Giveaway: Mighty Summit Necklace and Brooch

Today’s giveaway features two California jewelry artists.

Textured Drop Necklace By Feisty Elle

Every time I wear this piece by Leslie Yang, I get compliments. I’ve actually had people stop me in the street to ask where I got it. It’s made of bamboo, so it’s surprisingly lightweight. I don’t even notice I have it on, and I love how effortlessly it elevates an outfit.

Can You Hear Me Now Brooch by Mama’s Little Babies

Mama’s Little Baby brooches are so witty. This guy is my favorite, but I also feel affectionate toward the artichoke and Gunther, the World Famous Lion Tamer.

Cute, right? I know!

To enter, please leave a piece of advice for your younger self. And don’t forget to check back this week for more contests.

Fine print: Please only leave one comment, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Wednesday.

847 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mighty Summit Necklace and Brooch

  1. Good lord, I still berate myself for this one: HEY! YOUNGER SELF—do your senior year abroad in Spain. Missing your last year of high school with your friends is nothing compared to what could have been.


  2. Just relax. Seriously. You’ve been 30 since you were 15. When you’re over 30…you’ll wish you had time to be 15 again!


  3. It is okay to feel that hard stuff. You don’t have to try and worry it away, or run to help everybody else when it hurts. You and I have a lot to offer ourselves — my strength comes from your sorrows.


  4. Dear lil girl,
    It turned out ok, but it didn’t have to be that hard. Make the right decisions, have faith in yourself, you are loved and worthwhile. Go. Be. Do.


  5. dear younger self,

    Sleep with him, you’ll regret it for your life that you didn’t

    Study abroad in Italy for a semester!

    older wiser and sad I missed out self


  6. Dear younger self,

    Quit the “tortured genius” act. You are neither of those things, and you’re just making life worse for yourself and everyone around you.

    And keep up the interest in redheaded guys. It pays off big time.

    Your older self


  7. The things you’re worrying about aren’t going to end up being as important as they feel right now. Also, you’re doing a great job. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


  8. Dear younger me,
    Don’t give your heart away to every boy you date. Someday you will marry an incredible man and much of the heartache could have been avoided. Also, travel more in college. Every chance you get. Live on your own a little longer. Listen to your fiancé when he says october is a better month to get married than in the heat of July. Don’t use credit. Don’t buy that car new.

    Love you anyway, older me


  9. Memo to younger self:
    Enjoy the moment and don’t worry so much about what’s around the corner. It is all good!
    Big kiss xxx


  10. Before having a family live as much as you can because everything you know before you have kids becomes something you can teach them.


  11. Dear younger me: you are okay. Really, just fine. Relax. Also, it is worth noting, the new isn’t always better. And, don’t sleep with Will Hutchinson. It’s a big mistake.


  12. Dear younger me: You don’t always have to say something, you don’t always have to fill the silence. Keep your mouth shut sometimes and see what happens!
    -Now me


  13. Oh, 21-year-old self: Moving to Scotland with that boy is Such a Bad Idea. There will come a day when you’ll regret it.

    Do it anyhow. (The regret won’t last as long as the fantastic memories.)


  14. Dear younger self,
    You are beautiful and awesome, but please stop being such a melodramatic little fool about That One Guy. He is a tool and so not worth it. Also, stop reading so much Hermann Hesse and go for a bike ride already. I know you won’t but I love you anyway.
    Older Self.


  15. Dear 8 year old self…please don’t ride down the biggest hill in the neighborhood on a bike with no brakes! You just might crash and break your front tooth, have to get a root canal and a crown, leaving you permanently afraid of dentists for life!


  16. That guy with the beard? He’s the one. Make lots of babies with him soon because early menopause is a b*tch.


    Don’t put off things you could do today because you are waiting for the perfect moment.


  17. Dear Younger Self,
    Don’t worry so much about that chipped, front tooth. No one else is thinking about it. Stay true to yourself and don’t worry about the snaggle. It’ll be fixed up soon enough.


  18. Buy the chairs. Just buy them. They’re on clearance and you’ll never see them again. Don’t let this be something that you regret. (Too late!)


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