orthopaedic drugstore version and cultivate a collection of interesting ones.

  355. Stacey

    Take a few more risks, most of this stuff really isn’t as big of a deal, TRUST ME.
    Spend more time with your mother.
    Make out alot more, date around, you won’t be a slut for it.

  356. jillyj

    Dear younger self,
    You CAN do it. Don’t forget. Give it your all so you don’t regret it later.

  357. Maura

    Be bolder in what you wear. You can totally pull it off. Also? You are awesome and worth respecting, don’t put up with losers who treat you badly. Even only sometimes.

  358. Brenda Mc

    Sweetie, If a man tells you he isn’t good enough for you, he speaks the truth. Also, you are HOT, enjoy it. One more thing, it’ll get better. I promise.

  359. Leigh

    Don’t be so anxious to settle down! Live in a faraway city, have some adventures, and for goodness sake wear a bikini while you still can.

  360. Alissa

    My advice to my younger me would be to write it all down in the moment. I’ve had so much fun over the years but I’m afraid I don’t remember it all.

  361. Erica

    Dear Former Self,

    That haircut… oh boy. Are you sure that’s going to look okay? Let’s reconsider.

    Current Self

  362. val

    Dear Younger V.

    He’ll never change. No matter how much you cry and beg and scream and fight. Leave while you still have time.

    Older V.

  363. Sarah Beth

    high school Sarah- they really don’t have a permanent record to keep track. But keep those grades up at the beginning of college- they help out with getting into vet school when you stopped caring so much by senior year….
    And you’re gonna have some excellent adventures in your 20s. Do it all again!

  364. Laura

    Dear younger bow-headed self –

    Do the semester abroad – loser boyfriend won’t last anyway and you missed lots of great opportunities.

    Don’t swing too far to the opposite end of the spectrum after something goes wrong.

    Avoiding conflict in relationships often leads to distance that can’t be repaired.

    But holy crap, we have had some fabulous times and we are awesome!

    older, wiser Laura

  365. wintor

    Dear Younger W,

    You really do have something important to say and others really do want to hear it so speak up! And, you are loved more than you realize – trust me.

    Older W

  366. Laura Rehbehn

    Relax a whole lot – don’t try to maintain perfection and control…life is a lot more fun when you go with the flow…maybe break some rules too and take some risks!

  367. Brittney

    Dear Younger-Self,

    Listen to your little voice. It will take a long time to learn to trust it, but it’s always right.

    Love, Older-Self

  368. yotko

    Dear 21 year old Ali:

    When you meet that guy in the bar on Valentine’s Day in 1996, RUN AWAY as fast as your stubby legs will carry you!!!! That is FIVE YEAR you’ll never get back!

    That is all,

    Your older (and hopefully wiser) self

  369. Lora

    Dear younger self: for the love of all that is holy, get your eyebrows professionally shaped and learn how to fill them. It’s all your future self can look at in photos. SADFACE.

  370. Brooke

    Son’t be so hard on yourself. You are fine just the way you are!…but do call your grandparents more, they won’t be around forever…

  371. ana maria

    Honey, please, please, please have more fun, do not settle so early for somebody and travel as much as you can!!! Love, You.

  372. Ella AD

    Dear Ella of Nine Months Ago,

    Keep your shit together; you’re a better person than you’re being.

    With love,
    Ella of Nine Months Later

  373. bene

    I’d tell my 20 year old self that the current boy isn’t worth the drama, the next one isn’t either, and that finding a personal trainer is what you really should be doing — not drinking every night.

  374. Jennifer

    Hey Self,

    You know how school is pretty easy for you, but you’re just not really into it? GO TO COLLEGE. Also, you know how you really want to live in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo? DO THAT.

    Self, 20 years later

  375. Erica

    Dear Younger Me:
    Relax. It’s all going to be okay. Enjoy your life; it’s ever-changing, and each phase is different, imperfect, and wonderful.
    Love, Older Me

  376. Missy

    Don’t float through college, taking whatever classes that sound interesting. Commit to something you love, but make sure you finish!

  377. Marisa

    Dear college freshman,

    You don’t have to get with him, go to class instead. There are plenty more who will like you. For now, you are just as weird as you think you are, but you’ll lose that if you get too wrapped up in the wrong person. And that’ll be a shame.


  378. Rachel

    You’re right. Twenty *is* plenty.

    Don’t be so concerned with when you and your boyfriend are going to get married. Just keep having fun. Start working on the really big things on your to-do list. Then go bigger!

  379. Nora

    Although I don’t necessarily feel wiser than I was when I was twenty (I’ve just turned twenty-seven), I think I would tell my younger self that your life is about you, the decisions you make are to please yourself. It’s taken me a long time to be brave enough to make decisions that are working towards what I really want.

  380. Kelly

    It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. It makes life more interesting!

  381. Amanda

    Leave your hair color alone. Seriously. Put that store bought color back on the shelf – you’re going to pay more than $15 to fix the mess you’re about to make.

  382. Liz

    Don’t waste that money on a northwest university: you hate being in constant overcast. Plus, you’ll be 31, have a husband and baby and still be paying off student loans for that English degree.

  383. Jo-Anne

    Don’t get the all black-work tattoos! Go for full colour right at the start and you won’t have to spend all that extra money getting them covered up with full colour later! Oh, and love yourself, you’re worth it!

  384. Robin

    Dear Younger Self,

    Write more. Worry less. Trust your gut. Get back to nature. Take more pictures. Don’t use the credit card. And above all else, get out of your own way.


  385. Liz

    Dear Past Liz:

    Be confident – you really are as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

    Future Liz

  386. gunter

    Dear Kerri,
    Please don’t get a credit card. Also, your mother is right: that guy your sister likes is a jerk, you do not need to find out for yourself.

  387. ViolaSaint

    Dear Little ViolaSaint,

    Quit it with the low self-esteem, already! You’re a pretty great person.


    2010 ViolaSaint

    (can this somehow get sent to 2010 ViolaSaint, too?)

  388. Maude

    Just because you have the skill and eye to paint an excellent likeness does not make your paintings cheesy. You really do have the sense of composition and color to transcend that, but you also don’t have to be limited to that way of working just because you are good at it. Please don’t be afraid to play and get a little looser and goofier. Go ahead and use your intuition, it really is good. Take some risks, you are intelligent enough to make them work. Mostly, stop being embarrassed of the way you paint and paint!


  389. Jeannine

    Dear 20-something Jeannine,
    Student loans are cement bricks around your neck for life. Work your way through school, you’ll be much happer.
    40-something Jeannine
    P.S. Dump the Loser, he too is made of cement.

  390. Danialle Foy

    Don’t go to college immediately. Use the money to TRAVEL THE WORLD and save for college to attend a year or two later. Much love, younger self.

    P.S. Your biological father is just some dude your mom screwed on accident. Not your judge and self worth determiner. Don’t forget this, but forget him.

  391. Deanna

    Pay at least a tiny bit of attention in high school, because you are going to feel like an idiot later when you publicly confuse jerrymandering with filibustering.

  392. Mareshia

    Listen honey, don’t spend years convincing yourself that sketchy guys are sketchy and not misunderstood. That assessment you made during the first date, love, is the right assessment. Go with your gut.

  393. Sarah

    Dear Younger Sarah,

    Go ahead and sleep around a little in college. It’ll be our little secret.

    Older Sarah

  394. Meredith

    Oh dear sweet innocent younger me,
    Pregnancy is not a license to eat what ever you want and blame cravings later. Your body will never be the same, and neither will you.
    (even younger self, girl, wash your hair and get some moose. That frizz ball could be beautiful curls!
    and remember to love your self.
    Tomorrow is a new day.

  395. AppleTree

    Get rid of those glasses. Your [much more fashion-conscience] nieces will find them in ten years and call you Harry Potter.

  396. Morgan

    Dear Young Me,

    1. Give that selfish boy the boot.
    2. You can go anywhere in the world. Take a chance.
    3. You are unique.
    4. Don’t worry so much.
    5. Swim naked more often.
    6. You are not fat.
    7. Love your family. They won’t be around forever.

  397. Katie K

    Dear College-aged me,

    You do not need to finish in three years. The working world will be there when you finish.

    Love, your slightly older, and still working self.

  398. Kristy

    Dear younger junior-high self,
    I know you feel like a total geek now, but do your best to rally through – you’ll see that the braces/headgear/palatal expander will be worth it in the end.

  399. Erin

    Dear younger me,

    It’s really okay if you’d rather study than party. Only you can find your bliss.


    Older Self

  400. Mia S

    Dear self,

    Call your mom more often. You have no idea how much you will miss when she is gone. Tape record one conversation, one where you two are laughing.

  401. Amber H.

    Dear younger self: That credit card purchase you’re about to make? Unless it’s for travel, do not do it! You do not want to be paying for those jeans four years from now.

  402. Mary Beth

    Dear younger self, Don’t try so hard to please everyone else. And do stay for grad school, as your professor suggested. I know you are keen to get out there, but really, SF will wait for you. Get the darned MFA and then work as a waitress; you be glad you did!

  403. andrea w

    If I could go back and tell myself anything, it would be that I don’t have to change myself to find true love. Someone will love me just the way I am.

  404. elizabetht

    My 20 year old self should know that she should trust her gut feelings about people when those gut feelings are telling her she should surround herself with people who don’t treat her like a doormat.

  405. sophie

    Dear younger self,

    Stop being afraid all the time. You’re wasting a lot of time you’re going to want back later.

    Also, hide those combat boots you love so much. Your mom’s going to throw them away once you leave for college.

    Older You

  406. Kat

    Dear younger self:

    It passes. Things go on. Also, you already know what you’re doing, so stop second guessing yourself.

  407. LauraJ

    Dear younger self: Don’t spend so much time and energy in crushes and relationships with guys that only treat you so-so. There is a MUCH better guy waiting for you!

  408. heatherfeather

    Dear Heather, No one is going to write genius songs 100% of the time, and what you did write was pretty darn good. Please don’t give up. It’s harder to start again, even though you will have had this epiphany. (ps – REALLY don’t throw away your tapes that were your recordings of those songs)

  409. mp

    Dear College MP,
    You think that trip to Europe seems expensive? Look at the bigger picture here. What’s a few thousand dollars? Take the plunge honey and get on the airplane.
    Mom MP

  410. Amanda

    Younger self: Take a year off after high school and before college. Oh, and if he seems like the kind to cheat, he actually is.

  411. Michelle

    Dear younger self,

    it’s okay that you aren’t ready for sex at 14, 16, or even 18+ish. That part will bloom later and it will be awesome…but trush your instinct and don’t rush it. It’s okay.

    Also, your thighs are just fine. Really. I know you don’t believe me, but they are.

  412. Auntie Yolanda

    To twentysomething Yolanda,

    When Tom dies don’t drown your sorrow, get to a therapist sooner. Save more money for retirement especially if you are going to be self employed or work for a non-profit. Move to Sweden, it’s better than marrying Fred.

    Love 60 year old Yolanda

  413. Sarah Collins

    Skip more classes; worry less about your grades; be more willing to make mistakes; and try really hard to listen to yourself, even when your inner voice is very quiet.

  414. Amanda Mae

    I would ask myself not to be so boy-crazy. It didn’t need to be the focus of your young life, little-me. You’re plenty awesome on your own, don’t be scared of that.

  415. Chelsea

    Dear Younger Self:

    Don’t feel so bad about crying over that guy. Older you learned a lot from what you’re going through now, and older you doesn’t cry over boys anymore. She’s a lot stronger thanks to you. As far as your heartbreak right now goes? Enjoy it, embrace it, discard it.

    Also, good job dying your hair pink and purple. TOTALLY worth it.

    – Chelsea

  416. Hannah

    All the drama going on in your life right now is just that, drama. Don’t feed into it and you will find happiness and peace soon.

  417. sarah

    Study abroad! Drinking with your friends in dive bars will still be there when you get back. (for a lot longer than you think it will, too)

  418. Corley

    Dear 19-year-old Corley,
    Let the first break up with him stick. If you stay with him nothing will change, he will drag you down and consume another three years of your life. Good news is, if you fall for it and stay, the man of your dreams is waiting for you on the other side!

  419. Deb

    younger me.

    You are doing some amazing things. Be proud and think even bigger. You should not be self-conscious. Your hair looks great!

    Stay late. IT will pay off.

    older me.

  420. Courtney

    Dear (younger) me: As frustrating as it was when people said this to you, things will work out. You will get a job (even with a BA in History), you will get your own place, you will become a (fun) adult. I promise. Those little things you’re choosing to do now – get that summer job, visit those friends in Baltimore – will come back in a big way later.

  421. ginger

    dear ginger,

    do not second-guess that decision to have the baby. you are so right, and your life is about to change in wonderful ways, soon and forever. get ready for more love and joy than you can imagine (yet).

    the mama of your 14-yr old daughter

  422. Leah

    dear Leah,

    you don’t have to stay just to make other people happy. It’s alright to say No. If something makes you uncomfortable, just. say. no. It’s okay. Really, I promise.


    the Leah who usually knows when to say no even if she has to cry about it a little first

  423. Maggie S

    Dear young me,

    It is ok to fail. It is ok to be challenged. Don’t leave that really good school because things were more difficult than you were used to. You are capable of a lot.



  424. Kaitlin

    some people are like cancer, cut them out of your life.

    it gets better. i promise.

    be nicer to your mother, she is the best person you will ever meet.

  425. melissa

    Dear Younger Me,
    Nothing is going to turn out the way you planned, but you’re in for a beautiful ride. Try not to worry so much – just enjoy yourself!

  426. Jessica

    Dear Self,

    It gets easier and it gets harder. You are capable of so much more than you thought. Don’t waste so much time feeling inadaquate. Value the relationships you have and be open to new ones.

  427. Lindsey

    dear younger lindsey,

    recognize what you want and go for it.

    try city living.

    love yourself a little more.

    it will all work out the way it is supposed to.

  428. elz

    Stop trying so hard. You are a good person, you make the right decisions. Stop and breathe. Oh, and don’t cut your hair short. Trust me, it is not a good look.

  429. Elizabeth M.

    Dear 20 year old liz: Don’t hold back. Don’t forget to do what is in your heart. Don’t try on other people’s suggestions to see how they fit. Just go. and do. AND HAVE MORE FUN.

  430. Katie

    Dear Me,

    Don’t worry so much what other people think it isn’t really as important as you make it. Also, being sympathetic to other is good – putting their feelings above your own – NOT SO MUCH!!

    P.S. Start dying your hair sooner!! You won’t be able to once you have to get a job.

  431. Rebecca

    You were raised in a nurturing, loving but very protective and sheltered bubble. Let this knowledge salt your speech – (most) other people did not grow up in such an environment

  432. Amy

    You’ll never have it all figured out and that’s okay. Just have fun, make good choices and enjoy where that gets you. Throw some bold choices in there as well. The best things come from those.

  433. Rin

    Force yourself to do it. If you don’t come out with a win, you’ll at least come out with the stories to get you through a few cocktail/holiday parties.

  434. Knighton

    Dear Younger Jennifer,

    Lighten up already. You’re way too young to be this damn serious. It’s ok, even necessary, to have more fun.

    Love you, Older Jennifer

  435. kathy

    That little voice that says you should be paying more attention to what you’re spending on and not spending with such free abandon? It is right; please listen to it.

  436. Danielle

    Dear younger me,

    You are sexier than you are giving yourself credit for. Live a little, be a little more bold, have some fun.

  437. Tara

    I would tell my younger self to learn more about college before GOING to college (as the first in the family). I had little guidance about career options and there are so many things i wish i’d studied.

  438. Katie

    I would tell my younger self to never settle – it’s just not worth it. You know what you want. Choose that and nothing less.

  439. Becky

    Two pieces of advice for my younger self: one (like the previous poster) is to wear a bikini; it’s never going to better than now. The other is that the best way to get the love you want is to have self respect and limits, not by letting those go.

  440. Meg

    Dear Younger Self,
    He IS going to break your heart. And when he says he doesn’t want to date, he really means he doesn’t want to day you. Don’t settle for him. Something better comes along, I promise.
    Older Self

  441. Amanda

    Dear Self,
    Be proud of your body and confident in your brain. Dream bigger!! Dont use that credit card. Talk to your mom more. Dont be so judgmental. Relax, be yourself. I love you.

  442. Stephanie

    Dear younger self,

    Don’t go for the guy that looks like a vamp,

    He wants only one thing and its not your blood!

    P.S. Clean your room more often!

  443. Susan

    advice to my younger self – show your confidence. don’t be afraid to be who you are. have fun more often.

  444. Wehaf

    Don’t worry so much about being perfect. Mistakes are okay. Almost anything that goes wrong can be fixed; almost nothing that goes wrong will ruin your life.

  445. April Moore Skelton

    Dear Younger Self, be nicer to people, especially in middle school. Stand up for those who don’t have friends. Include people. You will value this tremendously when you are older.

  446. Erin


    I know you’re crazy about him. But think for a minute about what kind of husband he would make–even what kind of roommate for that matter! You love how he is spontaneous and wakes you up in the middle of the night and surprises you–but once you guys are grown-ups, sleeping at night might be nice. Also, even though it seems silly now, eventually you will want someone who will occasionally help you do something (care for offspring, wash a dish, cut the grass) instead of sleeping all day.

    Still have his baby. You love that little guy and he’s totally worth it. But don’t get married. Divorce in SC is kind of a bitch. You’d probably be happier if you didn’t even live with him, honey.

  447. sara

    dear me,
    spend more time dreaming about who you want to be and then chase those dreams. drop the guy.
    love you,

  448. Cait

    Dearest, darlingest Cait: It’s not that you are stupid, it’s that you are dyslexic. Don’t beat yourself up because your brain works differently.

  449. Elaina

    Listen to the wisdom someone kindly imparts, but make up your own mind about what you want to do or which direction you want your life to take.

  450. leeshka

    Don’t get married so young. Seriously. You need to do more traveling. He might not even be the right one for you. Just sayin’.

  451. Christina M

    Dear Christina,

    That fellow who told you not too smile so much was an idiot. Who cares what he thinks. Don’t be afraid to show your Happy to the world. It’s good.


  452. Hannah

    Hey babe,
    I know ice cream for breakfast seems like a good idea – it’s not.

    (Well, at least not more than once.)


  453. Sarah Mags

    Dear Younger Sarah,

    Don’t wait until you are 30 to realize that it doesn’t really matter what other people think. Just be yourself and relish the freedom.


    Your Older and Wiser Self

  454. Dawn

    Listen to that little voice in your head. The one that tells you that the young man who never raised so much as his voice to you, will eventually hit someone.

  455. Sarah

    See those dreams? Don’t let go of them. Most are just within your reach, even if you don’t realize it.

  456. Tricia

    Live in the here and now. The worst regret is looking back and thinking, “You didn’t know how good you had it then.”

  457. Erin

    Dear college me,
    Have sex with a select few more people. Seriously, it’s OK.

    Love, married with kid you.

  458. amy

    Dear Younger Me,
    Stop taking yourself so seriously. Have more fun. Kiss Dave & try out a summer fling.
    Older & supposedly wiser me

  459. Meg

    don’t buy jeans a size smaller as motivation- it will only make you feel fat and then you will eat chocolate yo feel better.

  460. Jill

    Good lord, I still berate myself for this one: HEY! YOUNGER SELF—do your senior year abroad in Spain. Missing your last year of high school with your friends is nothing compared to what could have been.

  461. Amber

    Just relax. Seriously. You’ve been 30 since you were 15. When you’re over 30…you’ll wish you had time to be 15 again!

  462. Jen

    It is okay to feel that hard stuff. You don’t have to try and worry it away, or run to help everybody else when it hurts. You and I have a lot to offer ourselves — my strength comes from your sorrows.

  463. Sarah

    Dear lil girl,
    It turned out ok, but it didn’t have to be that hard. Make the right decisions, have faith in yourself, you are loved and worthwhile. Go. Be. Do.

  464. Paula

    dear younger self,

    Sleep with him, you’ll regret it for your life that you didn’t

    Study abroad in Italy for a semester!

    older wiser and sad I missed out self

  465. Adrianna

    Dear younger self,

    Quit the “tortured genius” act. You are neither of those things, and you’re just making life worse for yourself and everyone around you.

    And keep up the interest in redheaded guys. It pays off big time.

    Your older self

  466. Leanne

    The things you’re worrying about aren’t going to end up being as important as they feel right now. Also, you’re doing a great job. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  467. Amy

    Dear younger me,
    Don’t give your heart away to every boy you date. Someday you will marry an incredible man and much of the heartache could have been avoided. Also, travel more in college. Every chance you get. Live on your own a little longer. Listen to your fiancé when he says october is a better month to get married than in the heat of July. Don’t use credit. Don’t buy that car new.

    Love you anyway, older me

  468. Sif

    Memo to younger self:
    Enjoy the moment and don’t worry so much about what’s around the corner. It is all good!
    Big kiss xxx

  469. Erika

    Before having a family live as much as you can because everything you know before you have kids becomes something you can teach them.

  470. Ailidh

    Dear younger me: you are okay. Really, just fine. Relax. Also, it is worth noting, the new isn’t always better. And, don’t sleep with Will Hutchinson. It’s a big mistake.

  471. Louise

    Don’t stop doing sports because you think you aren’t “good at sports” – it doesn’t matter if you are or not! Just play!

  472. laura N.

    Dear younger me: You don’t always have to say something, you don’t always have to fill the silence. Keep your mouth shut sometimes and see what happens!
    -Now me

  473. Meredith

    Dear Self –
    Relax. You’ll figure it out.
    Spread love where ever you go.
    Good things happen to good people.

  474. Quin

    Oh, 21-year-old self: Moving to Scotland with that boy is Such a Bad Idea. There will come a day when you’ll regret it.

    Do it anyhow. (The regret won’t last as long as the fantastic memories.)

  475. amelia

    Younger Self,

    let’s not make out with him, or him…you can skip that guy and that other guy as well, hmmkay?

  476. Regina

    Dear younger self,
    You are beautiful and awesome, but please stop being such a melodramatic little fool about That One Guy. He is a tool and so not worth it. Also, stop reading so much Hermann Hesse and go for a bike ride already. I know you won’t but I love you anyway.
    Older Self.

  477. Jenn

    Dear 8 year old self…please don’t ride down the biggest hill in the neighborhood on a bike with no brakes! You just might crash and break your front tooth, have to get a root canal and a crown, leaving you permanently afraid of dentists for life!

  478. Jenn

    That feeling you have that all this drama won’t be very important soon? It’s correct. Go with it.

  479. Brittany

    That guy with the beard? He’s the one. Make lots of babies with him soon because early menopause is a b*tch.


    Don’t put off things you could do today because you are waiting for the perfect moment.

  480. Christy

    Dear Younger Self,
    Don’t worry so much about that chipped, front tooth. No one else is thinking about it. Stay true to yourself and don’t worry about the snaggle. It’ll be fixed up soon enough.

  481. kelli

    Buy the chairs. Just buy them. They’re on clearance and you’ll never see them again. Don’t let this be something that you regret. (Too late!)

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